Young Jeezy – Put On (Official Music Video) ft. Kanye West

100 thoughts on “Young Jeezy – Put On (Official Music Video) ft. Kanye West

  1. When I was younger and would listen to the beginning I would get scared cuz I thought it was an apocalypse but to be fair I was like 5

  2. I'm THE BODYGUARD! That's right? I work for NASA! I PUT ON FOR MY MUTHAFUCKIN CITY! I LOST the ONLY GIRL that knew me best! THIS IS WHY I FIGHT! ?

  3. Can we Please stop these dumb ass "Who's here in the year of" comments. It's YouTube where Everything is immortalized ??‍♂️

  4. This Brings back the Skate 3 days & always playing this thru my X360 storage music while playing Halo 3 with All my high school friends

  5. After that verse from Kanye, u want me to believe he changed????? “Cause when these Jesus pieces can’t bring me peace yo I need just Atleast one of russels Nieces “ lol but damn good verse. Still love it

  6. People keep confusing that flag with the police flag. The police flag is black and white with a blue stripe going through the middle

  7. WHAT DOES HE ACTUALLY DO FOR HIS CITY???????????? ALL THE HOMELESS? ALL THE HELPLESS? ALL FOR MY [email protected]@@ ALLL FOR MY [email protected]@@@ WHAT ABOUT THE CITY?????????????? THE HOOD? YOU WALK BY THEM ???? YOU USE THEM FOR YOUR VIDEO BUT EVEN YOUR VIDEO DOESNT ADDRESS THE SADNESS??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. Trump did so much for. Black pepes. Released him from jail serving lifetime but they call him racist so much jobs around America now everybody’s buying houses

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