S3 E24 Creating things fast! My secret tips and tricks!

Hey everybody Well, welcome to the crystal crawford show. I’m your trusty host crystal Crawford fresh off my Australia tour Home again. It’s so nice to be home again Welcome to the show. I called this week’s episode creating things fast my secret tips and tricks And you know, I’m always looking for what to talk about every week. And of course this week was no exception I’m like, what do I have any words this week? Turns out I do Um, hey Alexander need Jamie and I caught this I can’t at this because over the weekend when I was in Tora I was gonna say when I was in Turkey. I was not in Turkey neuron is from Turkey Just what reminded me. Hey Marcel. Am I Susanna? Hey Dean So Creating things fast my secret tips and tricks Okay So over the weekend or whatever it was earlier this week while I was in Australia my friend Shayna and I created a new Company now, this is a you’re about to receive the benefit of this company in the next few days. We are putting together our pre-launch before Christmas so it was gonna be post Christmas stuff and It’s it’s items that I’ve been wanting to create for probably two to three years that that I’ve literally been slowing down. No and So we created this company in about five hours With pieces of it parts of it already having been created over the years So I want to talk about this from a few different angles because probably most of the questions that I personally get about business and all of that have to do with the speed at which I actualize things and You know if I’m honest, I don’t know if everybody’s got those same choices available to you I have a choice for speed that I haven’t really seen anybody have but what I have seen is that I See a lot of people slowing themselves down with thinking and so I wanted to sort of go through the process a little bit and show you In real-time the tools that I used to speed it up and the tools that I use all the time to speed things up So that I don’t actually get in my own way Now I’ll share this contemporary art Serbian community seems to like to see you oh good yay Hey, listen, guys if you have anybody that You know would like to watch this Conversation it would you just share it and then we can get some where people live with us. Hey Krista Hey, Alexandra, and if you guys have any questions about creation Go ahead and ask me because I did get one in whatsapp that all I’ll chat about briefly. So the primary thing that I do to Work at the speed at which I can work Now all of you have that all of you have the speed The speed at which you can function and then we all have our speeds that we do to control things Anytime you’re functioning at a less this than a less than you speed It’s something that you’re doing either to mimic other people duplicate other people or control things and so you can just notice that you’re doing it and POC and pod it and not Nevermind everything. This is right wrong. Good bad pod POC all nine shorts boys and beyonds and that crazy things the clearing statement Which you can find more out about at the clearing statement com. Hi, Billy, onna hi Evie Hey, Bev, dan. Hey kid, let’s give this a share you guys and we’ll create a look. We have a little party on line Hey Olga Okay, so this company that we just created So the first thing that I gave might give myself permission to do is function at my speed now, it sounds very elemental but When I’m creating anything when I’m looking at like creating a landing page or creating an email or creating a company or whatever The first thing I am with it is if I were creating this as me, what would I choose? Most of the time that question is hey from Spain. Hi Olga. Hi, Christina Most of the time that question is unspoken, but you can speak it as well I recreating this is me as me what would I choose and Immediately when you ask a question, you start to see things differently That’s the gift of question is it opens up the possibilities and the awareness of that question? So you got to ask the question that gives you the awareness that you want What a lot. What I see a lot of people doing is how do I create this, right? They may not say that out loud, but their functioning is how do I create this right and when you’re trying to create something? Right. It’s really slow because right doesn’t exist So you have to judge to find the right and then you have to decide and then you have to think and then all that Stuff slows it down So just notice the first thing symptom of any of this going on is noticing that things are moving slow go Am I am I trying to figure this out? It’s a great question So I sat with this project that we were looking at creating and I’m like okay if I were creating this is me What would I choose I? Happened to know I had a few of the elements already set up and what you’re gonna start to notice about yourself Is that as you are in the act of creating anything? Businesses and whatever there’s gonna be pieces of things that you think are for now that end up being for the future For example, I already had set up a Shopify store. I Set it up. Like I don’t know six months back when I thought it was time for that thing So I already had that set up. I had already set up a limited liability company in the United States like a year ago I thought I knew what that was for But after I set it up it didn’t go anywhere and that’s what you’re gonna find the most about Creating as you is you’re gonna have these different pieces that are sort of laying around the shop your creation shop that at one point or another You thought was for that time or you thought was for now and you didn’t know why it just laid there after that But you couldn’t do anything with it You’re going to discover that as you create very not in this very nonlinear way, like creating this and creating that hi, Claudia Heidi So I already have the shop set up and air he had this LLC set up I didn’t know what I was using them for I just knew at those times that I to create that piece and then it