My Mom Bought Me My First Girl

Hi! I’m Eddie and I’m 17. I never had any friends, and when I finally
got one, she turned my life in a total mess, so much so that I don’t even speak with
my mom anymore. Here’s a thing – because of my dad’s
job, our family had to move a lot. Because of that, I was homeschooled, but my
mom forced me to participate in various sports or with other kids in skill networks. And unlike my parents, I always hated getting
acquainted with new people. I used to think, why would I do that at all,
if in the next few months or a year at most, we’ll be moving again and I’ll have to
meet someone else. So once, my mom brought me to a computer class,
and there I didn’t have to engage with anybody but a machine, and I loved that, so it has
sorta become my passion. Gradually I mastered new skills in computer
graphics and began to enjoy drawing my own comics. My mom often got mad me for “sitting in
front of the screen all the time,” and she invented different stuff to keep me from doing
it. For example, once she invited our neighbors
to our house, and they had a son who was my age, and she kinda forced me to socialize
with that guy. So, I was sitting at the computer, and he
appeared to be fond of sports (well, actually it was the only thing he could talk about). At some point, he started saying that computer
guys were weak nerds, and I told him that athletes were stupid, so we began arguing
and I got really furious to the point that when he was leaving my room, I pushed him
as hard as I could and he rolled head over heels downstairs. It’s needless to say, that after this incident,
our neighbors did not even say hello to us. When I turned 15, my dad switched to another
position in his job so that we would no longer have to move all the time. We settled in a small town, and for some strange
reason, my parents decided that it’d be better for me to go to school like everybody
else. Everything was new and strange, and as soon
as everybody found out that I used to be a homeschooled computer nerd, they behaved as
if I was cursed. Some of them played nasty tricks on me, like,
putting glue onto my locked lock, or painting my chair so that I ruined my jeans. Apparently, my mom was hoping that since I
started school, I’d immediately have lots of friends, and when this didn’t happen,
she kinda got worried. And that really began bothering me. Once, for example, she said that she wanted
to buy me new clothes, but when she finally managed to lure me out of the house, it turned
out that instead of the mall, she took me to a psychiatrist. This literally outraged me to the core. I stayed silent during the whole session,
and all the way back home, mom kept putting me down for that. Mom didn’t get discouraged either and began
to arrange parties at our house, where she invited mostly couples with children and literally
forced me to go hang out to them. But, as soon as they figured out that I didn’t
even have any social network accounts, they started thinking that I was weird or something. It was to my advantage, ‘cause I could freely
go to my room and do my favorite thing – draw comics. By that time, by the way, I had made enough
money to print out several of my works at printing house. And on the very day that I was carrying my
freshly printed work home, I ran into her – Leah. Everything fell out of my hands, and she dropped
her handbag and all of its contents scattered across the sidewalk. Feeling awkward, I began to apologize and
started helping her collect everything, but suddenly I noticed that she had taken one
of my books and began to study it carefully. For a minute or two, I just looked at her,
and on the one hand, I felt indignant at the fact that she just took it so boldly, but
on the other hand, she was the first to see it, and I was wondering what would happen
next. She showed a vivid interest in my comics and
made a few comments, and we started walking together and arguing over it, so that I didn’t
even notice how we had suddenly appeared standing near my house. From that day on, we began meeting at cafes
and sometimes at my house and working together on comics. It turned out that she also used to change
cities and schools, and her parents resembled mine a lot. I was 16 back then, and she was already 18
and it was probably because of that age difference that it was so interesting for me to hang
out with her. It turned out that there was some sort of
a computer graphics club in the town and she not only took me there, but also joined it
with me, even though she wasn’t that into it herself. Gradually I began feeling a romantic attraction
towards Leah and was ready for anything with her. And at some point, she began taking advantage
of it. For example, once I found out that she really
wanted to go to the beach. It was pretty far from where we lived and
there was no chance of getting there without a car. I knew that my parents would never allow me
to go that far on my own, so, I lied to my mom and said that I needed to take her car
to help a friend of mine move. She was so happy that I (supposedly) began
to have lots of friends, that she agreed. But when Leah and I were in the car on our
way, she started begging me to teach her to drive. Of course, I wanted to make her happy, but
then something went wrong, she got distracted, hit a tree, and damaged the front part of
