The Whole Truth About Passive Income & Financial Freedom With Internet Millionaire Dan Lok

100 thoughts on “The Whole Truth About Passive Income & Financial Freedom With Internet Millionaire Dan Lok

  1. I am really thankful to YouTube that i am able to listen this talks. Thanks Dan! I am actually going to listen your all videos from the start.
    Hope I could meet you one day.

  2. Monday : September 16, 2019. 12:00 PM. Needy is creepy. Chase the money and it wont come, create value and the money will come. Synchronize in me so much.

    I was watching this video and looking for new internet mentor then Ive found all vour content Soooo helpful and fascinating. What a gem. Thanks.

  3. I am honored to hear your advice. Thank you, Mr. Lok! I wish to meet you one day! May you always have good health and peace of mind.

  4. Thank you my mentor for clearing the concepts of money and your each and every sentence cleared a lot of illusions and questions been in my mind from a long time.

  5. The business martial artist, have you thought about making video on how to defend against a brief case. I can imagine two men in suits armed with umbrellas and brief case each. Suit vs Suit

  6. As I listen to this it reminds me of the question asked on the radio ……. If you died today and came to the golden gates ….. What would say to the arch angel? ……… I thought about my reaction ……. I would say …… Let me rest here a few minutes and I will be on my way ……. I don't think I like the idea of what heaven has been described to me as being …… There is far more to do with my time ….. Life is an adventure ….. As heaven is described it sounds very boring and filled with very lazy people

  7. I love how he's just himself and unique. I've gotten to the point that I'm actually sick of entrepreneurs with their victim narrative and obsession with quitting school. Dan is a breath of fresh air.

  8. My dream is to build a self sufficient house and have a little farm and take care of it with my family; you need wealth to be able to do that. Thank you Dan for the inspiration and teachings in your videos, it really helps when your lost trying to find a career. Hope you continue to fulfill your dreams, take care. 🌲

  9. I have watched and learned a whole lot from a whole lot of people but this is definitely one of those I will never forget

  10. Dan, you are a great teacher and motivator, I’m so glad to have found your channel, this is the kind of stuff people need and your sincerity is amazing. Thank you

  11. I am just starting my freelance journey and you are just that one channel/youtube channel that makes total sense and is grounded in reality. Im an advertising arts fine arts graduate and these new to dan lok channel? video is like God's ubtle answer to me and assured me that Im on the right path.

    "Add value first" that's what I am always aiming with my clients. Not cause that's what the market is asking for but that that's what mkes total sense to me.

    Thank you for this channel. its like God is speaking to me with the use of this video. THANK YOU

  12. I watch this over and over, and again in 2019, still one of the most important video I ever watch. Mind blowing, paradigm shifting, truth revealing. I've achieved my goal one by one, and still, you teach me a lot. Thank you Sifu Dan Lok.

  13. Thank you so much for this valuable session. This was posted 4+ years ago and today I have seen it.
    literally good things come to you at right time.

  14. Quote: " – No amount of money will make you wealthy" Well if I won 100.000.000 $ in the lottery I would certainly feel lucky. But probably I would die of a heart-attack caused by me feeling lucky. But Hey! I reached my dream! Aaaaaaarrgh!

  15. This one video alone shatters the financial freedom illusion. Just halfway watching the video I learned so much from Dan's experience that will save me bunch of frustrations and heartbreak. I would love to watch this over again. And this is so invaluable. All thanks to this one man.

  16. So grateful to find your channel, Dan! Not only You give lots of value and share your knowledge and experience, but you are very real and have an amazing integrity, you don't sell an illusion, like most here do. I would love to learn from you personally, but, unfortunately, I am too far away…

  17. The most myths debunking video ever!! Dan just nails it!!! I am so happy and grateful to listen to this. Thank you, Dan.

  18. Wow bro you just changed my whole mindset you are great I love you thx you for your wisdom , I been studying a lot of rich people none is like you

  19. Dan Lok, you are inspiring AND smart. Good to see your sensible take on Think and Grow Rich and Carnegie's How to Win Friends blah blah. They are a waste of time for people who need or want to make money…

  20. The same thing happened when I achieved my goal of the perfect house with my dream of crystal chandeliers, crystal door handles and crystal taps etc… with and for my kids. It only took me a day to realize there was something missing in the equation. I had to find a passion to share…So I built more lovely one off homes and sold them. Things changed and interest rates went right up to 24.5% pa…and seemingly, suddenly everything was gone! Now, years later, I live the life I was aiming for…almost! Building things to share with others. Just the last bits of the plan to bring it into being. My financial confidence has finally returned and all is looking up. Very good info 're the mental ability to decide you are aware you are financially confident. It only just dawned on me a few weeks ago…and that is when things all fell into place…and the law of attraction kicked into gear…very fast.

  21. I should stopped struggling. Instead I should begin accomplishing a success without passive money or sex, lol!

  22. Surprisingly I am already doing these things subconsciously, thank you so much for opening my eyes. DON LOK FOR PRESIDENT!!!

  23. After realizing that I had a good software business, someone read to me a summary of Acres of Diamonds. That's what needed to hear back then, Dan.

  24. Such inspiring sharing, especially the demonstration of financial freedom illusion when you are sitting on beach and watching movies for months, LoL

  25. I've been watching your content for a long time already and it's always so exciting and inspiring but what I felt today watching this video is beyond words. I've been sick for many days already and yet I decided to watch it because I had the time since I am lying in bed all day . This video encompasses everything you need to know to become rich , happy and in general successful, mind blowing and eye opening. I paused on every idea and contemplated it and reflected on it and I am amazed so much that I forgot I am sick!!

  26. 1. Do not aim for financial freedom, aim for financial security (having the ability to recreate wealth) 2. Just because passive income is passive, doesn’t mean it’s consistent. 3. Retirement is doing what you love doing, you can retire into a job/running your own company (if that’s what you are aiming for) 4. you can’t stay ahead of competition passively 5. Don’t aim for passive income, aim for leverage income. 6. Unsubscribe from distractions (quick rich gurus) 7. Create value first, and profit will follow. (Find our how you can add value to people’s life first, instead of talking about your product first). 8. Money earned is a byproduct of value-creation. 9. Work-life-integration > work-life balance. 10. It’s not what you do (not the vehicle), it’s how you do it. (The driver)

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