Our Extreme Budget ,Life with Cash

share with you today Friday on how you
can have a financial freedom life it takes just a few big steps and turn it
will turn into baby steps and you won’t believe the difference that it makes come back everyone I’m going to share
with you today about financial freedom and how you can gain it and how you can
achieve it it’s very simple but it can be profound in your life financial
freedom means about getting out of debt as much as you possibly can
so what I do is we were in debt the first thing we did is we took our
smallest debt that we had and we worked on paying that off so the smallest debt
that you had let’s say you had a debt a car loan for $3,000 put all of your
money towards that and pay off that car loan then what money you use to pay off
your car loan you in turn put that into a credit card debt debt is something
that is like a noose around your neck even the Bible talks about having debt
and how debt can be such a hard part of your life but what else can you do
let’s get finding out well everyone the first steps in financial freedom are
reducing your debt and then it’s so simple from there so it is recycle reuse
and repurpose so if you’re not going to be so if you’re going to be paying off
your debt that means you’re gonna have to have money and in order to have money
that means you have to save your penny a penny saved is a penny earned and so how
do you save your pennies even in 2019 pennies do add up so many times people
say oh it’s $5 here and it’s $2 there it does make a huge difference so I’m going
to share with you step 1 pay off your debts step 2 repurpose you’re seeing me
in my canning garage I have not been out of here a whole lot filming simply
because we’ve had a extremely hot summer but in the fall you’re gonna see me out
here a whole lot more and I’m gonna be sharing with you my canning garage as
you know I took a garage that was full of junk got rid of it and I use this
into a little outside kitchen what do we do we repurpose keep all of your jars
these are pickle jars I actually can in these if you didn’t can that’s fine
use them for other things why buy plastic containers to store your food in
at the Dollar Tree even though it’s cheap it’s still a dollar take some jars
of food that you bought save your jars what did Graham will do so what we have
to do is we have to change a train of thought a train of thought is we live in
the modern world let’s be modern but living in the modern world means that
you’re spending more so we have to train our thoughts back to the early 1900s
nineteen fifty four times when ground won’t would take her jars and she would
save them I have been known to stop along the street when I see something
out for free and I grab it I understand some of you live in communities where
you don’t see that a whole lot but here in where I live I get to see it a lot a
lot so it’s really exciting for me also don’t be afraid to put a free
advertisement in your local newspaper I’ve done that many times for garden
seeds or just in general things that I may need it is really amazing how on
Facebook hey Facebook go ahead and say what you need hey does anybody have an
extra large kettle like this candy kettle they could give or loan you would
be surprised don’t buy it new unless you have to
and when you do buy it new think about it first before you click on that button
how I bind things on the Internet can be so much fun too much fun it’s so simple
to look on something and click that button and it’s yours but then you have
to pay for it I don’t use a credit card so I don’t have a credit card to use and
so when I got out of that credit cards were bye-bye now we have one that we
keep in our safe and when we go on vacation like to the mountains or
something it would happen we do have it and use for that way but we don’t use it
for any any items that we mean so here’s my cannon garage 99% of it was things
that were given and things that I found for free and you would be surprised what
you can find is if you have the eyes and you look for it so that’s that is
suggestion number one we use repurpose and recycle no in
America people throw away over 50% of the food do they buy each week food
waste so case in point I had this zucchini and the zucchini was half of it
wasn’t very good I was going to throw the whole thing away but I cut into it
and realized the second part was perfect and fine I can make a huge dent and
paying off your debt who wouldn’t be spending so much money
on food you could take that money and roll it into your dad it circle goes
around and around really it does I know that everybody’s able to glean the kind
of food that I do and it’s been a real blessing I only found out about a couple
weeks ago but did you know a lot of people in my channel have gone to the
food pantries and food banks and asked them hey what do you do with your
leftover produce do you throw it away and I know three of you actually are
gleaning produce imagine that so it all depends on where you are and all depends
on your living situation but for me canning has been amazing
a lot of you asked me about my canning and say well to buy the jars it’s
expensive to buy the lids it’s expensive but for me it’s not and let me tell you
some tips in the beginning of my canning I went to garage sales every single
weekend now I went to garage sales that were very close to my home I don’t go
driving 20 miles away also I had a note and I would give it out to everyone I
knew that garage sale and I said if you can find jars for this price could you
get them for me I’ve been very blessed I’ve had
different occasions where my son in law’s mom found jars for me and that was
a blessing also found a lot of jars for free Craigslist in places like that you
have to be very careful but you can find things I also reuse jars which a lot of
