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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the presentation Sign up link in the description below free Forex Co it is how we get all our signals it is how we get all our training it is the company that is Powering the signals that you’re already seeing. So let’s go ahead and get into it very quickly. The company was founded in 2018 It’s based out of the u.s. It’s a financial Services platform and it’s a hundred percent debt-free It does not owe any money to anyone they are based and they are really focused on two different Industries first is network marketing which does over a hundred eighty billion dollars annually and the foreign exchange market, that’s foreign exchange could also be called Forex and that market turns over six trillion dollars a Day in trades. It’s incredibly liquid So when you combine both you have something incredibly powerful in the network marketing space over 10,000 companies a hundred eighty eight hundred eighty billion dollar industry over a hundred thirty million people Earn money from network marketing. It’s endorsed by celebrities it’s a low-risk business and in this business in particular you can get started for as little as $100 which is crazy and it’s highly lucrative and we’re going to get into that a little bit later Now in the forex market side of things it’s currency exchange. If you’ve ever been to the airport if you’ve ever traveled internationally You will see people that change your US dollars or whatever your base currency is into the currency of the country and the reason why that’s there is Because obviously you need the right currency in order to make purchases in the country But there is an exchange rate and that exchange rate tells them how much money to give you for the money that you give them Okay, so that turns over and that’s a very small scale because their banks that are doing this but that turns over six point eight Trillion dollars a day. It’s the largest financial market in the world. It’s easily accessible Literally anyone that has a computer or a cell phone could take access in these markets and it runs 24 5 so 24 hours a day 5 days a week and it is traded by banks and institutions and individuals our basic goals What getting into the market and this is what trade error is going to help with is some of you want to buy? And when to sell and want to not do anything and what’s very unique about this is that you could make money Buying selling when the market goes up when the market goes down if you’ve ever been interested in business And you’ve probably heard that the ball is to buy low and sell high well, guess what you could do that here in the markets, but you could sell without having bought which Increases the amount of money that you could make in the market So here’s what you’re going to get with trade era you’re going to get traded education trade alerts live sessions mark market forecasts and a trade community We’re going to go into each just a little bit more. So you understand exactly What you’re getting for your $100 a month first, you’ve got to get your trading education. This is a baseline knowledge No one should ever enter a market or try to trade without having the baseline knowledge this Online trading education platform is comprehensive. It takes you from beginner or brand-new to intermediate it literally gives you the understanding of the markets of structure of Different signals that the market gives you to let you know that you should buy or you should sell it tells you how to Manage your risk and how to create a trading plan all of these things are imperative This is the first step to success in the forex markets without having this baseline understanding nothing else matters, but After you have that baseline understanding you could plug into our trade alerts Literally that we have trader and master traders that are given signals until you want to enter the market When to exit the market so that you could have success going back to that last slide though. You must have the baseline knowledge So, you know how to manage your risk these trade alerts are sent out automatically and they are sent through Telegram currently just like the signals from 3-4. Exco are but probably the most valuable thing that we provide is The live sessions the live sessions are conducted by top traders Every single Sunday through Thursday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern excluding holidays The master trader will go through all The charts and all the analysis will mark up charts live Ok, and if you have questions, then this is why you should be on it live if you have questions specifically about certain pairs They will literally mark up the charts in front of you and we’ll send them out this way You know what to expect from the markets before you get there it is Incredible, I don’t know where you could get one to two hours a day of expert advice Every Sunday through Thursday five days a week for $100 a month. It’s absolutely crazy And then you have the market forecast. It’s posted by experienced traders in our back office It breaks down certain pairs this way. If you miss a live session, you still know where certain pairs are going to go Incredibly valuable as well And then we have a trade community and if you’ve ever had the privilege of talking with a hedge fund manager you realize that they have more than one trader and this is so the traders could bounce ideas off of each other and make smarter decisions When they enter the market and literally this is what our trade community does so Let’s talk about the business side of things how you could go ahead