just laid there. Okay So here I am had that had that Then let me ask myself the question. Um If I wasn’t slowing this down What would I choose? And I asked that a lot Just so you know when I’m you guys are a lot of you guys are on my email list And get my emails and you’ll notice you’ll notice them Many times when I go to write an email I start with that question Okay, if I wasn’t slowing this down, where would I choose and then I get different information because When we when you go into the world of technology in particular, but this reality is a technological world right now Technologically the technical energies are more predominant than the acoustical energies that we are and Question and choice and possibility and contribution which are all the things we talked about in access are all acoustical choices so when you start to look at a computer screen or you start to redo an email or you start to do anything on the Computer or you walk out of your front door. Maybe he starts to talk to you need most people It’s going to be really easy because you’re so psychic to entrain to the computational algorithmic thing of this reality The thing that cuts through that and and trying to get something right is an algorithmic reality last week. I did my show on fracking Frack the insanity frack the stranglehold of techie reality I probably won’t use that phrase much more because it’s pretty excessive access speak, but that Reality is very intense. So what cuts through that reality or trying to get it right is a question So I asked many times if I wasn’t this down What would I choose I? Get a different email out of that question than another than trying to get it, right so again with creating this this thing on Shopify sounds like if I wasn’t slowing this down, What would I choose and I got an immediate download of oh I would do this I would do this I would do this And so I just let myself go at my speed The third thing that I do and I’m gonna lose track of these numbers is I let myself be as a DD as I am I don’t try to control that I don’t try to control not having ten tabs open and going here and going there and following this and following that I Just let that process play out Because nine times out of ten. I lead myself. Exactly. Well probably ten times out of ten Yeah, I lead myself exactly where I need to go and I get to where it is I’m going then high fat I Fatima. Hi Sheena and I don’t I just don’t try to control that So again with if I was on slowing this down what would I choose and then I follow this and follow that and I open this and I do that and then The fourth thing I do is I play with other people that are a similar speed When it comes to instituting things like this I play with other people that are a similar speed That’s really important because I don’t do all this stuff on my own So Shana and I Shana Fernando is works with me on graphics and the look of things She can do so many other things but that’s her primary role and she and I function around the same speed so it makes instituting things that much faster and that much easier because we ping ping ping ping this and that all we need this note and So you want to play with other people that are a similar speed? Okay, and if you don’t have anybody in your life right now, just asking what would it take to have playmates that can? Go this speed That’s a great question Yes, I love being in that flow I wrote a twenty twenty three month program in about three hours yeah, the fifth thing I’ll say about this is that There have been many times when I know I can function up this speed and I try to function at this speed to actualize thing but when it’s not time it won’t go and that is actually probably should be number one is when something isn’t moving at the speed that you think it should just ask is now the time yes or no and if you get No, just listen to that and move on to the next thing one of the things we talked about in access all the time Hey, Carrie. Hi Brigitte. Hi. Nikki is is a Humanoid, which is those of us that aren’t judging everybody else We judge ourselves the humanoid needs like 26 things going on at the same time And so the reason for that is because You’re gonna think this is a really good idea and try to get it moving and it won’t be necessarily going anywhere it won’t lift off like it can and So you need a bunch of things going on at the same time because you’re gonna start here put your energy here and do this over here and so like Farming or having a garden like this group this plants gonna pop up sooner and this plants gonna pop up slower and that’s an oak Tree so that’s gonna take years and you know So your attention as the a DD creator that you are is always like engaged with something Suzanne I’m kind of afraid of getting it wrong. So I do nothing standing still and then I’m not wrong. Yeah cool season That’s true. You’re not wrong. And you’re also not in the game and One of the things I challenged everybody to do in some class I taught the last couple of weeks is is what would it be like to actually get you to get some skin in the game and actually get participate in the creation of anything If you read chapter seven in the ten keys to total freedom called no competition withdrawing yourself from the game is actually a form of competition because then you know You aren’t winning but you’re not losing which is another form of winning And again if there was no right in there was no wrong. What would be more fun? You know, what would be more fun than that So I’d encourage you guys to get some skin in the game and start to to play full out what energy space and consciousness can be my body be to play full out with total ease and Everything that doesn’t allow it times it got saralyn right round get bad putt In shorts boys and beyonds and if you guys go to that book the 10 keys to total freedom You can find it on crystal. Joy Crawford comm slash my favorite things I Highly recommend studying that book because guess what they actually are the keys to total freedom total