people don’t do but I reuse jars that I find at the grocery store my thrift
store has jars very reasonably priced and every once in a while they have
off sale I clean out what they have I’m still getting jars and using jars to
this day because I’m able once a month to glean large quantities of food I am
able to can that so I’m always getting jars my food isn’t just hoarding from me
we live off of my food plus I give it to my children
and I had my food here if someone would need it my food is something that I
cherish canning I enjoy it it brings back the memories of Grandma fanny and
so canning has been a big thing for me also tractor supply in our area has
other canning supplies 50% off at the end of the season some people in
Oklahoma told me that their Walmart also has jars and lids on sale in fact a dear
friend of mine told me she got lids for a dollar a box when they were on
clearance sale you just have to really look and when you find it
you got to buy a lot of it about a year of lids that I always keep stored up you
know it’s all about what is your priority in life and so if mine is food
and mine is saving food and now I won’t have to go to the grocery store at all
hmm now I just got to find a way to get some milk but this is one way that I
have really had gained financial freedom and that is gleaning food and growing my
own food back in 2007 we were over $300,000 in debt and I share with you in
practical ways in over a thousand videos how we got out of debt and how we had
financial freedom but the key is to learn by your mistakes by your mistakes
in other words you don’t make the same mistakes twice
and we haven’t we don’t use the credit card and we don’t buy things that we
can’t afford and we don’t buy much of anything and I would be honest with you
it is a sacrifice you have to change your mindset it was very hard for me the
first month was almost impossible the second month I got a little better the
third month was a little bit better and then if
fourth month it got really bad again and to wean yourself off of the modern way
of thinking oh it’s old and it’s yucky get a new one but soon it becomes your
lifestyle and you’re never too old to learn these things you know maybe you’re
not in debt but you’re 65 years and older and you’re realizing that your
money it’s not going very far a lot of my people that watch my videos
are 65 years in order and living on Social Security but living on Social
Security means that you go without I understand that younger than you all but
I do understand that and living on Social Security sometimes people have to
choose between their medicine and the food and I want to share with you ways
coming up how you can live an abundant life on Social Security not the hype of
Social Security where people just talk about it in order to try to gain views
but real living off the Social Security you know there’s so many people out here
on the YouTube land that I live off the Social Security but yet they live a very
very extravagant lifestyle I’m talking about the people who live off of Social
Security that niven older older homes people that don’t have anything extra
and that’s my that is my burden and that is my passion is to reach out to those
people because I know what it is like even though I didn’t live off of Social
Security I lived off of no money no money whatsoever I’m living off of no
money whatsoever I live very cheap because that is a choice that I decided
to make and that is a lifestyle I just decided to make but also I’m living this
lifestyle I am able to relate to all of you and and through that that is what my
passion of my channel is it’s sharing with you an abundant life on nothing
nothing not abundant in life want fancy cars or abundant light on big houses or
going out to eat at fancy restaurants it’s having abundant life or nothing you
know it seems like it’s a play of words doesn’t it now to have abundant life you
would think it would be you would have abundance of
things but it’s not true at all in fact the good old days were not good at all
but they were good old days because it was in the heart the good old days they
struggled a lot of people talk about how they struggled and it wasn’t good then I
understand that their struggle was severe and they don’t like when I say
about the struggling being good and being abundant it’s a mindset it’s a
mindset which I am trying to share with you struggling is not fun it doesn’t
it’s not fun you know when I see people my age or I see friends or I see you
know my relations that have nice things and and and can do all these things it’s
not easy but does that bring happiness true happiness yes money can help you
money can make your life easier but in turn making your life easier do
you become more softer do you not hear the pleas of others where is the empathy
that is one of the things so many times when people have an abundance of riches
an abundance of things that the material world offers they like it in their heart
empathy for others they can drive down the street and see someone and say well
they’re there because they chose to be there their life chose them there but
where is the empathy where is the evidence and
we’ve all makes mistakes in her life but do we learn from those mistakes that’s
the key or do we keep making them over and over again and so I can’t wait to
keep showing you live an abundant life or nothing and you know what in turn it
looks like you’re pretty rich if you ask me I’m rich in love I’m Richard friends
I’m rich in family and I’m rich because I learned to live a contented life and
you learned it as well take everyone and let me know in the
comments below suggestions you make on getting out of
debt and living a contented life with financial freedom and not just financial
freedom but freedom in your spirit as well bye everybody

