This Is How Much Money Prince Harry Actually Has

Born Henry Charles Albert David in 1984, the
Duke of Sussex has come a long way since his party boy days. He’s now settled down with Meghan Markle and
has to be an upstanding member of the royal family. Part of that responsibility is knowing how
to manage money, but, spoiler alert: he’ll be fine. From his multiple inheritances to his wife’s
substantial wealth, let’s add it all up to see how much Prince Harry is really worth. From mom Following her tragic passing in 1997, Princess
Diana’s will ensured that her two sons and their families would be set up for life through
a Discretionary Fund. According to The Balance, the fund managed
assets such as intellectual property, apparel, and accumulated income. Additionally, an estate was created for Prince
William and Prince Harry and held in trust until their 30th birthdays, and by that time,
the estate had reportedly grown to $16 million. Diana’s sons both started receiving dividends
when they turned 25, earning Harry $450,000 a year, according to Esquire. The brothers also inherited their mother’s
private jewelry collection, though its value remains unknown to this day. Great-grandma and grandma When great-grandma Queen Mother Elizabeth
Bowes Lyon passed in 2002, she bequeathed her estate to her only living child, Queen
Elizabeth the second. However, $18 million was left to Prince William
and Harry to share, and since the rules pertaining to the British monarchy’s money are complicated,
the bulk of that dough went into a trust for Harry. Why not William? According to the Express, since the Duchy
of Cornwall will pass to William when Charles becomes king, Harry won’t inherit any of that
money. When it comes to grandma Queen Elizabeth the
second, it stands to reason that Harry will inherit at least some of her wealth when she
passes. The royal family isn’t big on discussing money,
but according to BBC, in 2002 the queen inherited her mother’s entire estate, which was valued
at $93 million at the time. Forbes reported that the Queen has an estimated
net worth of $500 million. Duchy allowance Let’s go back to the Duchy of Cornwall. According to the Express, the revenues from
the estate include a staggering $6.8 million annual allowance to cover, quote, “the costs
of staffing, travel and the official wardrobes” of Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,
and now Meghan Markle. According to a 2016 article in the New Zealand
Herald, Harry spent roughly $135,000 traveling with his staff to Brazil and Chile. Army paychecks Military service for members of the British
royal family is not required, but Harry completed a 10-year career in the British Army in 2015. He published a piece in The Times about his
experience in Afghanistan, writing, in part, “I saw some horrendous things: the tragic
injuries and deaths of local people from roadside bombs, some of whom were children; coalition
forces lying on the battlefield; and the constant ferrying of injured personnel to the hospital. […] See it, smell it, hear it, feel it,
there was no escaping it.” According to Fortune, his salary was $45,000
per year. Wealthy wife Now that Meghan Markle is an official member
of the royal family, her life will change in a big way, but make no mistake, she wasn’t
looking for a sugar daddy she’s rich on her own. The Duchess of Sussex walked away with a tidy
sum from her time on the USA series Suits, where Markle reportedly earned $50,000 per
episode. According to the Daily Mail, she’s accumulated
an estimated $5 million over the span of her acting career. Though she’s no longer acting, Markle’s economic
power is greater than ever. According to The New York Times, “[She] could contribute [about $209 million]
annually simply to British fashion in the form of unofficial endorsements.” Thanks, dad First in line to the throne, Prince Charles
has generated a substantial fortune during his lifetime. According to Business Insider, he has a reported
net worth of $100 million with some estimates as high as $400 million. The vast majority of his wealth flows from
the Duchy of Cornwall, which paid him $25 million in 2016. That same year, his total assets reached nearly
$1.3 billion. Prince Charles is also an entrepreneur, founding
Duchy Originals, an organic food company, in 1990. At some point down the line, Prince Harry
and his brother will likely split the bulk of their father’s tremendous wealth. Combined net worth Now that we know how Harry and Meghan earned
their money, let’s figure out their combined net worth following their historic wedding. The Duchess of Sussex brings about $5 million
to the table, but what’s in her husband’s wallet depends on who you ask. Money reported that while there are many guesses
out there, the conservative estimate right now is $25 million. “Boom.” It’s safe to say that these newlyweds are
probably worth at least $30 million… with much more to come. Yeah, they’ll be just fine. Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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  1. Amazing, and the Limey's still love paying taxes to support it all…not real bright.

