Quarter Dollar Value 10 Lakh Rupees ll Quarter Dollar coin sell for 14000$

Welcome to Indian coin mill. In Today’s’ Video We will Tell you about an Extremely rare Quarter dollar coin. These coins are circulated in the USA. These coins are in circulation in the USA a long time. From time to time these quarter dollar have seen many changes. As you can see different types of coins here, and these all are Quarter dollar Coins. Many types of design you can see on the coins. The quarter dollar is the same as the Indian 25 Paise coin. These coins are in circulation from a long long time. Now, these coins are made with copper Nickel but earlier these coins are made from 90% silver. Guys have you seen these coins before or have you have collected these coins already tell us in the Comment box. In today’s video, we are going to introduce you are very rare, Which have been sold for $14000 around 10 lakh Indian rupees. So watch the video till last and if you have not like the video yet click on the like button and if you have not subscribe your channel yet click on the subscribe button and press the bell icon to get notified whenever we upload any video.

80 thoughts on “Quarter Dollar Value 10 Lakh Rupees ll Quarter Dollar coin sell for 14000$

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  2. Hi mare pass ak Quarter Dollar h jiskey front me jaisa aap ney bola waisa as it is hi h or back me Georgia 1788 wisdom justice moderation 1999 E Pluribus unum h

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  4. Yes i have that money pure and exact the same i wnt to trade it but i live in the phillipines and pure pilipino

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