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  1. Hey Tessie!
    I am beginning to follow Dave Ramsey's plan to get out of debt. The first baby step is to save up $1,000 in an emergency fund and that's where I am at the moment. πŸ’‘πŸ’΅πŸ’°πŸ’‘

    This first step that you're talking about is called snowballing debt. β˜ƒοΈ It's really Step 2 of Dave Ramsey's baby steps. He recommends that you have an emergency fund of $1,000 before you start that. πŸ’΅

    I guess it's up to everyone how they want to do it since that worked for you so wonderfully well. Thank you for sharing all of these ideas and helping those of us who are serious about getting our financial house in order. πŸ’°

    God bless. πŸ™

    Love you.πŸ’œ

  2. This is such a great video Tessie, one of your best ever! So much so that I've watched it twice so far! Grandma Fannie would be so proud of you luv! πŸ™‚ Remember to take your rings off your canning jars so that your lids will give you a clue if anything goes off. I just love your channel so much and you are such an inspiration to so many of us! God's blessing to you and wishing you a safe and peaceful and wonderful holiday weekend.

  3. I love bacon dripping dressing over spinach or leaf lettuce. How long can I keep my bacon grease in a coffee cup on top of my stove? We eat bacon about once a month. Is 3 months too long?

  4. I save money by bringing my own lunch to work every day. I will not buy any clothes this fall. I have organized my clothes, and the only thing I need for winter is some leather boots. No impulse shopping. The credit card stays at home. I buy used for my house and dog supplies, like collars. I try to think about it twice before any purchase I make.

  5. Great video. I grew up with nothing, but didn't know it. I remember my Mom buying .50 cent shoes at Woolworths and plastic curtains at another discount store. That was in the City and in the summer I was at my grandparents' farm in PA. I had friends, family, food and clothes (though sometimes hand me downs). In later years, I had lots of "stuff" ….new cars, a house, collectibles, a good job, and it's only now I'm finding contentment in paying off debt and cutting costs. I'm trying to figure out why gratitude and contentment are so hard for us to embrace. I now live in a development with an HOA, can't dry clothes outside, etc. Wish I was back on the farm πŸ™‚

  6. John 10:10 – The thief commeth not, but for to steal, and to kill and to destroy: I am (JESUS) come that they might have life and and that they might have it more abundantly. When you started using the word abundantly, HIS word came to mind. Debt steals, and destroys. Being content with whatsoever JESUS gives you, true contentment! (sometimes easier said than done! Oh, that flesh)! Blessings Tessie!

  7. This video is right on. Living simply is living an abundant life. Money is not the key to happiness. Keep on spreading the love Tessie!