    Oh please, fake weird nose Meghan did not have much $ in her own right. She got $$$ when she got married.

  2. I used to love Megan, but now realizing that she’s a egotistical narcissist!!!! She’s destroyed Harry the Royal family his titles his duty to country, ect.

  3. If I was British I would initiate a movement against the monarchy because brits still pay taxes for this very tiny extremely priviledged group of billionaires, who build up their wealth over centuries of colonization and exploitation of Asia an African countries. For me this is unfair. Ordinary people work hard to keep their luxurious style of life. And it is obvious that Harry (and Meghan) is not in financial trouble or will ever face money hardship in life. So… why bother with them? In a world with social inequalities, ALL of them – as well as the queen – should pay taxes as anyone else in the country, so the money from taxpayers should go to the poor colonized countries…

  4. I hope they make a good life for themselves and baby archie I for one don't believe everything the press says they love to shit stir notice everything has gone quite about p Andrew I suggest maybe the press would be better digging the dirt on him he will love all this going on about harry and Meghan and not about what he got upto with his pedo friend loads of dirt there I bet

  5. No matter how much money he has – he has NOT earned it, and as such he does NOT deserve it. A rich, spoiled brat.

  6. Do not expect the people of Canada to pay for their security…they have enough money of their own to pay for it themselves!!!!

  7. So now you jealous harridans knows that Megan is the only royal bride that came with her own money. Eat your hearts out. Check out the rest of the bride's.

  8. Meghan has 5 M Do you konw buy House in my area the price about 900,000 -1,000,000. (small house) outside San Francisco .Do not say she do not need Sugar Daddy.

  9. He will regret what he has done, but he now has a baby son to consider, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.They only tell you what they want you to know, she won't come back here willingly

  10. Hey haters, here's how you sound: whaaaaaa. wha, wha,wha whaaaaaaaaaaaaa, whaaaaaaaa, I want my mommy! whaaaaaaaaaaa,

  11. I'm Canadian they should pay the taxes i pay there is nothing free in this world they made their bed they should lay on it

  12. Given their living expenses the amount sounds like a lot to the average person but it won't last long without a significant annual income…..

  13. What about Kate, how much wealth is she worth. What qualifications does she have. None other than aUNi – drop out. What work did she do before marrying William. Meghan has a masters degree and was already earning a clean living.

  14. Harry's hair looks red like some of his mom Dianna's family and his face looks exactly like his dad Charles Harry is Charles twin

  15. Let those who are wagging their tongue's abt harry and meg forget abt the 2.3 million pounds for the renovating of frog more cottage as it is already paid for……pwahahaha

  16. They will be ok as 6th to the play of throne it is not important lucky they married on the birthday of Charlotte the mulata mixed breed persona part to the royal family that not many are aware of. I wish them well

  17. They said 30 million and yes more to come so yeah they can pay for their own security and a good life….. why have people continue to pay for them

  18. Hi Harry oki Lang Wala Basta oki ang boo Mondo fans honest Hindi na ako omasa magkaron NG bahay Sana oki ang China thank you post niyon family mom Diana God bless

  19. They both can lived on the amount of money they have together, and their child. They does not haveto lived into not too much an expensive house, and nothing too extravagant lifestyle. Because they have enough money to buy a nice little house, and lived a normal life for the rest of their lives.
    Millions of people around the world does not a thousand dollars to their names ,muchless $30 millions dollars .I strongly believe that they will be fine without depending on the Royal family money, because Harry father will also chipped in with some money if needed. I strongly believe that the Queen is just a demon,she needs to leave the young people them to lives their lives.

  20. I would definitely keep that news to myself and not tell Meghan exactly how much he’s worth or he’ll never hear the end of it!!

  21. Who cares about the royal family? They should stop being king and queen. That's so old school and give the people back their money. He's out in court.

  22. What they conveniently left out was land ownership with the crown estate that holds the title to one sixth of the land on this planet valued at approx £480tn.