and build a network build to build the business build Residual income and get a free membership in life There are only two types of income there are active income This is you trading your time for money And then there is passive income and passive income usually involves either you owning the system and the system makes you money or your money making you money and in trade era in particular and with three for X Co you have a System that could make you money and in the markets your money can make you money the compensation plan that I’m about to get into is absolutely ridiculous and I’m super excited about it Let me turn off this volume this way you don’t get that in the background anymore and let’s continue going. Um So here’s the compensation plan, and I’m so glad that we could do it in one page. Um It’s only $100 a month to get started. But the moment you bring down three people in your first month in your first 28 days you now have a free membership and you have a fast start bonus of $150 you are operating from a place of Profit now, I want you to pay very close attention to where it says personal referrals and if you look all the way across from the beginning to the end You see that the number is three This is incredibly important this way you understand what is happening Because there are only there’s only the requirement of three personal referrals What every top leader in this organization is doing is after they hit three? They are signing other people up Underneath their teammates. So literally when you get started today, If the person you sign up with has more than three people you could expect that when they sign up before that could potentially fall into your Organization and could potentially be a personal referral I’ve only been in now a week and I can tell you that I have given away over 20 sign ups to my teammates and so when you have leadership like this It literally allows you to earn Without necessarily having the network now little disk. You shouldn’t count on that. You should put in some work You should share this opportunity with others But if enough time is given and enough leadership is there you could also build an income Without the need to recruit anyone that you personally know Let’s go through these ranks, and it’s super-simple Night, when you have 10 people the balance needs to be four people and left one for people who rent two for two people in Length three you’re making $500 a month Noble 1010 and 525 people a thousand a month bishop 3030 1575 people you’re making 2,000 a month Duke or Duchess 250 people 100 150 you’re making 5,000 a month prince or princess 200 200 100 500 People and what I say people these are people with active Memberships not just individuals who cares about that. They must have an active membership you are making $10,000 a month and We keep on going King and Queen four hundred four hundred two hundred a thousand people with active memberships equals twenty thousand a month Emperor emperess a thousand a thousand five hundred twenty five hundred people With an active membership equals fifty thousand a month and then legend two thousand two thousand one thousand five thousand people total with an active membership equals a hundred thousand dollars a month now when you get started today, make sure that you sign up just as a client that is a customer account and When you get to the point that you could earn income, that’s when you become an IBO. Okay, so Part of the reason that we need to do. This is to make sure that we have more customers and business builders in the business But we’re all customers and all products are the product So I already went over founder refer three members and qualify for a completely free Membership the moment you have three people that have raised their hands that you personally sign up Your membership is free So now you are getting all the Val that we are providing but you are getting it absolutely free but if you do that within your first 28 days You’ve got $150 bonus. So you pay the hundred dollars You got three people. This is now your trading team. So you could bounce ideas off of them. They’re excited You’re excited and you made $150 now you could you could go ahead and fund a trading account with that or you could put the funds toward food or bills Okay You’re both to get the company website the member community the official events the live Presentations the marketing tools and the way you get started today We don’t even talk about the IBO membership because if you are not willing To put the money to learn you should only sell what you believe in. You should only sell what you have experienced So we invite you today to get started with the client membership pay $99 today Let’s get started still start referring people for our customer Referral program get three people that want to learn how to trade and get a free membership so in summary You’re going to learn how to trade you’re going to earn while you learn The business opportunity is absolutely ridiculous and you go to draw intraday today and then this website Three four x taco is going to help you So when people are on the fence and they’re not sure whether or not they are ready to buy the membership They get to experience some of the perks of the membership Before they actually buy we think that this is the barest deal in forex we think that you are both – in your boat – love what you brick what we bring to the table and You’re going to thoroughly enjoy being a part of trade Darrow. We look forward to having you on the team Thank you so much for your attention and you have a great day on purpose

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