freedom total freedom Okay, so back to the creating the company so if it’s not time it’s not gonna go Well this it was time This company is something that we’ve been Energetically generating for probably 2 to 3 years And we’ve got ideas and it’s in a slack thread and we’ve got you know Things were already know we want to do and I’ve really been sort of visualizing I just kept getting stuck on wanting to get the actual product right and when I say, right I mean in the perfect way that I wanted it and I do mean perfect but what was happening with that is that I was Not following up on my idea and I was saying I wanted it to be perfect while not doing anything about it And when I looked at what would create more in the world? it was letting letting go of control of the product and letting it be what it is and So that’s another trick that I have to use with myself a lot Because I am a perfectionist of magnitude and when I do something I want it to be epic But again epic is the judgment it’s the judgment of what I’ve decided is right and good and perfect and correct and so I use that judgment to slow things down a lot and you’re gonna have to get that each of you is gonna have your own sort of thing that you do that slows things down and That for me is definitely my thing. I will use the lie of perfection and the lie of epic to slow things down Dynamically, so I know that about myself. Thank God and so when I’m doing that, I just ask a different question I was like if if I choose saw here. I’ve got this specific idea But if I choose to do this another way, will it still create? Yes or no? Yes Okay done and so I’ll move around my idea and move in other direction with a different way of Accomplishing this thing then when I’m looking at these different ways of accomplishing this thing my idea of perfection is over there Looking at these different ways. I just asked If I choose this will it create more? Yes or no? No, okay I’m not choosing that way if I choose this will it create more? Yes or no? Yes Okay, choose this way and that gets the thing moving again because now I’m not functioning from conclusion any more about what the right in good in perfect way is I’m functioning from hey, What’s gonna actually move this forward and what’s gonna create here? Sure. I have my perfect way of doing it, but is it required for this to occur? Yes or no? No, if I choose something else, will it still create? Yes or no? Yes. Can I be happy with it? Yes or no yes, so you see how I I actually Go straight into questions to get awareness about things Cuz awareness is fast thinking is slow Awareness is fast. Thinking is slow so part of the skill set to develop in training yourself to be as fast as you actually can be is being willing to find and hear yourself when you start thinking and ask a different question literally just go around yourself in a different direction and Kids do this all the time kids are like trying to get something accomplished I just hanging out with Shana’s two kids over the last third four days and So so cool And just watching them like go for something in it so Oliver alley is two and a half and he Would he just wants to be in everything especially if it’s something you’re doing and on your computer or something? He shouldn’t be in basically So he would like walk over to me like wedged himself between my legs and he’d like start to reach for my computer you know and this arm and that arm in that arm and if I blocked him he would just try to go around and if I blocked I mean just try to go around it, right? they don’t have a point of view that they can’t have what they want and Then when I was very clear that he couldn’t have what he wanted Then you throw like a five-second fit and then go find something else But that is great Great great, great example of how we could choose to be if we want it Instead. I see a lot of us like standing at the brick wall of the thing. That won’t move going How do I get you to move? There must be something wrong with me? No, no, no just to where you’re just aware. You just want to go around it and either add something else to your plate or Try it in a different way, okay So cool So I’m trying to look at what else that I have function from So basically like at that point, you know, I’m looking at can I do this in a different way? So I added all these things to our thing I know I’m doing a very vague with this thing right now, but I’ll show it to you in the next few days and We got it. We were getting it built. And so then there was a lot of elements of this project that brought up this perfectionist thing that I do and Again, as soon as I the the way I get her I get around myself a lot That’s really probably my top trick as I get around my own need for perfection I’ll run into the thing for perfection. I’ll feel the solidity of it I’ll feel myself start going into head tripping and then I’m like, okay. Well if If this element like for example, if I’m building a landing page, right that was part of this project And they gave you a suggested template so you can sort of play with that template which is great because I have something to start With and I’ll start with that and if I continue to try to like make an element work, for example Like they’re on this particular page. There was a an image with a text and Neither one of us were we were both looking at this little element on this page boy? What do we want to do with this and then I realized oh, we don’t have to use it So if I can if I continue to get stuck in a particular like I don’t know what to do with this I don’t want to do with this. What should we do with this? What and I will Stop at that point and then just interrupt with like well, do I need this? Is it required? Do we even have to have this and I’ll go in a different direction with that thing? So if something isn’t creating I literally we’ll just like turn around and just start in a different direction with something like the eliminated completely Put something random in there I do something to interrupt Whatever