Toilet Candy? | 13 Strange Dollar Store Items Sent By Viewers

Woah my gosh Woooahhhhhhh What’s going on guys, I am Matthias Today were looking at 13 Dollar Store products sent by you: the viewers That’s right, viewers sent in these crazy, strange dollar store items and I want to let you know whether it’s a buy it or turd it and remember if you were sent me these as a Joke they know that these are weird crazy products because I asked you guys from all over the world if you got a dollar store Send me one Item there that you think is the craziest thing and let’s find out how well you did and if you guys want to send Me Dollar store products for a future dollar store from viewers video directions down in the description below Today Gunner is joining me behind the camera say hello Gunner G: Hi, I don’t know if I’m allowed to go on camera but Hi. M: You’re allowed Gunner Hi I don’t know if I’m allowed. Guys Gunner is from a channel called rekt no videos up yet But there will be and they will be delicious click it and we’ll see you over there But before then you know what I want to do I want hit that bell icon because no way you’re going to get notified a future video Make sure you click it. So you don’t miss future videos now Let’s begin with the first dollar store product is going to be primo I just know it alright. This product is from Zoey from A.E Zoey from A.e guys let us know what A.e is. Aufblasbare Gehhife. Ohh yeah, that’s it. I thought I was reading the wrong side of it So it’s an inflatable crutch, cane thing for older people you see the fatal flaw on this gunner. G: Its not going to brace their fall Yeah, dude. You’re going to blow this thing up and be like here you go grandma and they’re gonna like try to like grab it and then just fall it’s actually big oh my word Oh my gosh it stinks so bad. Smell this. G: Oo it’s smells like grandma M: your grandma smells like this dude? You good dude There’s too much spit too much spit for me thank you. Okay it done. Okay so Ima put all my weight on this dude good because I’m like I act. I’m on the – old Matthais ooooo I’m about to fall. Grandma Wow that like gave out. It doesn’t even stand. I popped it dude that’s a one time joke dude. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up I’m dead inside Here you go dude. I I have to say that’s a pretty mean joke so turd it, but a funny joke thank you for sending it Okay, so this product is from Rory and Darcy from Australia ? Ooo Australia Australia what the heck is this? this looks like a Telescoping pervert, so I’m assuming this is like some back massager a telescoping back Massager Whoa! That extends This is so, you don’t have to get too close to the weirdos You know so its like you know some weirdoes “Hey Baby” give me a massage so your like well, I can do it from a distance and then just massage their back or Alternatively you can just say no Yeah, hey gunner why don’t you give me a massage. it pushes in while I’m doing it Ow! Aaaye watch it G: Oh, that feels good What I think the real idea of this is to do this really to. Yeah, I think its a back scratcher. But The thing is is it when you actually put pressure on it. It compresses. No when you do it like this And see the issue is like. I want to scratch my back, but it’s really only massaging it. You can’t apply enough pressure Oh whoa, and now it’s all super loose because I was like bending it so far this way But I say this is a turd it’s a turd it for real. Snap it in half Snap it in half. Snap it is half do it. oh I’d barely applied that much pressure to it. Oh my gosh wow that thing just burst This is also from Rory and Darcy from Australia Rory and Darcy eraser. Oh I know what they’re doing rory and Darcy. I know what you doing. You’re trying to like call out my ear size dude I just hope that this eraser is actually smaller than mine or bigger wait. What do I hope? I’m hope that it’s normal size. This is smaller than my actual ears That’s what an actual your size should look like compared to yours my actual ear is larger than this by A landslide dude No Joke hold up literal size difference right there you see that size difference do to fit inside your ear It fits inside I can put an ear in an ear in an ear dude Let’s see if this actually erases anything do we have a pencil at all The last time i asked for a pencil it took like 30 minutes. No he’s going to ask for a pencil again Aaaayyyyyyeeeee Gunner just inform me the back of this says go and erase your mistake as in van gogh Cut off his ear. This is this literally his ear Lets see if he erases it. Yeah that’s