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Super Affiliate Network Hey lads Sumner here I want to take the
time today just share some provide some value to you and share with you if
you’re out there looking to get started making money online a great opportunity
especially for newbies out here who are not technically inclined you don’t have
to have any technical skills but this is as you can see on the screen the super
affiliate network I did a review a little while back I just want to kind of
bring up speed up to date with the you know some of the things that are the
improvements to produce better results and ability to continue to increase that
income larger as you follow through and do what’s shown to do okay so I always
want to put that out there in the beginning always an income disclaimer
you must learn you know what you’re shown learn follow do concept which are
shown to do actually do it with some consistent action to produce results and
start building your business your online income to grow a larger very simple to
many people today just join things and then they never do anything they join
thinking the money is just gonna fall from heaven it doesn’t happen like that
business is business but anyways I’m gonna give you another round or review
the super affiliate network and it lets you know that life can be good if you
would just be a person of action and quit sitting back and just letting us
say oh woe is me this is just what it is this is my lot in life I’ll always be
stuck in the nine-to-five I’ll never make you know but we’re gonna we will
show you how you can get yourself out of that when you actually take action
become part of the team and follow through and do the steps we show you two
very simple steps very simple train to show you exactly what to do get up and
running and start producing some income anyway this is the main screen when you
log into the super affiliate Network here’s the screen you’re going to get a
little you know saying here from Missha make sure Wilson the founder here at the
super affiliate Network and on this main page you’re gonna say click start it
steps right go through these steps just want to kind of show them to you and
launching your business killing a cash flow these key concepts building the
right Foundation right out of the gate to get
up and running and going okay people don’t like to sit there wait oh I got to
go through this and this and this to get up and going but if you just take action
and complete these pieces are these steps to make sure everything’s set up
and the most important thing here what most people miss is they see like for
instance the super affiliate network and I think I just joining something and I’m
not going to know what to do now you’re going to know what to do exactly because
as soon as you get started and you can even start for the trial offer that’s
provided for a dollar just to get started get your feet wet see if it’s
for you or not and immediately you get a personal coach a personal success coach
is just gonna make the reach out to make contact to you say I want to schedule
time with you I want to make sure you know exactly what to do so that you can
be successful online okay I hope this is helpful for you just want to make sure
that you can be informed and how you can have a better life if you take the time
and just follow through and do what we show you to do here at the super
affiliate Network because I’ve been with them now for a little while and life is
only getting better that’s how I can say you just have to check it out for
yourself so below anyway below the YouTube video I’ll give you some
information on the super affiliate network and there’ll be a link in there
you can click and take action join our team we are the number one team within
the super affiliate network I’m under Alex Z he’s my mentor awesome dude knows
exactly what to do he’s already been a six-figure seven-figure earner and a
couple of other businesses along the way in the past ten or so years and I will
tell you that it’s nothing that’s nothing greater than surrounding
yourself with people who know exactly what to do but at that one anyway so
anyway down here some testimonials people who are successful sharing their
story ok that’s important everybody has a story and go back up here so anyway
start here you click it it’ll still take you two part here same page we came to
this is a I just want to orient you to the page event
any events happening and the event that just happened this last weekend in Reno
it was a mastery event the team and that would be where that’s at law is very
important these laws I just click over there to show you show them to you and
you should kind of get these engrained in you okay like you’re a lot of one
wearing the white belt commit to the process take massive action with
consistent action you know with what’s shown and I just click on volunteer to
show you the next law market daily we show you how to do that we show you how
to drive traffic we give you traffic training yeah the one thing is is get
everything set up and and we give you the funnels the links everything to the
capture pages the video sales letters and if you just follow through with
driving the traffic to the funnel you know turn on the flood turn on the water
right keep it coming you’re going to produce results because the system is
going to work for you and and super affiliate network will also send out
emails in your behalf okay so the people that come in to your through your page