kind of linearity is happening. Hey, Emma um What else? So then I think that The so this so that was really I mean that’s really a description of the tools that I use in the creation of a thing the first part of a creation of a thing But it’s also really easy To like get maybe like the first part of a project created And then not do anything with it like not get it into the world Not invite people not do the next part of the creation which is the inviting and the actual izing people paying people in your classes and your programs and as clients on your into your shop and so so when I so when I realized one sort of part phase one is is Complete or as complete as it needs to be right now. That’s the other question I ask Because something can always you can always add things to things like especially if you’ve got a shop or whatever Because you can always add you can always make it better. You can always keep painting on a painting When I get to that sense where I don’t really want to add anymore I don’t want to do anymore I just ask is this enough for now and Somebody said how do you get answers for your questions? I get awareness for my questions, which is different than answers But I ask questions that are a yes/no question so I don’t go into thinking at all So when you ask a question when you ask an actual question There’s going to be an awareness that pops up or shows up over the next 24 48 56 hours, whatever But I asked a lot of yes/no questions to get awareness to take myself out of thinking so anytime you are thinking about a question more than a Split-second you’re into thinking anytime you have something instant. That’s awareness So I’ll ask a question with a yes/no. So truth. Will this create more? Yes or no? Yes done, and I go literally where my mouth goes Truth will this create more? Yes or no? if you’ll sense the answer instantly the response instantly and It’s something you’re gonna just have to play with But you can’t play with this with preference questions truth. Do I want to do this? Yes or no? That’s not an actual question. Do I want to do this is you trying to get a validation for something. You’ve already chosen? Will this create more? Is a question if I choose this will it be fun? Yes, or no is a question if I choose this will they be grateful after yes? Or no is a question if I choose this will my life get greater. Yes or no? Also a question if I if I choose this will I make a hundred dollars? Not a question if I choose this will it make me money? Yes or no. That’s a question Will it make you cash we don’t know so just A little question tutorial. Okay. That’s how I play with that Cool so once I get a sense like the first phase is over and I’m into like the second phase then that’s what we’re into Now we’re into the second phase of creation. So we’re into like creating the look the first launch inviting you guys We’re creating How we want to do that? So that’s the next phase of creation the same really at the same questions applies So as I’ve been I’ve been talking to people I’ve been connecting with a guy. That’s really really great at sales strategies epic in that kinetic like Connecting with a person who’s really great at Facebook Ads. I’m connecting with my graphics with Shana who’s our graphics genius I’ve been talking to other people on the team to see if they have any idea. So I’m collecting information. So I’m like The question I ask is who knows more about this than I do that I could talk to So that’s the question to ask there who knows more about the site than I do to that I could talk to Because I’m committed to launching it. It’s happening. Now. It’s how do we make it successful? Is there a way to make it successful? Yes or no? Yes. Okay, who can I talk to to contribute to that? so I’m sort of collecting information right now and As of collecting information and this is how it will go you’re gonna get a lot of points of view, right? I’ve got this guy’s points of view and that guy’s in for and this guy’s information and all this and you get to choose what you’re doing with all of it and You could slow yourself down very very easily by going into thinking and trying to figure it out and trying to figure out who’s right And ignoring yourself, or you could collect all the information. It’s like having a bunch of candies in a bowl and going ok, cool What’s gonna move this forward faster? That’s a key question. I ask what’s gonna move this forward faster We have all these ideas right now for example about SEO and Instagram and all this stuff That’s really more of a long-term plan for this particular product line which we’re gonna do but For now, we’ve got the holidays right in front of us. We’ve got those of you guys that want to buy cool stuff We’ve got you know, Black Friday coming up. It’s it’s like go time right now. So what can we create right now? That would get this out in the world right away That’s another question I asked Asking others contribution or experience is not easy for me. So that’s where I would use the tool interesting point of view I have this point of view because not easy as just as much of a choice is easy, but not easy. Maybe your easiest choice So Interesting point of view I have this point of view interesting point of view. I have this point of view interesting point of view I have this point of view is what you want to start to use on all this stuff that will come up as you’re doing This process because I know you’ll have stuff come up But if ease if not easy as a choice easy is also a choice and so What could you begin to choose in these areas where you haven’t yet? Chosen? what you’d like to choose and How do you become how do you begin to make those choices available to you? If not easy has been your easiest choice and easy isn’t your easiest choice? What would it take to make easy your easiest choice and I guess I’m on the back of that. I will say that am dedicated and committed to ease I have chosen ease as a functional reality and so all of my shows and all the tools that I’m going