nice I haven’t been to school in a while, dude. You can still see it dude. Just like real life. It’s always there No matter how hard you try to cover it You still suck Look at that ear dude looks like this ear hairs now. I was about to say it looks you’re ear No, my ear does not have hair dude. I’m well groomed. My ears. Don’t even grow hair Just to let you know it will smell it now dude. Eww It smells all burnt Oh, that’s a turd it dude no ear burning for me. I got my own hold on let’s see if my ears erases oh Wow, wow. Oh oh dude you totally got me I thought he was playing along I was like wait what? Gunner please Gunner. Next products This is from Zach from Pennsylvania. Yes What in the name of all this good Madam, Zohra the fortune teller, Diseeuse De Bonne Aventure Find your destiny. No your future. What’s that last one dude hold up hold up look at this last one forget about it yeah, forget about it Oliver’s, but ya forget about it, one what will gunner ever be famous? My life is lying in the balance right now You really want to know yes. I really want to know click it again ready for it gunner. Are you ready for it? Are you kidding me that means no But does it, his face right now. He’s like, but does it really yeah? Hey is Gonna ever gonna famous are you kidding me? Ya know like are you kidding me of course? He’s gonna be Now press it a third time More likely than not wait more like yeah, oh Get out my face way more likely than not yeah it means that I’m more likely to be famous than not to be So there’s no no’s on this for sure Are you kidding me more likely than not no doubt you really want to know and forget about it How can I find my destiny if everything that yes? There are all maybes? Yeah, they’re all in here You can read them whichever way you want. That’s that’s the trick am I going to be alive tomorrow? No doubt dude. I’m gonna be alive tomorrow. I’m set dude That’s it where there is a no doubt fact no doubt no doubt you will be alive okay, so this is nothing. Yes Yes, that’s a yes. They’re all yes for sure are you kidding me? Yeah more than likely not? Forget about it. Don’t worry about it. Yeah Nah Like forget about it like like don’t even think about it forget about it. This is a turd it sorry But thank you great finds this is from Tyler from Japan Ohh my gosh, you guys are all weirdos with all little massagers that way. What kind of a quick face roller Tyler what you doing dude what you doing get me some quick face rollers dude. I appreciate it. I got it I got I gotta roll. My face dude I’m in need of some face rolling and you know what I need a quick the wait. Is there is there any instruction? Yes, there are instructions away. Ohh wait tell me tell me read me the instructions Gunner Okay, the roller is open when the dial is verdict. I said speak English the Roller is closed in the dial horizontal Shove it against your face okay, but which way do I do it like this because that’s that’s what it says right here. I thought it was more like this. Oh, maybe ah oh, I think it This is gotta be it dude You look like the Joker That’s so weird this cannot be hold the roller handle with the app stopped yet amount of pressure when using Be careful to not apply too much pressure, please use when the skin is clean such as just out of bat Ouchie. Oh, what look right here. See that. I’m doing it right? Oh I give up this is a turd it, Thank you Ty I feel so relaxed now. It’s also from hi This is from Ty from Japan. Oh my word wiper glasses Wiper glasses, okay, well let’s look right on the front you can test it out. I Had no idea that actually worked. This is for real dude. This is a real product I’m dead inside I thought it was one of those like if you just tilt your head it’ll tilt from side to side so Let me like spray you in the face or something and she’s like okay. Fine spray the glasses, okay this side Done, okay, okay? That’s not doing anything dude and now I’m all wet It was a try right? It’s gonna be really useful on a rainy day of day actually as they work doing only But it would have to be like a hardcore Rainy day Like to the point where you like can’t see or something like that. I don’t even know this one’s from Mason from Dallas, Texas You make your PC run like new when cleaner one click I don’t want to any go near this thing This looks like a virus in a box dude this does not seem like something I want to put on my computer faster startup let’s improve security and privacy faster browsing how much you want to like? Guess that this is like got some sort of virus on it that like tracks you try it on my