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all right see here is the website called surf shark calm now going through it what really caught my eye to test this and then present it to you guys is devices here is the bass part this one is unlimited as long as you know you user name and password you can go ahead and install it on your tablets on your phones on your kids phones and what really this will bring to you as safety and on top of that if you go outside of your network and if you have something like your phones you have your cards on it and you have your banking information this will really give you that ease of mind that nobody can see you visible when you can act to a public Wi-Fi so this will really filter that out for you and that’s what we really like we will go through and then we will tell you a few more things so here’s the first thing is the unlimited devices and the second thing is they have support 24/7 on top of that what they really support is Netflix now remember that we reside in Canada but the library for the movie section part of it is not that big so in order for you to get more access into different libraries that is not provided in your country this will really give you another ease of mind so you can connect and you will be able to see different places I gotta be honest with you remember that this is a very very honest review that when I try to connect to the United States at that moment it did not work for me because that server part that these guys support got blocked but quickly they brought it back after a few hours and it start working again so uh-huh plus sign for them I’m giving them a thumbs up for that and going to ad blocker these guys do have ad blockers and you can see that some of them do not bring that for you so going next is the price point I know that right now it says $2 I want to mention that when you click on buy you will be able to see everything here so if you want to get it month amount it is expensive you want to get it for one year 12 months it’s about 8 bucks but if you want to get it for two years here’s the price so I know that you will benefit a lot when you’re clicking on this and then when you want to go through your payment you have to go down first you can pay with your credit cards or major credit cards even a maxes they’re also the big one for me is PayPal very secure very honest second biggest for me as Amazon pay they do accept that too and then they also support the cryptocurrency Google pays their and another good thing is that 30 days money back so here you go this is the passport and then they do have some little parts over here too that it will tell you unlimited devices unlimited fast content delivery of course that’s is correct and then we will do a little speed test once we connect so we will do a few things right now I want to mention that where we are today we have 500 megabit internet and we have 30 megabit of upload and then we will do a test and then we will go next so we will go back and then if you scroll all the way down this was my biggest one so when you click on it this is really good to find your apps and settings so that we can download it for your platform yes they support almost everything doesn’t matter windows Android iOS Mac OS Linux yes also Android TV that’s big for me on top of that Chrome which is your going to give a little extension that he can install and also Firefox yes they will support everything so I want to mention that today I’m going to cover Windows but then we will make different videos for one of these and then we will put it all together as a link in a bottom of these videos so this way if you need more information just look in the bottom where the info section is and you will see everything there so that way you can click on it and then you will learn more so I want to mention that this is my first one so when I make a second one I will mention this is my second one so let’s go back up at the mean time we will go to windows here it says to click on it so that we you can purchase the subscription or you can get the app so we will click on this and we will select to download it so we will say download now and there you go so let’s grab it so there you go as soon as it comes out we will click on it copy click this off go to main screen yes we put a nice water in a background so that way it’s nice and clean because this is working like water for us and we will leave it here we don’t install it yet because I want to do a speed test so here’s the new page and then we will leave this in a bottom anyways we will select on okhla this one you wait you can see that right now we are connected via Rogers and then it shows Telus so we will blur out a few things here but we will click on the speed test ok so for some reason because we have to Internet setup together it looks like it’s kicking in both ways so we are getting a little bit over 500 megabits at the meantime so you can see that right now I’m getting 635 point two seven and 32 point 81 for my internet speed so we will leave this open and then we will minimize this and now we’re going through the installation so that should be a breeze to install so it automatically goes on a top and then it will give you this so remember I showed you where you’re going to go to pay for it and then when that’s done you don’t have to create an account or if you haven’t done it you can click on create account and then you just follow their steps and then your payments to go next but we will click on login so here it is and now I’m going to enter my username and password in order for me to log in alright so once you log in this is what you’re going to see as a screen it’s very wide and you need to click on connection so let’s go through first this is the main page you will see and then you have some locations and let’s go through and I will show you step by step of how you’re going to see everything the second thing that you’re going to see is called features under features it will show you how he going to be able to click this on and you’re going to have some ads blog trackers and some malware that is not going to come to your computer so can act as a watchdog for your computer to which is perfect also you can click on this so that we you going to be able to whitelist your VPN to your router this will help you out go on at the bottom you also have hack locks so if you click on it it will take you to the website and then it will show you that you’re going to be able to hook up your email it will search the email itself for you to make sure you don’t get any kind of spam or you’re going to not get any malware this will really help you out and then also blind search so this way it’s kind of acting as a incognito mode so that way you will be able to search certain websites so just in