the car. I couldn’t tell my parents the truth, so
I had to say that I was driving and they grounded me for this. There were also a few cases when Leah complained
about not having any money, and I was willing to help her. So, I gave her all my pocket money, that my
mom and dad gave me, and once or twice, I even secretly took my dad’s cash from his
pocket when he had some. He was so surprised to find out about the
loss, but, of course, I pretended that I knew nothing about it. I was just so proud of myself for being able
to help the girl that I liked. But then, I kinda screwed things up, when
I finally decided to show Leah how I felt about her. One day we were sitting in my room trying
to come up with a new comic book idea. At one moment, she bent so low over the table
to draw something, that her hair touched my cheek. But as soon as I tried to kiss her, she immediately
bounced back a couple of feet. We stared at each other for a couple of seconds,
but it felt like eternity had passed. I started saying how sorry I was and promised
that I’d never do anything like that again, but Leah cut me short and said that it was
actually her who was sorry for what she was about to tell me. And that’s when I found out that my mom
had literally bought her for me. She paid Leah the day we met each other, to
make her be my friend. And she even promised to up the payment if
she succeeded in becoming my friend. Leah’s eyes were full of tears. She begged me to forgive her and kept saying
something else, like, that she really enjoyed my company and other stuff like that, but
I didn’t want to listen to her. I didn’t believe her anymore. I guess it’s needless to say that I immediately
kicked her out of my room. I locked myself in there and didn’t respond
to any suggestions from my mom to go out. She understood nothing, so I realized that
Leah told her nothing. I felt that my whole world had just come crashing
down. At first, all I could do was lie on my bed,
trying to get rid of all the memories of my friend. And then my eyes wandered over to my shelf
with my comics, or rather, on that part of it where my work was stored, and the ones
that Leah and I had managed to come up with together. And then I did what I will probably regret
for the rest of my life. I destroyed each and every one of them. From that day on, I deliberately tried to
not even look at my mom, and of course, I was not going to discuss with her what had
happened. I just kept silent. At first, that made her furious; then, she
got desperate and started begging me to explain everything. Then she and my dad even took my computer
out of my room as a punishment and promised to send me to a special camp for screwed-up
kids, but even this didn’t help. While my parents were freaking out around
me, I just kept lying on my bed staring at the ceiling. Two weeks passed, when one morning I went
down to the kitchen to have breakfast and saw Leah drinking coffee and waiting for me. I had no intentions of talking to her, but
something inside me didn’t let me leave the kitchen. She said that she used to date one guy, but
that he had gotten into a lot of trouble. In order to help him, she took all the money
that her mom had at home. But he went to jail anyway, and Leah was afraid
that her mom would find everything out, so she decided to try to earn that money herself
as fast as she could. By a stroke of luck, her aunt, who was one
of my mom’s friends, told her about my mom’s problems with me, and Leah had the idea that
she could become my friend for money. But the more we hung out together, the more
she liked me. And when I tried to kiss her, she understood
that she had to be honest with me. I know that this may sound awkward to many
of you, but during that period, when we weren’t socializing with each other, I missed Leah
a lot, and I doubted that I could ever find someone else to become so close with. So, I kinda decided to give her one more chance. By the way, we agreed to not tell my mom that
I was already aware of her vicious plan, so that she’d continue paying Leah for her friendship
with me for a few more months. She still had a couple of hundred dollars
to earn, and I still have no intention of talking to my mom.

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  1. I think this guy is missing the lesson of his story. The girl was paid to like him, so she made him feel comfortable. He felt comfortable, so he started to just be himself. And then the girl started to like him anyway. so he pretty much just learned the most important lesson which is "just be comfortable and be yourself".

  2. Anybody notice the boy in the green shirt in the beginning from the other story about the big girl getting bullied for dating the popular boy?

  3. And than parents are shocked their children are psychopaths, first you isolated them, next make them feel bad about themselves, next force them to " socialize" and be angry about it, next buy them friends AND bingo psychopathy on line, oh I forget tell them how screwed they are …… some people need to be castrated.

  4. Maybe he would have socialised with the computer geeks. I can understand why his parents wanted him to socialise they just didn't want him to get victimized by anyone.

  5. Sees him holding lighter in His hand



    Can some of y'all related to this with me plz so I anit lonely 😅😅

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