My husband made me a chokora, used the money I sent from abroad on another woman – Nancy | Tuko TV

I had vomited on myself he picks me at the door, removes my blouse and tells me to stop drinking alcohol because of stress he was working as a tout, he was the one feeding us the guy started saying that I was now hopeless because I was dumped by my husband from abroad so they branded me a chokoraa sometimes I just wish God could change my life and at that time you have done so much work the ladies in the house would order you to wash their under garments some even with soaked sanitary pads asking them to buy me flour, vegetables I even had rent arrears the tout who only knows how to beg had vomited on myself he picks me from the door and removes my blouse he tells me to stop drinking because daddy was stressing me or because I did not have money he was working as a tout and feeding us you get the same guy burning the boxes and you just ask him why he is that mean to set money ablaze at the time you were walking around collecting these materials they said I was now hopeless because my husband from abroad had dumped me they branded me a chokoraa I used to dress smartly initially, some said I had gone mad those who knew me even doubted that I was the one because now I was walking around with sacks I used to collect up to 4 sacks and I would tie them around my shoulders they were so heavy but I would still manage he paid KSh 15,000 because he used to see how I was struggling with those sacks on daily basis he approached me and told me how he appreciates my hard work he asked me where I normally get the cart that he sometimes sees me with, I told me I hire it I told him at times I am unable to hire it because of lack of money he just bought me the cart there and then How is life now and what of the children? I have been collecting these cartons selling and earning a living from them I don’t sell them on daily basis, I collect them for a certain period of time then when they are weighed I am able to fetch some good money for food How long have you collected this batch? Just yesterday so yesterday and today? not really, I still haven’t collected today It takes hard work, at times I am able to get 3 full sacks a day I used to say my daughter is now a street kid when she started giving me money to buy food that’s when I got to appreciate her job I thanked God because she was able to fend for her kids and providing for their needs She has gone through so much, people have called her all sorts of names because she was carrying sacks even dogs have attacked her at the pits I would just encourage her to keep it up and never to give up she has inspired so many people mostly ladies I owe so many people a lot of money I haven’t paid rent for almost a year He said everything on earth and in heaven belongs to Him I have asked Him severally never to allow me to be locked out of my house he has allowed me pay rent in installments what do you think of people who say women cannot do such a job? some men have bullied me saying that this job belongs to them and that I should keep off I brush them off and tell them that I don’t depend on anyone for my needs my children depend on me there are times I even lack money to buy flour but I would find flour within the garbage I collect the flour and commit it before God I would then prepare a meal and eat with my children I even collect salt, sugar and other food items from this garbage we just pray for it and eat these are my people, I grew up with them they have held my hand, they know the challenges I go through I know of people who hate me too but I keep saying nobody can stop God’s blessings when time has come great! that’s the spirit I cannot complain about life God has blessed me with strength but there are challenges there’s a time I was bitten on my back by a street dog one rabies injection costs KSh 2,000- KSh 3,000 Somehow I managed and went back to my normal duties my son got an accident and broke his arm I have experienced so many challenges but God has been my pillar of hope carrying a phone she will pretend to be making a call just to assume you some would say bad things like I have gone mad I haven’t snatched anybody’s husband I keep asking God to change my life I experience chest pains but you love your job What keeps you going? I always ask God I want to be a role model to many and to make people appreciate life some of us get the urge to work because of the motivation we get to see from others people tend to appreciate the good results this is such a tough job I never thought I could even manage but just seeing how she pulls this cart full of different items daily, I am really challenged what she has here today is so little, sometimes she fills the cart to the brim and manages it any type of job is a good job because at the end of the day we earn from it I want to empower the youth and even get to a point where I can offer them employment I want to own a pick up where I will be transporting this stuffs I want to change my life, to see my last born in school and my eldest son working I wish I could get a well wisher to help me out God wants to see all His children rich there are tins and metals we call this place Kwa Munga this is where I bring all the items I have collected, they are sorted out, weighed then I get paid you spoke about forgiveness, why did you forgive him? the Bible says there’s a blessing in forgiveness you will live with the guilt for the rest of your life forgive and let God fight your battles people should stop begging the government to help every other time you can make it without the government I don’t know what would have happened should I have waited for the government to help me I thank God because he has given me hands even though I have been bitten severally by dogs but my hands are still intact What message do you have for your husband Even when someone hurts you, forgive them and let it go thanks for giving us a warm welcome

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  1. These lady is a wife material…Every challenges she is going through has a testimony to tell..very much inspired by her story.

  2. May God Bless the work of her hands,what a hard working mom! May our good Lord open more doors and may you never lack IJN. You will surely rise again!

  3. This lady's attitude is amazing. Very positive, wa! Nancy imagine your rain of blessings is gazing at you. This God you serve is a faithful God, ave seen him work in my life and I can tell you He's about to do a new thing in your life. We're told as God's word says, a "cry is for the night but joy comes in the morning". And am so sure, your morning is hear..may God bless you and your kids in abundance, thanks for sharing… Shalom.