  8. Very smart. πŸ‘ I love all of your ideas.
    I live more simple than most of my relatives, they think I’m weird. πŸ€ͺ

  9. Good afternoon Tessie! Chris and I were in depth of 25,000.00so we payed it off and chose not ever to do that again! We ate simple dinners did not step into a store and after 3 years we paid it all off! It felt so good! So now I’m trying to live even simpler! I like it! It’s fun! No more credit cards for us! Have a great day!… Ra

  10. Hi Tessie! I’ve been eliminating all the plastic in our home so now I’ve been looking for the glass jars! I found some at the dollar store and I’ve been saving jelly jars! And no! Not canning yet!

  11. Tessie—-my wife and I have set up a program…right now we are debt free except for my house….we are saving my wifes Soc. Sec. and living off my Soc. Sec. and Pension….we dont do much but hang out with my kids and grandkids….and also we have many friends from church that we do stuff with that doesnt cost much

  12. With my 31 Days of Low No spend this past month I've learned so much about not running out and buying things all the time, and had such a shift in thinking, I'm amazed. My goal is to pay off some debt, and even though I have a lower retirement income, the desire to bolster my savings for financial peace. It's the reason I named my channel what I did. You can truly have an Abundant life on a lower income. It's not all about money!

  13. Our sole income comes from Social Security. We do have debt, which we are slowly pecking away at. Our greatest expense comes in the form of rent and utilities. Our car is old and paid for and, thank the Lord, still running. Your entire video is spot on! The most poignant truth comes near the end when you say you are content. A lack of contentment, in my opinion, is the single most significant reason people buy things they don't really need. I suppose pride also plays a powerful role in determining our choices. Certainly being humble protects us from the drive to 'keep up with the Joneses". I find tremendous contentment in our life now. Far more than I did when we toiled away 40+ hours a week. We had tons of 'stuff'…now I see we willingly wore the chains of bondage to those things. What a cost!

  14. Tessie my dear sister, I live in a small town where in order to get anything have to travel 24 miles. We have a couple of small stores in nearby stores, but they are pricey. Jus today I discussed credit card debt and we are ready to work on it. But if one is not willing to do their share it won’t work. We will try. Wish me luck. It won’t happen over night.

  15. We also live a low-budget but happy life. Things we want are saved for, I'm completely satisfied shopping rummage sales, thrift stores and dollar stores. I haven't started canning yet, am enjoying learning about it with your videos. πŸ™‚

  16. Willingness to do what is needed to obtain what you are seeking is a very important step in self sufficiency. Several years ago I was given 200 canning jars with a catch. I had to carry them up from an old damp cellar and empty the food that had been canned in the 1970's. It was a lot of work that took several weeks to finish. But now I have beautiful heavy duty vintage jars that I will use for many years. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.πŸ™‚

  17. being content is a peaceful way to be that is for sure….learning skills is way important and teaching those skills to others even more important. Yard sales and free items are what help us to live on our sm budgets. Your thrifting each week helps to show others that perfectly good and helpful items are out there for pennies on the dollar when I find a good thrift I say see Tessie what I found I know you cannot hear me but I do say it. We don't have much money but we can manage and that is a priceless skill.

  18. I save all my jars and steel cans. I use them for everything. The plastic I save and melt down to make other things to reuse. I am debt free and have no credit cards. I don't believe in them. Save for what you want and pay cash always. Gleaning is always good. I walk the corn fields after harvest to glean the leftover corn and stalks to put in my compost and feed to the deer and birds during the winter months. All my canning supplies were passed down so I don't need to buy. I've lived on less than 600 a month and I work full-time so it's doable. I have no phone plan. I only have water, light and truck insurance bill.

  19. Tessie, I tried to grow some tomato plants and they just got tall and skinny, maybe 1 or 2 little dried up green tomatoes. Next spring, please do a video on planting tomatoes. I don't have a garden. No garden tiller. I planted them close to the house. I am kind of disheartened. .

