Pawn Stars: BIG MONEY for Tibetan Buddha (Season 12) | History

100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: BIG MONEY for Tibetan Buddha (Season 12) | History

  1. The person who sell this kind of thing ,will not be long lasting….. he will go down for sure because no words to say I feel sorry for him ..

  2. Rick : let me call a friend of mine who is expert in Buddhist things.

    Moments later Dalai Lama shows up.🤣🤣🤣

  3. If its sacred, keep it, don't sell it to anyone, it will make goods for your land. If you use it for something bad, it will became a disaster

  4. IDKY I ALWAYS had this feeling every time he called in a expert, in the back he would probably tell them to say a very low price.
    Even tho there worth a lot.

  5. IDIOT. WALK AWAY and go auction it yourself and find an asian buyer who will pay you $100 000 for it. If its an authentic statue from 1750;s thats huge.

  6. I think that guys who own similar things must do a more extensive research on the price instead of just going immediately on a pawn shop

  7. Phineas may be as good a specialist as Rick has.   There is also Rebecca who is great on books, and  The Beard Of Knowledge who knows history items the best I've ever seen.  Some others are also OK, but these are the three I'm seeing on there now.

  8. “Knock Knock,”
    “Who’s there?”
    “Buddha this bread for me.”
    Proceeds to give the recipient of the joke a piece of bread and a stick of butter

  9. Why does Rick always try to come out as an expert in everything by providing history lessons about everytime that comes on the show. Am I really suppose believe that he knows a lot about Buddhism and Nepal history. I suppose he googled it the night before they appear on the show. Since it is a staged show….

  10. Avalokiteshvara was the Buddhas first disciple who attained the Dharma from him. Basically, Buddha's first student who recieved the official "transmission" of the teachings. The Buddha was a man named Siddhartha Guatama but since he renounced all worldly possessions, his family and his name, we call him The Buddha. He taught his followers who taught theirs who teach us that we all have "Buddha Nature" which is simply "Compassion"…but you have to sit and count your breath and calm your mind/body. Otherwise it's just a bunch of good "ideas". One has to practice.

  11. Maha Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra ;
    Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, doing deep Prajna Paramita Clearly saw emptiness of all the five conditions Thus completely relieving misfortune and pain. Oh Shariputra, form is no other than emptiness, Emptiness no other than from. Form is exactly emptiness, emptiness exactly form. Sensation, conception, discrimination, awareness are likewise like this. Oh Shariputra, all dharmas are forms of emptiness, not born, not destroyed, not stained, not pure. Without loss, without gain. So in emptiness there is no form. No sensation, conception, discrimination, awareness. No eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind. No color, sound, smell, taste, touch, phenomenon. No realm of sight, no realm of consciousness. No ignorance, no old age and death and no end to old age and death. No suffering, no cause of suffering. No extinguishing, no path, no wisdom and no gain. No gain and thus the bodhisattva lives Prajna Paramita with no hindrance in the mind. No hindrance therefore no fear. Far beyond deluded thoughts, this is Nirvana. All past, present and future Buddhas live Prajna Paramita and therefore attain anuttara-samyaksambodhi. Therefore know Prajna Paramita is the great mantra, the best mantra. The unsurpassable mantra. It completely clears all pain; this is the truth not a lie, so set forth the Prajna Paramita mantra. Set forth this mantra and say, Gate! Gate! Paragate! Parasamgate! Bodhi Svaha! Prajna Heart Sutra…🙏

  12. That was a Sentimental Gift from a very good friend of yours and you sold it? I would have to burn mines if anything.

  13. I don't understand people who are criticizing the guy for selling it. You guys do know that selling it would allow it to find its way into the hands of someone who would actually appreciate it, right?

  14. You are giving $ 7500 for this but in nepla no one will give more than $100 😂 how you people value such things? Its not precious you can get lots of such statue in nepal or india

  15. In a different reality this guy walks in gets the money and says it was a gift, now I’m going to use the money to help someone in need 😢

  16. I’ve got a elvis Presley’s personally used guitar , mint condition , signed by elvis, Hendrix and John Lennon. I’m taking a serious risk here but the Best I can do is a $10 Taco Bell gift card.

  17. people who worship statues like that deaf n blind, is logic there? an other proof that budda worthless n dangerous.

  18. That Buddha it the power for look like the sun god but if have that Buddha you lucky no one that be for you luck have the god some thing Buddha some it good Buddha or bad Buddha you luck have that thing power all 👍👏👏👏🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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