computer It’s only on windows dude wincleaner. You don’t have a windows. I say we try to my computer Is it give it? It’s a virus you can just buy me a new computer Yeah, if I could buy you a new computer. I don’t think so. I don’t think so dude okay? So here’s the product I’m Gonna plug it in I have two guys I have to plug this in I plugged it in you guys heard that Wincleaner see start Wincleaner ah I don’t want to click that dude. Let me just your quick thing before it destroyed my entire system Wincleaner One-Click professional reviews seen it said four out of five stars waste of time does nothing at all It’s junk due to expires just love it very easy to use nothing again It isn’t like this looks like a faker review if I ever seen one I’m unplugging this dude. I’m literally hot unplugging it That’s right. Not safe to unplug. I’m sorry Mason. I’m just a little too scared Really use this just a bit too scared this one from coming up. I’m guessing oh my goodness gracious great balls of fire Sour flush this is toilet candy look at this what the heck are these supposed to be plungers these are supposed to be Plungers and you plunge it. Oh my gosh, this is real. This is the Most bizarre Candy because I’m just I wonder why do people think kids are so fascinated with poop. What is it about? This that like people like someone was like. What if we make candy in the shape But over toilet and you stick the stuff in the toilet and then suck it off like whose idea is that and but then like it’s Probably and like everyone around it was just like I love that when I was you I love you down the toilet or people drinking out his best day of my life. Yeah At what point just is? Maybe it’s because you’re not allowed to play with your poop when you’re a kid I mean, I don’t know what kind of when you’re a boy a young boy. Don’t ask me. I’m not the normal kid I’m afraid here. I’m afraid to hear what happened next. Did you play it your poop? I’m sure there was a couple times Sounds like the hesitation got me dude. I was like Let’s be honest right. I haven’t I’ve never done that I also wasn’t a normal kid I used to my nickname pretty mean you’re a pervert Let’s Relax Okay, I was a kid Yeah, nickname was brain-damaged because I was I would always bang my head against walls and I get you I get you dude I get you let’s try that shall. We you’re gonna you open up yours okay, okay? Hold up, hold up hold up any middle. I can’t even is there nothing in here. Is there nothing in the tank? No, there should be like there’s all good stuff in the tank. I mean I understand in there. There’s the sugar and it’s open see look oh no, I I’m I lost it. Hey is the cleanup in the toilet room Okay, I’m nothing super over it now. What do I do? I guess we’re stuck in love ha ha ha Hmm, not bad is it see if they were smart they would have made it out of brown Right nasty dude, but it’s true hmM. Not that right It’s actually good Candy actually really good. Yeah, dude now. I’m double dipping sucker mmM mmM Oh yeah, oh yeah, that’s good bought me when I was younger for real. Thank you appreciate that I say that the buy it even though the turd it technically before we get on to the next couple products make sure you click that big old subscribe button down below if it’s red because it’s Red that means you haven’t subscribed, and you’re gonna want to do that. Otherwise where else you’re gonna get your toilet. Can you fix ha? Allison Allison Kentucky Kentucky mystic smoke from your fingertips? Oh boy, I’m I’m always afraid to put like these weird kind of things on your skin or in your body It doesn’t say anywhere. What’s on it big, baby. I am you should talk dude. You’re a big baby, too We’re definitely the biggest babies in High-five. Oh Really dude you guys shot with a nerf gun on your lips. And you were mad? It busted my lip? So what dude be a man? We got instructions right here. You see this says remove cap pierce tub place small amount on your thumb rub thumb And first two fingers together snap your fingers apart and make a throwing motion with your wrist a cloud of smoke will appear Cue the lights dude okay, so I pierce the top Eww Yellow I’ll put it on my thumb rub it and now I rub it with these fingers together and then You snap it? Mean there’s something happening. I don’t see anything Making my hands warm that’s for sure. I’m gonna put a lot more I’m gonna try a lot more now is actually lighting on your hand. No. It’s like I don’t think so I’ll rub it together. Oh I just got all over my haha oh And hurting my wrist, oh it stinks. Oh My gosh, you said all that smoke