they’re going they’re going to get exposed and they will take action or not
take action but you never know when they’ll take action okay people don’t
get started the first time usually it usually takes a little bit not ever
there’s people that start the first time but not everybody does and they may see
an email seven days later and I listed and they just got paid or something else
suddenly oh yeah that’s right I want to I saw this I wanted to do this but now I
got the money to do so alright so anyway all right here’s the bootcamp we’re
gonna take you through the bootcamp and these are the steps your training laying
the right foundation so you have here phase one module one to five phase two
so six to ten 3:11 – and I’ll just go over to module 13 to give you a taste
where you’re at in 13 real quick just to kind of give it a little if it’ll get
moving all right and 13th on following up with
maximum profits how to produce the great results and get and start building your
dream lifestyle okay let’s go over here to my products
okay these are the things you’re gonna have access to it’s in the back
pro vault traffic training traffic boot camp and other key information this is
the solo ad success formula you can learn how to deal with those things
called solo ad paid traffic okay there and then you have your coach and your
coach you would go right over to there when you did do get started even at the
trial offer doesn’t matter you go over click on here go to your my coach and
you’re gonna get this page right here and you’ll have your person that give a
little video about themselves and share with you what’s going to happen you have
usually their number email and get on their schedule that’s the very first
thing to do go over there they’re gonna reach out to you but now that you know
where this is at just go over there click on a coach get on their schedule
schedule the timings don’t miss it don’t miss these they these guys know exactly
what they’re doing highly trained to know exactly how to
help you be successful alright so that’s for that one on the
coach go back and up here is the my account so you’re gonna have all the
information for your profile set up support set up your e-wallet so when you
get paid it’s going to go into e wallet you can set that email it up like maybe
I have and put your business bank account and they’re just personal bank
account doesn’t matter set up that information and have it go as soon as
that cash comes in it automatically goes over to your bank account you just set
it up the way you want and over here supporting turning support ticket if you
have a technical issue or any issue just turn a support ticket leaderboards it
shows you is on the leaderboards for sales and lead generation those kind of
things partners so over here and the partners and this is rhomin take you to
the partner section going to go to my business and you have partners blog and
leaderboards again but it’s over here this is that when you click this my
business you come over here and I want to show you that you have all the
metrics and everything to track what’s going on so you’ll have here under
statistics and every night though the day reset so this is a little may look a
little low but it’s it’s not because they refresh the servers I guess so to
say you know and and then it just reads it restarts recounts the counter clock
so you would have to go back and look at the day before or whatever so out of the
this initial start after the refresh or 2:20 visits five leads and we’re going
to talk to you about that teach you how to produce lead generation and build
your list it’s a key concept because your list as you build a relationship
with the list it becomes very relational to income growth also but you’re always
looking to learn and grow and develop yourself so that you can provide that
advice whether that’s building a lead capture page a video sales letter page
or you know you’ve had a set amount responder up so the email series
triggers whatever that is and the skill sets that you gain along the way you
share that with your team and with others and people appreciate that you
know and your name you don’t have to you know you can offer so hey we’re here to
help you want to become part of our team you can but you don’t have to you just
share the good at in value to help people with whatever they’re doing
that’s a that’s a very essential part helping people to be successful no
matter what they’re done okay not to go on with that that’s that’s my soapbox
helping others all right here and it will have the referrals for you so you
can see all of your referrals and the good thing here is that even though
super affiliate network will send out emails on your behalf as they come in to
the phone you can grab any one of these all your referrals just go over here
export to CSV download your leads prospects put them if you have your own
external autoresponder Aweber get response in late whatever you’re using
you can go ahead and just grab those and put them in there and just follow the
criteria for that based on the autoresponder you use and okay so and it
will show commission rates over here link’s this is the very important part I
wanted to talk to you about here this is where all the links are for you to be
able to promote and market online like I said which we show you exactly how to do
that market online okay I go to the super affiliate Network give me an idea
