You’re a student or a business person or anybody outside there who is looking for ways on how to make extra money online and you Really don’t know the way straight to go forward to do this When you look at the end so that you can finish you out making something out of it Before we get started with video, please consider subscribing and there are family codes are dropping bankers across 2020 what so gracefully shout out at the end of every single video so if fret a chance for a shower or introduced to panda notifications on a noise you got comment down below and bring this video because right now I’m out of logs in a challenge video because I’m myself and I cannot keep on waiting for like Some Peter to come so I can be able to upload a video So I just thought why that I should be doing something at least pretty cool to maintain the channel up gross So if I’d known how to the best way on how to make money online This is the right place to be and this time So I saw this opportunity other on when I was in second Eeeh, and I have been like trying to make ends meet by doing this kind of stuff and it works perfectly so I’ve seen this opportune to like to help most of the college students and University students and any other person we saw said they only want to make some extra cash online To be sure like to have like pace you’re making cash real money and it expected for your country You can be able to make it. I have a few have three sites that I do want to take you to and We using these sites you can be able to make like money like that’s a real crush with gosh so that’s how to do like yourself to have some professional view of yourself and be sure of your content and Be sure to produce the best output and at the time that is located do you – like what coin so The one side that I’ll recommend it to use by when you want to get online paint job is up work Up work is a very very cool sign that you can be able to make money online and It gives it gives It miss money at the end of Every one-time monies paid are going to the share that you are you notice them to pay you It can be how a phantom and literally every two weeks depending on how you create your profile So the up our team will consider opinion according to how you put a profit. So for example, if you’re in Kenya You’ll be paid you choose there let you choose the model or payment in which you want You can be able to choose like a van better Pay you by your ATM or pill you buy a paper So it depends on how you choose it the more of your payment So I wanted I recommend you guys to choose on a on a park let’s go fill on your status and You have profile that is and your bio what you intend to do if we want to collect translation of languages writing videos Makeups ladies yes, whatever whatever and you know, so you will get clients who really want Exactly quacks weena. So be pretty short of make. My number – I don’t want to take it through this cycle Guru is another cool side That you is still recommended for you guys. You can do to make money out of it Literally it gives you put it so far. It’s the coolest so Personally, I use guru and guru look to have like some amount of subscription fee to pay It’s just once you get into guru and create your profile you people to study get started and You’ll be able to like interact with the platform of the people. It’s like kind of beauty and Really money comes out of it You’ll be able to get more back so go check on guru as well. It’s very very much Chris. I number three Um, I want to take you through freelance freelance ex. Also I aside that Most people and especially in Kenya. I know I Remember freelancers who make a mid life of it. So Freelancing also though, it’s tasks and because you need to have like to work work work For you to have like depending on how much you want to make per hour for example for up work. I know But how are you able to make like $15? Shitting skin shakes OH So $15 per hawa I think for me is not much It’s not that much bad because of a student you don’t have money and you could be getting $15 per hawa It’s just what a living so much cool So Phil answer you will fulfill dance around you’ll be able to like have like some Subscription feed oh, but if you if you can be able to manage to get subscription fee. It’s about what? is that $49 I think so. So if you can’t able to get like to afford the fee a Subscription to get be given the platform opportunity then you’re good to go But if you don’t have any cash to get started you can be able to go on up work go so check on the three sides and you guys you’d be good to vote yet started and you can be able to make use Of your internet because I realize that most of you have internet in their homes And the best thing for you to do is if you own or subsidized and going to Instagram Pictures in facebook, which is not that much I know so you could be able to try those three sites So that you could be able to make a living out of it So anyway guys that’s it for today and go check on those sites and you


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