Pawn Stars: Disney & Reagan Dollar | History

100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: Disney & Reagan Dollar | History

  1. Well first of all, it has a bule seal
    And its from 1935
    And has both signatures
    Ana that expert was famously discovered as a fraud
    So that $1 note could be worth thousands for real collectors

  2. Do you see the height of Steve Grad? No wonder he likes Jawas, he is about the size of one. Of course he is a fraud, when God deals you the 7 2 offsuit of looks, you are going to have a chip on your shoulder and exact revenge. I would say it is fair.

  3. So wait if those signatures would be on a napkin that napkin would be worth 3K aswell?…
    Its just a dirty old 1$ bill after all the note itself has not value whatsoever heigher then 1$ ofcourse.

  4. That guy never even wanted to sell it cause he knew he was gonna get a low offer, he just wanted to get it valuated and checked out by the expert

  5. Corey: "my guy said i could sell for like $3,000."
    Seller: "I think my 4300 is fair"

    seriously… why do people always walk in this shop thinking they're gonna get more than the shop can sell the item for? math, people. learn it.

  6. People come here and expect to sell there items for the exact price they want to sell it for like no its no happening

  7. Why is the R written in blue pin and then rewritten over it with black pin? Lol am I the only that noticed that haha

  8. I dont get it first they want it in its original peace. How do u have a nice crispy dollar bill in ur pocket all the time obviously that dollar bill went through history bfore it was signed. That's wat makes if value that its be around and still around after so many years

  9. I’d have just taken the 2200. I mean idk who would even buy that for that money anyway, its just a dirty dollar bill with two completely random famous people’s signature on it. Disney and Regan have no real relation to a dollar bill so it’s just a niche item

  10. Corey is dumb a silver certificate is not just a dollar and they are no longer made. They are worth around 3 to 6 dollars each not just a dollar.

  11. I can't believe the bill is just loose and not in a plastic protective sleeve. He didn't really seem like he knew much about the bill and probably paid less than 100. for it when he purchased it. Should have taken the 2200. offer and walked out.

  12. He should have taken the $2200.  He is not taking good care of it, and that's going to take a very long time to sell.  No telling what happens in an auction, then there are the auction fees, etc.  Should have taken what Corey offered. I'm surprised that Corey offered over $2000.

  13. $2200… Cory, have you lost your grip. It ain't worth that. Who cares about that those 2 being together. Now a $1 bill signed by Rick Harrison and his lover Peter Buttecrak( Dem ) would be better.

  14. ********pulls out lil ball of paper from pocket. Opens up paper and slaps it on the counter.

    "Sup, i got this like super rare dollar signed by Walt Disney and Ronald Reagan. Give me money"

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