Private Internet Access review: is it good enough for you?

What’s up, everyone? My name is John from VPNpro. In today’s video, we’re going to take a closer look at one of the top
VPNs in the market today – Private Internet Access. Private Internet Access,
or PIA for short, is one of the most popular VPNs out there. One of the
reasons is its low price point compared to other players like NordVPN or Surfshark. But does getting a VPN at much lower price can get you as much quality?
Well, today I’ll share with you the highlights of our review of PIA. If you
want more in-depth information about PIA, make sure to check it out on I’ll include the link down in the description. Alright! Now, let’s get
started. One of the few reasons why they’re so popular is that they have
good security credentials, amazing coverage in the West, works great for
torrenting, unblocks the US Netflix library, has a privacy-friendly service and
is very cheap. But there are also a few things that keep this VPN from getting
to the number one spot. These include very few servers outside
Europe and US, which means speed would be terrible if you live outside those areas.
It also doesn’t work well in China. Additionally, there’s no live customer
support… and lastly, this VPN service is based in the US. But is it a big deal?
And should you be worried about that? Let’s dig deeper. When it comes to security, PIA offers
just enough. It provides a great level of encryption, uses secure tunneling
protocols, has a kill switch, and uses their own private DNS to avoid leaks.
That’s already a pretty good amount of security if you just want to protect
your online traffic from being intercepted. But as I’ve mentioned, PIA
is based in the US, which is one of the most problematic places to register
a VPN company. It’s part of the Five Eyes country group, has legal mechanisms in
place for enforcing copyright, and is surveillance-friendly. The good news
though is that PIA has a clear no-logging policy and so far, their track
record about this matter still looks like a clean slate. In short, PIA gives
just enough privacy for the casual user. Now, if you’re a casual user, one of the
things you’re probably more concerned about is that if this VPN can unblock
Netflix. Well, the answer is yes. But you just have to use the available servers
in the US. I tried using UK, Canada, Germany and Japan but these servers
weren’t able to unblock Netflix. PIA also works ok with KODI but we have some reservations since they don’t have apps for Android TV or Amazon fire TV. You can try but PIA is not the best choice. As for torrenting, PIA works also fine as
they don’t limit P2P traffic. Just be mindful of what you’re downloading, ok?
Now when it comes to speed, European and North American users will find PIA to
be fast enough. These speeds can load ultra HD shows from Netflix just fine,
enables fast torrenting, and also crystal-clear VOIP. Private Internet Access provides three
different pricing plans for users. It’s pretty cheap, actually, when you compare
to other top tier VPNs but they don’t offer a free trial. Although, they do have
a 7-day money-back guarantee and one subscription will enable you to use 10
simultaneous connections. Not bad! So, should you get PIA? Well, if you’re
European or North American and your goals are to torrent, stream US Netflix and protect yourself from cybercriminals, then this VPN is
for you. It’s a trustworthy tool both in terms of
security and entertainment. Otherwise, better pick something from our list of
VPN industry leaders. Check out our other videos in our website for other
recommendations. I hope this video helped you decide if Private Internet Access is
the VPN for you. And again, if you want a more in-depth look at PIA and all of
its features, make sure to click the full review linked in the description. Also,
don’t forget a thumbs-up if you liked the video. And subscribe if you loved it!
Thanks for watching.

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  1. No mention of split tunnel support, no mention of its shadow sucks and socks proxy support. A very general review without any specifics. Poor job.

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