It’s not smoke at all what it is is like these little particles that have come off my hand. They’re like I don’t know if you can see these like stringy particles. It’s just putting these stringy little sticky particles up into the air smell it smells horrific Know about horrific, but it smells bad, then where well I kind of want to try it, but then again Oh, oh you see that. It’s totally not smoke, so it’s like it’s like fibers. I got to wash my hand dude It’s like warm and heating up it does even work Turd it turd it so I just went downstairs to wash this off my hands and it took about ten minutes Easy ten minutes and it’s still I still feel it on my hands So definitely don’t recommend this. It doesn’t even say how to get it off. It’s like this weird kind of grease oil we burn they’re Still hilarious. Thank you for sending it next product is also from Allison from Kentucky dart Fletch’s. Why does this remind me of my childhood right? Now? You’re plagued games like this when you’re a kid No, I was never allowed these are fake dart oh Your dad’s a cop So the juxtaposition is alarming your dad’s a cop and you weren’t allowed to do anything dangerous. This isn’t even dangerous Like this is how that’s how it worked. Oh, not just mentally he He loves to play with guns Hahaha u.s. Blowguns all time okay. So here’s what’s up? I’m gonna put that there create your screen. Oh You want to compete your dude alright? We compete dude Hey disqualified Horrible dude you don’t fly like I’m anticipating them dude. You look at all again. All right first one just amazing ah You just gotta Move, I don’t even last one Forget it. I’m done. I actually used to have like a really big one of these and like a little bit better darts But for a dollar I would say buy it for a dollar out say I can provide you with the day of fun And that’s where the dollar isn’t it mix garage door this is from anonymous from, Illinois. Oh Yes, dude. I’ve gotten a slap hand before a snap hand But this one looks big part of the role of the person behind the camera is to see victim of the various weapons that are either center box, so gunner I Know what’s coming, dude? Oh half of day Ready oh, wait. You just slapped me look back. No. I’m gonna slap you in the face allen you didn’t even Ex sit on this I do to a Boy, my mother would go You got to grab this out of my hand with it. Okay? I’m a true left-handed to it sis. Oh Right I do not expect you to get that first try Wow, I just found out this flat hand did can aid you in an assault? Okay, so say you’re coming to a salty right? Look fuck fuck fuck and now he’s on the ground One more time to the face to knock him out. Haha fuck Buddy come accept an indication of Mathias video. I always end up kind of you this is from Kelly, and she actually works at Dollar tree ah Blazing team is this like a what. Do you what do you call these things? They’re they’re like the blade battles? What what they’re a beyblade beyblade? Yes, thank you boys I forgot that was what the kids did under the bridge in high school. It wasn’t it wasn’t this any play? Yo-yo, that looks like a beyblade. It’s a blazing team dude I Don’t know Actually, I think I opened a product up very similar this from my dollar store Have you seen this let me just show you real quick because I think some people have already seen them just show me It’s hit me with it You scared. It doesn’t it look like it. Yes It closed up my device Yeah It’s not great big. I say this is it turn it turn it oh Geez it fell apart whoa. Why am I shocked? I was hitting it the product is from Courtney don’t worry party horn What it’s like an it’s like a an extending horn when the word is this madness? This is like straight-up a horn that you keep on your person so that any point you’re ready for a party The horn on to go hit the floor let go dude. Oh my God Bro, dad is this kids okay? I’m going to I’m going to blow with little amount of pressure. No joke this mouth Like that’s all I’m going to do That is in step now. I’m going to try really hard cover your ears, okay? Like what find those buttons like that cloud That is a bias for $1 that is the loudest $1 horn. I’ve ever heard in my life On the go that is the best on the go or dude mobile party horn, bro It’s ready when you need it party horn the CFL. All right there that is a $35 Apple watch, no joke Camera do you see this camera? It’s Surprisingly, not bad. It’s like not bad for even like even if you’re just a buy camera for 35 bucks. Take a picture Please insert memory cards high five

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