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You wasted! Never mind, later I lick the plate Hi guys! Welcome to another episode of Eatbook Vlogs I’m Brenda And I’m Bolin and in this episode we are going to get all our xiao long bao cravings satisfied And can I say that all the xiao long bao we are having today is free flow! So if you’re a xiao long bao fan keep your eyes peeled! Let’s go! Hey miss, it’s here Sorry Let’s go! Wah look at all these food I’m so hungry, I want to eat now Bolin, do you like xiao long bao? You know what, every time I go to Chinese restaurant or hotpot restaurant if there is xiao long bao on the menu I will definitely order at least one tray That’s why we’re here at Guo Fu Steamboat to try their xiao long baos and their hotpots and this restaurant is located along cross street which is just a 5 minute walk from Chinatown MRT So if you work at the CBD area this place is super convenient for you So if during lunchtime, you crave for some hotpot crave for some xiao long bao this is the place to come. There’s a lot of food on the table, but first up we are going to try the xiao long bao From this angle I can feel the juices just by seeing it The skin doesn’t look too thick or too thin but it’s sturdy enough to keep the meat and the juices inside. I’m very excited to try! Bolin: Let’s try!
Brenda: Do you want to try together? I watched this video This Ding Tai Fung Master taught us how to eat xiao long bao properly Bolin: So how do you eat it properly?
Brenda: First, You dip the xiao long bao into the vinegar first then put it on your spoon after that, use your chopsticks to cut a small hole let’s the juices come out Bolin: Oh! Okay!
Brenda: Drink the soup. Bolin: Wah!
Brenda: You drink very nice is it? It’s damn nice! The soup you leave on the top of your lip for tomorrow ah? Don’t like that, it’s damn nice! Okay next step We take ginger and put on the xiao long bao Bolin: What’s the next step?
Brenda: The last step is to put it into your mouth. One, two, three Oh my god! The soup! The soup damn nice! It’s very tasty Very savory also I like how the meat to skin ratio of this xiao long bao is perfect. The skin is just nice but the amount of meat that’s inside wah My mouth is big you know and it can fill my mouth and the meat is super juicy and tender You know the top part of the xiao long bao is twisted right so that part is especially thick and sometimes it’s not so well cooked or it’s too thick so the texture seems a bit off but this one is just nice Just now, although your method was to poke a hole and you squeeze all the soup out and drink all the soup but after I drank all the soup put the whole xiao long bao in my mouth and bit it again I could still feel a lot of soup! Yes! I love it! I feel like making a poem for this Make a poem! Flower background I want birds chirping at the side Beautiful little xiao long bao I think you should eat it now Put it on a spoon And poke a hole And eat it fast So it doesn’t turn cold! Alright so that’s it for the xiao long bao and right here with us we have two hot pot soup bases and what did you order for your soup base? I got the Millet Golden Soup. How about you? Wow, mine is the Pure Tomato Soup Ooh, there are slices of tomato inside It’s very tangy and there’s a good balance between sweet and salty I think the reason why it had this sweet taste is because they really put a lot of fresh tomatoes inside and and it’s not like they used some power or what Okay so inside my soup there is shrimps, cordyceps and pumpkin It’s very thick It tastes very nourishing and comforting Yes, and it’s got this herbal like taste and it’s very savoury It’s not just a plain saltiness It’s very savoury and has that umami too I think that although it’s herbal The herbal taste is not too overpowering So even if you don’t like herbal tastes, you can still opt for this If you don’t like maybe mala or spicy soups Alright I think enough of just tasting the soup base It’s time for us to put all these awesome food in and cook it and by the way $25.90++ for this buffet including this awesome xiao long bao I think it’s really very worth it Because usually if you’re paying $25.90++, I would imagine just having hotpot But this one has xiao long bao also! Yah, that’s why! Oh my god. I think right now Let’s faster dig in and enjoy all the food! Woo let’s go! Now we are here at Master Wang in Woodlands Unlike other hotpot buffet places that serve free flow xiao long bao This places offers a purely xiao long bao buffet Plus you also get a complimentary noodle dish So it keeps your meal a little more balanced And on top of that, you also get to try four different flavours of xiao long baos and different variety of dumplings for only $21.80! And do you know that one tray costs at least $3.20! Bolin: So if you go and count
Brenda: Do the maths… Wow, it is super worth it There are four different flavours of xiao long bao here There’s Original Mala Scallop and Kurobuta pork Mala xiao long bao? I’ve never tried a mala xiao long bao before So I think we try that first? Brenda: Let’s do it!