to share with you come from that place of like Hey, listen, I’m not having this be hard. I don’t like hard. It’s not fun for me. I like easy. I’m committed to easy. So Cool right. So all of this stuff will actually come out of that commitment So it’s good for you that you’re watching this and you if you want ease as a reality you can choose it but you have to demand of yourself that no matter what it takes you’re gonna have ease and once you demand that of yourself your life will get easier because That’s how that works Adaline great info. Thank you. I will watch from the start and the replay stuff is shifting. Just listening to you. That’s amazing I’m so glad and hey you guys I’ve got a couple of foundation classes coming up in North America if you guys are in North America, man I’d get your ass to one of these classes. I’ve got one happening in Toronto right after Christmas Flights are crazy cheap from the states even to Toronto If you’ve never been to Canada Come on up And I’ve got a beautiful beautiful air B&B booked in Florida that you can stay at and come to foundation with me body classes Talk to the entities intro happening at the beginning of January. So check them out Tons of other classes all around the world on the access site to access consciousness comm crystal Crawford Jayne still learning that one how to demand. Well gene. It’s like how do you stand up? You just do There’s a really great section in the advanced how to become money workbook again You can find that link on Crystal Jerry Crawford calm my favorite things The tops about demand and talks about the enthusiasm that comes with demand that hey Emma page dontel Once you make a demand the enthusiasm that comes out of that like invites the whole world to contribute to you So you can check that out in the how to become advanced having fun money work book. I really recommend that book, too So where was I? Right so today for example with this new creation So we got created it’s actualized now we need to do the second part of creation, which is getting it out in the world Today I’ve been gathering all that information and I’m I’m I’m really aware That it needs to go out in the next couple of days. So Here’s where you never want to give up your awareness of timing for anybody. Nobody’s point of view. Nobody’s information Don’t give up your awareness of timing because you know, so you’re gonna have a sense you will you just will That’s how that works Of when and I know it needs to get out in the next couple of days So with that as awareness, I’m functioning differently with this. I’m taking in a lot of stuff I’m listening to all of it and I’m just taking it going. Okay, cool. What do I need to take from this? To actualize this now What about what of this is going to contribute to this actualizing now? I’ve got all these ideas all these things that can be added. Is this required right now? Yes or no? Is this required right now? Yes or no is this required right now? Yes or no and with all of those questions Things are starting to come into fruition I mean, there’s so many things that I want to do when I launch something new I want to I want to set up a new email list and I want to do Domain and we need to get it Facebook pixel and and some of that stuff I put in place We have a Facebook page. We’ve got an Instagram because those things take minutes But you do have to stay aware of timing and don’t let all the details slow it down to ask if they’re required right now Okay, that’s really really important. And if they’re not just skip them and add them later And I think that’s kind of it literally that that whole process that I just described to you is is Constantly going on in my world all the time as I’m creating new programs and new and you know And the other I guess my final tip and then we’ll take off. Hey, Tom. Hi, Carmen is I make sure I have enough to do that I have enough going on and no I mentioned that in the middle of the show that humanoids need enough going on But I’m not kidding when you don’t have enough going on When I was a waitress, and I worked in a slow restaurant I was the worst waitress on the planet when I had a packed out restaurant and I was like running my face off and not Even sure if I was gonna survive the day I was the best server Waitstaff on the planet because I had enough to do and you got to get that about yourself Like if you do not have enough going on you will kill what you’re creating Because you need to be working on this and working on this and having this going on and starting this over here and putting out That fire and then handling this For you to work at your optimum Adda, ADHD is not a disease It’s a capability and you’ve got to get that if you don’t use yourself to your full extent you’re gonna struggle and so that’s why I’m literally that’s probably my biggest secret to creating as fast as I do is Having way too much going on too much more than I can handle so I think that’s it for today, but if you guys would share this if it contributed to you, I’d be really grateful and Check out the live classes. I’ve got going on everywhere. This is a live class year, man There’s an online program coming for entrepreneurs in the next week Creating a business even when you think you can’t online So that’s probably going to be a three month program where we start to look at Instituting all of your systems for your online stuff getting your the beginnings of your base built Supporting you in all the technical things and of course access tools So that’s coming if that’s interesting to you But check out access consciousness comm crystal Crawford and find a live class journey I’ve got two North American ones right up the top and then South Africa a more body classes into no I’ve got Mauritius is coming England into the Netherlands on and on we’re gonna add Turkey and India later in the year So lots of choices for you. I’m super grateful for you, and I will see you guys I’ll see you guys next week big love

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