  20. Thanks for the good ideas! A hint to share: I never learned canning, but I did buy canning lids–I use them for baking. If you want to make cupcakes, use the canning lid rings (stand them like they would be on a jar) and put a cupcake paper foil liner in them on a cookie sheet. The ring holds them up–and you can do many of them at once (not just 12 at a time as in a muffin tin) and stores much easier than a big clunky pan. Thanks for the inspiration . πŸ™‚

  21. You have such a beautiful mindset Tessie, and I am so glad to have found you here to remind me how to be happy and contented again. Thank you my friend πŸ™‚

  22. One huge benefit of thrift shopping is that you can purchase QUALITY items that last. Most of today's new items are chinese junk and break within a couple of years.

  23. EXCELLENT video! I wish I had the mindset twenty years ago…but better late than never I guess lol

    You are an inspiration πŸ™‚

  24. It gets our creative side flowing thinking of ways to save and repurpose. It is definitely a mindset and once you have that, you really can get excited about being as debt free as possible. My husband fixes things too which really helps. He takes his lunch to work and it usually is leftovers. You know the thing is even though we are careful and spend less, we are able to help others. We are not stingy and selfish. Just like you said that you give to your children and others.

  25. I just love watching your videos. You are so down to earth and you offer such loving, practical advice. I always learn additional ways to save money. You talk honestly about what it takes to get out of debt and it encourages me to keep plugging away at it. You speak from the heart and I believe that God speaks through you. I feel happier, more contented and optimistic after watching your shows. So thank you!

  26. Beautiful video! I share this compassion and empathy along with you and others everyday! God bless you Tess! I love watching your videos and the inspiration in each one of them.

  27. Love this! Being content can do so much. Spiritual contentment spills out and affects our physical contentment. Great video, Tessie. πŸ™‚

  28. Wow tessie I didn’t realize you were in that much debt!you have done wonderful!that was a lot of hard work!People pay attention to her!i live same as youπŸ™‚

  29. GREAT VIDEO!!! I used to think my grandparents were "cheap". They didn't throw away hardly anything. They burned their trash, they saved all of their plastics, glass, and even broken things. I never understood that until I got older, and life smacked us upside the head. Now I also save things and recycle, repurpose, etc. You would be surprised at how much you can barter also. I used to barter for fresh farm eggs with an elderly gentleman by baking him fresh bread every time. He loved it because he got homemade food items, and all he had to do was give me eggs. Where there is a will there is a way :). Love this video.

  30. I just love you Tussie, you are so pure on spirit and understand the struggle, I wish you had an e mail would love to talk to you hugs and blessings πŸ˜‡πŸ™β€

  31. After watching your videos, now I save my jars . I really like it. My sons friend sent me 12 old glass miracle whip jars, are they ok to hot bath tomato juice?

  32. Be careful with cloth items. They can harbor bedbugs. They are worst then roaches. A friend's husband gave me about thirty canning jars in the Spring. Canning has helped me become frugual.

    I love Amazon. You can buy used books cheaper then bookstores sometimes. I try not to use a credit card. I usually use my bank account.

  33. I'm spending the day catching up on your videos awesome video very good information thank you for sharing my friend πŸ’• πŸ’•πŸ’• πŸ’•πŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘

  34. The National Association of Zucchini farmers need to hire you as their spokes person. You could sell zucchini to anyone with that taste test. I'm sold.πŸ₯’Great review!

  35. I enjoy many vlogs run by very nice and knowledgeable people, but this site is the only one where I feel like I’m friends with my fellow watchers. I don’t β€œknow” a single soul here but finding like minded people is the reason I think! Tessie you are a comfort! Many thanks!

  36. You can get milk usually when you access the food pantry. Or maybe learn to make friends with a dairy farmer maybe you can barter some of your canning in exchange for milk πŸ˜‰

  37. Also you can make non dairy milks from things like oats, rice, nuts like almonds and cashew, things you probably have.

  38. I save all my jars, too, but have trouble getting the odor out of the tops (like the Aldi saurkraut one you show with the blue and white top.) Any tips?