  4. I'm sorry for all those go through pain and turned to something they never wished for only in the name of love and marriage me being a victim
    But have learned to stay alone and raise my kids alone and never trusting a man for love or marriage these people 99.99% are not real humans

  5. This all boils down to our government. It does NOTHING to help it's own people being mistreated in foreign countries. They rub shoulders with foreign dignitaries but fail to address such issues. The government officials here fail to understand that when one disrespects your brother or sister, they have also disrespected you indirectly.

  6. I felt her pain and involuntarily cried. Yaani tears just rolled down listening to her story. .and her success story has just started.

  7. Waoh.. She's so positive.. God bless her .. That hubby of yours will know no peace..saitaan ya mtu…saudia mateso urudi Kenya mateso…waaah .Mungu akupiganie empress

  8. the day we stop depending on 'God' to come down and change your life is the day people realise they themselves are sleeping gods

  9. How i like the way she is expressing hetself!! wow! how good and happy she is apart from the situation she is going through, how she looks smar in her dressing and short hair!!! May Alimihty God hear her prayers and change her life.

  10. Nancy,respect. Wish some kenyans were as hardworking as u….ppl start from nothing, rich ppl can turn to nothing,ur perspective in life is what matters. GOD is taking u places love

  11. Some people remain gratitude despite what life throws at them. I pray to God to be like that. This is a true example of an inspirational woman. May God bless you.

  12. May God open away for you,I feel like crying,am sure every kid would wish to have a mom like u ,am proud of u mama,don't worry God is seeing everything which you are going through and patience pays…..,love you big

  13. Life cab b hard but our gods r here with us. Sometimes if u c wat people go thru, u just thank the gods for ur life. No matter how small.

  14. She is taking care of the planet/ environment, it will honor her. May God bless the work of your hands, may He restore you, and give you the desires of your heart. Amen!)

  15. I Love the lady's faith when you put your trust in GOD humble yourself before GOD. ..indeed you will stand before men no matter. The obstacles … You are blessed woman and indeed God will expand your territory

  16. Never give to a man….his ego gets bruised. All a woman needs to do is learn a skill to take care of herself in case the man is no longer around. When he is around, let him pay for EVERYTHING! That’s my advise.

  17. Tuko with Lynn she said she got 3K after selling the books, Upclose with Betty Kyallo she said she got 2K. Sasa, which is which. Anyway, whatever she got, we thank God for It and God will one day change her story.

  18. God avenge for this lady in your righteousness on the ex for what he has done to this lady and his own kids.Wherever he is,God is watching and one day God will make all things beautiful.Now let me look for this lady- cant sleep on this and watch a fellow woman like myself a mother knowing my kids are well cared for and she has to go through this just to provide for her kids, i respect her and hope doors open here on.Now let me reach out to her and try sharing this hoping her life turns around for the better.

  19. i just called her and actually sad thay people are moved enough to type comments on here but do absolutely nothing to help.change her life like what good is there (james 2:16), today its her tomorrow is you and you and you and you , kenyans big on words but actions not that much , guys leave corruption to the pathetic government but the people are warm and loving now lets be moved to dig into.our pockets, if each person sesnds just a 1000kshs to Nancy Achieng, 0721 327 483- it can give her a good head start and she wouldnt have to do such a physical job at her age and as a mother to feed her family and have energy to be there for the family not physically drained.please guys i started already others join, all to the glory of God-lets be the hands and feet of Christ we were all called to be.(Give and it shall be given unto you,good measures pressed down, shaken and running over)do it as unto Christ.

  20. I know her and have always wanted to talk to her when I meet with her pulling the cart but I have never and I am very proud of her.The mum is my friend.Nancy keep up.

  21. Wenye wako na cartoons
    Na chupa ' hata kama hauna pesa
    Hizo Cartoons ndiyo tegemeo lake
    Just send her to them number iko kwa screen

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  23. Ever notice TBN and Daystar never talks about the mistreatment of Africans in these nations? Hum… biblical Israel is molested by the pagans and Christians look the other way

  24. Saudia Arabia is a evil place the way the treata Africans pains me in my heart!! I will always be grateful to my sister for bringing me to america. I thank God everyday for my life… this story open my eyes

  25. Waaahh may GOD bless you Abundantly……kitu inanibamba ni eti haongei vibaya kuhusu mme wake
    Halafu Lynn you also doing a good job,,,, you're so empathetic to your interviewees, big up you too

  26. My big siz ua kesho is better than 2day.Ua redeemer hardworking aki what a great lady r u ohh God bless this lady change her life and her name from chokora to blessed lady i pray amen

  27. Since i moved out of the country i decided to do away with the so called relationship and marriages,men are just abanch of trush mcheeeeew🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. I thought I cld not complete cos of the tears flowing ……may God bless the work of her hands….take her to another level where she feels relaxed…ts so hard darling….but God will never let u down……..never insult someone….u are not able to change her life to your expectation. why monk her…..ts inhuman

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