The Real Currency that You’re Spending is not Money | Jack Sim

Then I start to realize that actually people die at 80, so I was already 40 so I should try not to make more money. This realization is very important because the real currency that you’re spending in your life, it’s not money it’s time and you can’t buy time, you can’t save time you got to exchange time for the highest value return and the highest value of return is service to humanity. Because if you get more money, it doesn’t make you happier after some point and actually selling time in exchange for something you don’t need is a loss-making business. So if you don’t have money, you need to work for money, if you have some money and you still want to have more money, you’re stupid because by giving the time that you have, which is the only thing life is made of, in exchange for money you’ll never spend to put into the side of the bed when you just die and it’s in your account book. The more you (leave) behind, the more money you (leave) behind, the more losses you have because with all this money that you make, you are actually exchanging that time and the life that you have which can be do doing something else more meaningful like social work, yeah. Right, so that means there’s a turning point there where you say the 1997 financial crisis, right? So was the turning point a wake up call for or how do you see like, what was the pivoting point?

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