  39. I wanted some nice ornaments, went outside and found some beautiful stripey looking rocks — perfect for bookends. I also evaluate my clothes every season — I won't buy for this winter, except for long johns — Canadian winters, eh? Repair clothes, hang it up, don't put it in the dryer unless necessary. Don't eat out.

    Just had a really nice vacation I saved up my airmiles for awhile — spent about half of what I normally would have.

    Our local pioneer village costs $18.00 per visit, I bought a year's unlimited membership for $48.00.

    Use restraint at the grocery story — we have saved about $50.00 / trip.

  40. The pasta in the background. Will it keep long like that? You should try to jar it and suck the air out to see if lasts even longer.

  41. You inspire me in many ways. We have paid off $24,000 in debt in the past year or so still have a long way to go but we're getting there. It's not easy at all but listening to you keeps me motivated. We are working now on our credit cards we have left we got set back last month with a water heater than bit the dust over $2000 to replace it. Then right behind it the dryer died, again had to replace it ( I do hang laundry outside but it's a necessity for us to have one) then a burst pipe in the water lines in our basement ouch $700 but we keep doing what we are doing being frugal. Although I am a housewife I do bring in a little money cat sitting which helps some. I am canning everything and being creative in replacing things I use to buy at the store.. Thank You Tess and all the other you tubers I've been following. No more buying salsa, no more buying chocolate syrup for ice cream, I'm slowly learning how to make all my own things and less dependent on the stores. Thank you for helping us all. Anna In Ohio.

  42. Tessie, how do you learn and purchase essential oils? Please show how to make homemade health & beauty items. Thanks.

  43. I really am attracted to the way you live, I find happiness in my old furniture and my house is comfortable, it is paid for, but what is weird, by today's standard I don't feal like I need to update and remodel all the time. I enjoy my simple life not running around from store to store always shopping. My question is where do you gleen food??

  44. I buy huge cans of evaporated milk in huge cans $12.98 at Smart & Final-I keep it in the freezer in 8oz containersβ€οΈπŸŽ„

  45. Tessie you have some amazing pictures you should do a calendar . Home made of course. Your life thru the months . What a wonderful gift .

  46. Tessie, I absolutely LOVE your channel! You are so wise beyond your years! Your message in this video about living an abundant life is not about "things".

  47. We have been debt free since 1996. To start we paid off our cars. Have not paid interest on cars because we save money over 4 years for another used car we pay cash for. then start saving again. Have not paid interest on my credit card because I pay in fill when the bill comes in. We are both retired. No mortgage, car loans or credit card debt. We do have living expenses, but can pay because we live under our means and always have during our 30 year marriage. We don't have the best, we got what we need and no debt!

  48. I’m rich too Tessie! I’m a millionaire , my father owns it all. ( thru -God) even the poorest of poor can be a millionaire! I could never be wealthy down here on earth,there’s to many needs of others.

  49. Your so right…so many people on SS have to make decisions on food or meds…they can’t afford both…your giving great advice!πŸ’–πŸ’–

  50. I am a little concerned about changes coming my way. I have found that having a lot of things becomes stuff. "What am I going to do with all this stuff?" I lived in cabins in the mountains for 7 years. I got by by the skin of my teeth. But I got by. I have a debit card but I have never owned a credit card and I am scared of falling in debt. I make mistakes. It is said that it is a wise man who learns from his mistakes, but it is an even wiser man who learns from someone else's mistakes. I have certainly made my share of mistakes.