Bolin: Wah, wah, wah! From an outside look you can tell that the skin is slightly towards the thinner side. I was honestly scared that the skin was going to break but the skin is actually strong enough to hold all the meat inside! And there is a lot of meat! This is slightly towards the spicier side But the numbing sensation, I can only taste it For the first few seconds After that it’s quite subtle, I would say Once you eat it, it’s a little spicy but once you swallow it, after a while, the spiciness is gone Then you can move on to your next one. Why not let’s try the… Let’s try the Kurobuta pork! Kurobuta pork! Oh my god let’s try I think my favourite part of this xiao long bao is the skin Bolin: Ya!
Brenda: Because it is thin enough to hold all the juices and when you eat it it’s very QQ Right? It’s chewy, I don’t know how they make it like that! It’s thin but chewy at the same time And I don’t know whether it’s because they use higher quality pork for this xiao long bao but but the broth here tastes thicker compared to other xiao long baos I’ve had before So now, let’s try the next flavour Brenda: Which is the scallop!
Bolin: wah, scallop I just want to say, this scallop version of xiao long bao It brings a bit of the scallop a very subtle scallop and seafood taste Very subtle But I think it still differentiates itself from the original quite a bit. Of course, other than the xiao long bao, we have the complimentary la mian Mine is the spicy braised pork la mian and what’s this? And mine is the signature braised minced pork la mian I love the signature braised minced pork The taste is very substantial and it’s very full bodied and I like how the chewiness of the noodles, the crunchiness of the carrots bean sprouts and radish and the sauce goes so well together Right? It tastes very fresh. I just want to say that the noodles are really very Bolin: very Q
Brenda: Ya! I feel like he was there and la (pull) for damn long You can use the noodles to tie things and all It’s like a rubber band Like what? Tie your mouth? Okay continue Alright so this is the spicy braised pork la mian It is because all of the noodles are hand made and you can really tell that the noodles have this really good texture it is not soggy this has a lot of biting texture to it I think the sauce has vinegar inside and the vinegar really complements the pork very well It makes it a bit tangy and a little more appetising It is a spicy braised pork la mian, right? But the spices of all the chilli on top It complements the flavour I think what stands out for me is the chilli oil It’s very very fragrant So Bolin, what do you think of the spread of food we had today? Wah, I think it’s truly a rare find to have free flow xiao long bao buffet and high quality restaurant level food in a food court I know right? And do you know that the shifu (master) actually hand makes all the the noodles, the xiao long bao and the dumplings Everything he made by himself! Bolin: WOW!
Brenda: Plus, He won a lot of culinary competitions I wish I could just move our house here Okay ah BOTH: OUR HOUSE Okay, so we BTO tomorrow? Bolin: Today la, don’t need to wait already
Brenda: Today ah okay ah, go ah! Let’s go! Alright! So after a long day of eating xiao long bao we are finally back to the studio So, what do you think of the two xiao long bao places that we’ve been to? For me, I really liked Guo Fu Steamboat because it had one of the better xiao long baos I have tasted And also, I like that they have a variety of dishes to choose from so when I’m sick of the xiao long bao I can go for the hot pot and when I want something heavier I can go back to the xiao long bao How about you? For me, I think Master Wang is one of those rare gems in a foodcourt because you get to have xiao long bao buffet and also high quality Chinese food in a food court So that’s one of my favourites for sure and if I have xiao long bao cravings I definitely will go there So if you want to eat xiao long bao and you’re around Woodlands area You can call Bolin Drop him a DM and he will go with you Yes. Helping you find girlfriend Fill in that carpark lot It’s filled Stop it!!! I don’t want!!! You like me but I don’t like you So that’s it for this episode of Eatbook Vlogs! If you liked this video, you can check out our other videos over there! And don’t forget to Like Share, and Subscribe! BYE!!! *chokes* My voice cracked

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  1. Don't think it's a good idea for office workers in CBD to go during lunch time. The hotpot smell will stink up the clothes and the whole office will know you ate hotpot just now.

  2. Omg didn't know who Bolin's carpark lot was until this video. Was suspicious as to why they were feeding each other and Bolin said "our" house. Zomg what a revelation for me today, i feel complete.

  3. Have to visit Master Wang when in Singapore – but why does it have to be in Woodlands! They should open one in the East.

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