case if you want to go somewhere overseas any we want to see some ads or you want to see some places that were you going to be staying or you want to get some tickets this will help you out so that way the prices does not jump when you go back and forth on a page and you will see the price jump by itself because bots does that and not the actual hotel or your flight this will really help you out on top of that going under settings if we’re going to be able to see your username password your username not the password he can change your password also your plan one is going to be expiring on top of that which ad you have now going down a little bit you will be able to see if you want to switch this to dark mode which we will do in a few seconds also connectivity so this wheel will be turning on by itself once you turn on the computers if you have downloads this will really help you out and if you have this checkmark it will be minimized on your taskbar and also it will auto connect if you get disconnected or you have power outage and also going down you have some Wi-Fi connections so this way it will help you out for your laptops so this way if you walk somewhere in your computer turns off and turns back on by itself your Wi-Fi once it connects it does not go to the internet till you connect to this VPN it will really help you out and also you have the kill switch and you also have a little button so you can minimize this or expand it so let’s go back to settings and we will scroll down a little bit here it goes this dark mode I will click that I really like this dark mode better than this white that it shows up on the screen it gives you more contrast and you will be able to see everything accurately so I’m just waiting for it to come back up and there you go so this is how we will look now let’s go back to locations you have favorites we haven’t anywhere yet we go to locations you have a lot of different places now fastest server is it will just select one for you that as fastest and you will be connected another one is called nearest country so the fastest and also nearest to you so you will get a really good speed out of it but it has all been alphabetized and it has been selected by city and not by province or by states and when you go on down you’ll see a lot of different countries in there and it’s really amazing how these guys are working to bring you a lot of these things here remember that one thing that I noticed going through this list is I did not see China just double-checking again you can see it’s Canada Chile Costa Rica correlation you know you see that but there’s no China so yes if you are going to be able to or you want to go to China this will not work but if you’re going to Vietnam yes it will work for you so that’s how you know which places this will work in which places it does not work so if you are going towards like Pakistan Afghanistan I don’t see lists I don’t see the name so I do not suggest you going to use it there because of the connection and disconnection again you can try and let me know and I will be making another video for that but here you go this is the static one so there’s not a lot a list for the static internet or IP address but you can see the list is very very big that a lot of them are United States United Kingdom also Singapore Netherlands in Japan and also some in Germany that is set up now multi-hop is really cool because it will be connected with dual places now these are different countries like United Kingdom and France now the list is not that big but really good to use now if you are trying to use this for something like Netflix don’t use the multi hawk because it’s not going to help you out so the one you’re going to use is location and if you are going to be able to connect onto like United States to scroll down and select one of them and then try it but I gotta mention that when we were trying it we got stuck because it was off they had to switch the server so again you will be up and down when you want to go to Netflix I would not suggest you just get this for Netflix but this is really good for your own security so we will get back out of this and we will go back to the main place and this is the nearest to me so I will click on connect take up the seconds for us to connect and here you go now that’s not the only thing if you click on this little part it will tell you your IP address when you going to be connected also the kill switch is not on so let’s turn that on and say continue also shows the transfer data so right now you can see my download and my upload how much I use so we only connected for 18 seconds let’s go back to the browser and we will do a task first we will go here and then we’re going to check for our IP address here’s our new IP address and you can see it so this is from Montreal and you can see it that it is matching so perfect now let’s go through and do some speed tests so there you go we just typed speed test and let’s go to okhla we’re going to wait for a couple of seconds you can see our IP addresses right there now it is connecting to Toronto from Montreal so let’s see what type of speed were getting now alright so remember that we were getting roughly about 600 megabits download and now we’re getting almost half of it so it’s a little bit over the half for the meantime and remember that we were getting about thirty two megabits for upload and let’s see what type of numbers were getting right now so it’s almost thirty which is a really good number by the way so for download we got about three hundred and it went down to 245 so remember that it just depends of how many people are on this in order for you to get this type of number again this is really good number according to what I’ve seen with a different VPNs so this really sticks out for me and I want to mention that this is very safe and very very nice to have so we’ll minimize it so that’s how it’s going to look like but if you want to totally minimize it it will go to your taskbar which is right here so I can just double click on it and it will come back up and I’m going to be able to see how much I use just for the hosta and this was our first video and showing you exactly how it work and what they provided for us on Windows we will be making more of this video for the surf shark VPN very very soon so for that if you wanted to find out if we have a newer video look in the information section at the bottom of this video you will be able to see the new link if it is not available please ask at the bottom of this video when we will be making the next video or where is it so we can provide the link for you so you will be able to view it remember that the link will be available we can get some discount in with this surf shark [Music]

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