  51. We have no debt but our mortgage. We have the basics covered each month, vehicles paid, I just ordered seeds and am making my garden as frugally as I can. Going to try the back to Eden approach. We live in a minimalistic style, and I have a set amount of clothes and shoes for work. Very little at home clothing, a few special pieces for occasions. I try to purchase things that make the best Earth sense…glass containers, paper, anything that can have triple use. Otherwise, we don't buy it. Quality over quantity for me. We have all of our basics covered very nicely. We save my whole paycheck and live off of hubby's, which is actually smaller than mine. I am doing a $50 grocery challenge (family of 3) in January, using what I have in my freezer and pantry. Christmas, I asked Santa for canning jars. πŸ’• we live extremely simple and love it. I work in the education sector and educators are notorious for being frugal. Internet is the best resource for how to do something or find something. I get great ideas and we share resources. Building my pantry 1 can, 1 box, 1 jar at a time. I just did 6 loads of laundry today and I have clothes and bedding drying everywhere. No one understands that I don't want 6 jackets and 40 pairs of shoes, we eat simple but healthy meals, and even travel a bit. It's all about choices.

  52. Hello Tessie, thank you for posting this. I am trying to get out of debt, it is a small debt but my income is very small and I am unable to work yet not getting disability. Your videos are SUCH a blessing to me and so many others, I see! Thank you! I have been struggling with depression over my situation and watching your videos helps me feel a bit better about things.

  53. I love your videos,Tessie, this one in particular. You may or may not know this, but you have a natural talent for motivational speaking! Keep up the good work. You will never know how many people you have and will someday help. It’s a gift and your positive attitude is infectious. I’m hoping you start a plague of positivity!! We need it so much!

  54. Great video and great tips! I am a believer of not having debt so I don't have any. I am going to start to live more frugally…I am on social security…and I fear one day it will be no more. Thanks for sharing what you know!

  55. I love this video….I would also add that you are rich in spirit and in God's mercy…you are such a blessing Tessie.πŸ’œ

  56. My daughter in law works at our local food bank. All of their "bad" fruit and vegetables go to some pig farmers. So, that's another way to reuse. My mom loved canning. Any jar that had a lid with a popper seal, she used for canning. I wish I had paid more attention when I was living at home.

  57. Hi Tessie I am a new comer to your channel. I am loving your videos. My husband and I just sold big house and moved in a rental that we have had for years. It is now paid off and we are debt free. No mortgage or credit card debt. My husband retires in February and our income will go down by 60%. We are looking forward to retirement and living debt free. I am learning so much from you and how to save money on expenses. Thanks so much for your videos.

  58. I just love your channel!Im 61years old and am in Dept over my head I work in the lunchroom and just live on 1'000 a month it's really hard to make ends meet

  59. Tessie I have been enjoying your videos so much since I found you. I love your demeanor, and you have helped me re-realize some of my core values. I have been a bit too spendy, and I am working hard to clear a little debt. Thankfully, I am not in as bad a shape as you were when you first started out. I long to get back to a simpler lifestyle and I am going to be making some big changes over the next few years. I am looking forward to more of your canning/food preservation videos. I have a lot of things for food storage, but not really using them enough. PS I watch all of your ads even if they take 10 minutes my friend, I want you to have all the adsense revenue you deserve!

  60. I have seen people with money they don't have no food in the house all there money is going to house boat cars credit card bills I'm so HAPPY we have a comfortable life

  61. I have jars galore but buying the lids isn't fun. The cheapest I can find Ball wide mouth lids is at Rural King and it is $2.99 for 12 wide mouth lids and $1.99 for 12 regular mouth lids. That means 25 cents a wide mouth lid and 16 cents a regular mouth lid. The issue is that I get produce for 49 cents a can at Aldi's. So that means the max I can save over Aldi's is 35 cents per can. So, it costs $6 for a flat of 12 cans at Aldi's and (since I have the jars already) it costs me $2 or $3 in lids to can that same amount. As a result, I'd say can in quarts so you are getting twice the product taken care of for that jar lid.

  62. My husband and I talk all the time how it doesn’t matter how much money you earn, but how you spend/save what you earn. We have learned the true contentment that comes from living a simple life. It has afforded us so many opportunities we would not otherwise have had.

  63. Ah, I'm visiting tonight! Have to have some Tessie motivation.πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–I think I'll binge watch for a while with my tea.

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