I would have the cat all these capture pages to choose from whichever I want to
use and then you have further down here some capture page with testimonials and
I want to show you and this is the video sales letter here it sparked some more
video sales letters and this is the straight up front end dollar trial order
form for people who are ready to get starting just send them direct to the
order form Congrats calls some of that I’m going to give you that and also for
people that are just interested for more information you can send them a capture
page or a micro commitment capture page showing the bundle image with the learn
more button plus a button for them to go ahead and take action and get started
all right so anyway I just want to take you and show you kind of right here
capture page so this has its own ability to track see you know where we’re all
how your marketing is doing and you can take that link that I just Thailand and
you would put it over here in this link generator and then you would just go
ahead and put your code whatever code down in this this campaign name so I’m
gonna do something through let’s say Bing but being in there and I might even
put a date like I’m going to do it today so I put the twenty twenty-nine I would
go being 29 October 8th team then I just had generated URL and now I have my URL
I grabbed that cup that link and I just go over here I’ll show you what it looks
like and boom so here this get this is giving away free video series for people
that want to learn and also get some added value at the same time
and a choice for them to get started and become part of the super affiliate
network team or not but they get something of a value that they can grow
and develop from no matter what they’re doing or whether they choose to be part
of the team or not so that is an example and they would opt in right here and
then they would also receive an email from the super affiliate network to
remind them don’t forget your video series here it is and don’t forget if
you are looking to get started in the online world and start making money
we’re here to help you get started skid so anyway let me go to the next
part and grab some more at the same time so these are all the the links that you
have the funnels that you have this is a ebook seven deadly sins of internet
marketing you’re gonna get provided did you can use let’s go on so you saw all
that yeah email swipe you have man you have to choose something under the right
category to get that you have banners for yourself under the different
specific things so if you have blogs or anything like that you just add them in
the banners use them wherever you want to use them in your marketing banner
advertising such as that and so I hope I’m hopefully sharing with you things
that give you ideas think about all the ways you can use the different things
that are available here or even in your own marketing efforts whether it’s
banners using capture pages or whatever it is in our marketing you know free
ebooks and stuff like that as your lead what we call the magnet and people to
possibly come in or connect with you alright it’s over here anyway you get to
my sponsor sitting checkout your sponsor any customers you have all your leads
again you can download your leads at any time you have the ability to export to
CSV you also have the option of a car bonus that you start to produce results
it builds up to a level and then you receive a certain amount per month for a
car so I’m going it to a leased car Beemer mercedes banz what
ever you want to you know whatever you’re after again and in settings here
just settings to set up for however you want you know to receive notifications
and things like that so anyway I hope I think pretty much I covered the majority
of everything across orientation to the page and you know and like I said you
can go ahead and read the details and below the video and the YouTube
description area and I provide more information related to the server if you
like Network+ the link for you to go ahead and click on take action actually
become part of our team work with me I work with a really good team Alex Alex
Z like I says my mentor he knows exactly what he’s doing and the whole super
affiliate Network team is really more like a family okay because we’ve just
been you know really it’s just a really tight-knit community of entrepreneurs
helping other entrepreneurs grow and develop and gain more and more as we go
in life and being able to help others become successful online – at the same
time alright that’s a lot I spit out a lot to you I really hope this was useful
information – for you and a decent overview of the super filling network
and how you know for anybody out there it doesn’t matter who you are out there
if you’re just struggling getting by just go ahead and take the dollar trial
and take a look at it you have a certain period of time to go ahead and review it
and actually and actually do things and get started and then make a choice and
you know whether you’re going to stay or not and for people to think that this is
something that you have to be technical no it’s this for anybody you don’t have
to know anything technical because everything’s taken care of for you just
going to follow the steps and do it do what you’re shown to do great alright
anyway this is actually aka major Sumner retired US Army signing off wishing
everybody the best get connected with me I’m here to help you be successful

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