  23. Agreed 100% with Humble Bee. Wow I really admire the manipulation prowess of Markle. I pity Prince Harry and the Royal Family for having a "second rate" actress in the clan. Really, one cannot have everything!!!😢😢😢

  24. This is your legitimate grandson, the son of your adulterous son, please don’t make him pay for your dislike of his mother, hold Charles accountable for her decisions to not accept Royal lifestyle and Harry is a part of the new world. Accept and support this for the sake of your legacy and your role in history making. Don’t divide your country over something so trivial, this will not hinder the wealth of your monarchy nor disrespect you nor your country

  25. I don’t follow these people but this keeps coming up so I have to comment Prince Harry made a huge mistake with this so called what ever! I feel sorry for him hope she is not a fake.

  26. We have some living in poverty yet Harry and all royals have a crazy amount of money. Let them live on the streets. I will never honour any of them.

  27. Harry didn’t do anything in Afghanistan…. British military cleared that entire village so he could walk through it in a photo opportunity…. total joke…. and isn’t he James Hewitt’s son… the guy his mom was bangin ?? Wake up people it’s all a scam

  28. If I Was Bless With Tha $ That
    Prince Harry & Meghan Have!
    I Would Feed Tha Homeless.
    JESUS NAME 💫🌟💫🙏

  29. Well done Canadian gov , stopping security, and if it’s correct that Her Majesty has instructed our government to withdraw funding BRILLIANT. The Queen must be so disappointed and hurt with Harry and the viper, 93 he should be utterly ashamed of himself upsetting his Grandmother, won’t be long before the USA won’t want them, they will soon become old news

  30. That's because she has never paid her taxes to The United States of America she owes a lot to the IRS so she doesn't have that much. And I'm sure she owes Canada taxes too.

  31. Harry and Meghan are pathetic. Queen 93 and Philip 98. Will most likely not ever see their Great grandchild. They Wouldn’t have had the Wedding they did. Harry might be on cloud nine right now, but he and Meghan only have 4 months living on fantasy island. Unless, they are allowed to stay for unknown reasons.
    My concern when the move takes place,, Archie could very well be abducted.

  32. Send your bills to Granny and Daddy , Harry boy ! Stay out of Canada . Move to India , the rupee worth next to nothing , u can have a whole army to “ protect “ u . Oh yes , no longer run by the crown .

  33. I don't know what all the fuss is coming from the palace. The Queen & Prince of Wales could easily, working together financially cover The Sussexes security without it landing in the taxpayer of any Commonwealth nation.

    I'm sure between The Duchy of Cornwall (Charles) [The duchy generated income of £21.7m in 2017–18. This paid for most of the official and charitable activities of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, as well as the official offices of the Duke and Duchess]

    The Duchy of Lancaster (The Queen's own) [In the financial year ending 31 March 2018, the estate was valued at about £534 million. The net income of the Duchy is paid to the reigning sovereign as Duke of Lancaster: it amounts to about £20 million per year., money could be combined to protect The Sussexes, without the bill landing on any taxpayer's lap. Goodness knows both Duchies are worth hindered of millions of pounds]

  34. He may be well off but MM will have that gone in a few years with her lavish lifetyle and of course take a big chuck in the divorce.

  35. It seems a bit doubtful that Meghan would earn $50000 per episode on a not highly rated cable TV show, but even if she did, no discussion given about her expenses such as the usual 10% commission to her agent, plus her PR firm, rent or mortgage in Toronto etc. Not saying she was poor, but the estimate seems a bit high.

  36. Unfortunately, Meghan with TWO earlier failed marriages behind her and causing so much trouble in her own family THEY HATE HER is not demonstrating the attributes of a "smart down to earth type". She is certainly a serial manipulator and TROUBLE one marriage ended in divorce, one annulled only after TWO years! The first to Joe Guiliano was annulled. Her second marriage was with Trevor Engelson. Someone with such radical left-wing political views and actually earlier advertising herself with lewd and lascivious photos everywhere over the internet is totally unsuitable for the Royal family. She was NOT really successful as an actress and only managed to achieve mediocre status on a dubious cable TV drama. If HM the Queen had been correctly informed Harry would simply not have been permitted to marry her. Hopefully, now the Royal titles are removed, they will behave as they were simply not been given to them to commercially exploit for their personal greed. If they exploit the Sussex title that too can be removed.

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