model is getting morbidly obese for money

this model is watching what she eats [Music] okay here we go again what’s up my dudes welcome back I hope you have a great day well I sure had before I found this video in Barcroft TV channel and so are her fans 22 year old Katelyn Finley it’s an online supersize sensation who specializes in a fetish known as feeding well I’ve talked a lot about body image in the past couple of videos and well I see a parent who loved to hear me rant about how you should love yourself the way you are I thought about why not go back to some good old body shaming I can eat three meat lover pizzas for double cheeseburgers order to have fries a leader to of soda and two to three milkshakes normally sitting well god them she says that like it’s a flex like it’s something good about the fact that you’re eating yourself to death also how do you come up with that year of calling yourself a model I mean I already despise to go to call themselves small if they have an Instagram following but that is taking this to a whole nother level first of all you’re not a model they’re just a cam girl you might argue with me but that is a huge difference and I really don’t judge cam girls what they do to get money hell if you want to show your groups online to make a living you do you fam Who am I to judge I too am baring my dignity right now as you can see but the niche she isn’t dudes getting horny all over the fact that she is eating a ton of junk food that is absolute insanity this is more like a reality freak show than anything else and she’s got an unlikely ally when it comes to making it big her mum my favorite ones this one her stance it’s like look at me I’m big I’m beautiful I got the boobs I got the butt and the belly it makes me smile when I see the photographs I think she’s beautiful and I love it she does a great job well yeah she does a great job being morbidly obese huh and you must be quite a proud mom aren’t you hell yeah she’s really good at what she’s doing eating herself to death well the mom is just as insane as the daughter is who in their right mind would support their child to get more with Leo beasts for some creeps on the internet can jack off to her while she stuffs her face with junk food well congratulations you get the mother of the Year award stupid idiot Kaitlin wasn’t always so comfortable in her own skin as a child she was bullied for being big I would be pushed down the stairs I had food thrown at me they would go out of their way to write like fat pigs my desk before I came in desperate to fit in Kaitlin went on a crash diet and kept the Bulge at bay for more than a year but she still wasn’t happy I actually felt worse when I was thinner because I felt like I had betrayed myself in myself I’m a big person and being thin I felt like I was faking Who I am to fit in and it didn’t feel right well there you have a psychological background you know that she was a bit chunky and then got bullied in school so therefore she developed the eating disorder but the worst point about all of that that she was thinner at some point but she didn’t like it because apparently being fat is part of her personality her excuse me what why in the hell is your personality dependent and you being fat can you explain that a little bit further to me – guess I’m confused how how in the hell is being morbidly obese your most important personality trait I just don’t get it well to me that just sounds like some weird form of 40 dysmorphia it’s out of that or she’s just coming up with some random excuse then she stumbled on a group of morbidly obese women who caught themselves super-sized big beautiful women or SS bbws for sure Oh God there you have it folks if she already is delusional and her fragile little persona is confused on what to be all the genius from social justice warrior or some pro obesity activists that claims to be all about body positivity but that’s both we all know that now Kaitlynn or calico bombshell was she’s known to her legion of fans will gorge on up to 10,000 calories in one sitting oh my god dude of 10,000 calories in one sitting just for a scale the average human needs 2,000 calories a day just to maintain his way it’s 10001 cilia’s insanity I mean I am a pretty skinny guy and I need 10,000 calories a week just to maintain my weight and eating all that in one sitting and still claiming that you’re healthy is absolute delusional nonsense Kaitlyn was worried about what her conservative parents would think of her career choice but her mom has become her biggest fan and even acts as her photographer her mother and and I feel that’s what I should do she loves it so and I love her so that makes it all worth it and excuse me that makes it all worth it killing your child with morbid obesity is somehow worth it because she can pay the rent now her mother and and I feel that’s what I should do know what you in fact should do is stop her from eating herself to death and no way shape or form you should support that are you insane I mean the mother is already fat herself and I’m not gonna lie I think the mother is only supporting her daughter because the daughter is paying rent so the mother can sit around and just be a fat couch potato and do nothing while the daughter is trading her mental health and her physical health for some money wow that’s just disgusting her friends are all so supportive I think it’s she’s being a role model for girls who are plus-sized and showing everybody that you don’t have to fit in a size zero just to be awesome you don’t have to fit in a size zero yeah that’s the usual crap something morbidly obese would say and although what goddamn triggers me is if morbidly obese people say they’re plus-sized or curvy no you fat you’re not curvy and you’re not plus-sized don’t frickin mix that up you’re morbidly obese and claiming that she is a role model I hope frickin not that she is a role model I hope that actual plus-size girls are not stupid enough to look up to her because she is killing herself for some money she gets from pervs online so yeah she’s anything but a role model and matter of fact the only point this girl makes this yeah you don’t have to be anorexic to look good yeah to thin is discussing but morbidly obese is just as disgusting Kaitlyn who’s a dress size 24 and has a whopping BMI of 80 has a message to people who think she’s killing herself oh really hair she out with it I’m super curious to see what you have to say I say you haven’t seen my doctor I have perfect health I just went yesterday my blood pressures actually athletic perfection oh really we can’t judge your health because we haven’t spoken to your doctor and your health is an athletic perfection state huh is it though because to me it looks like you’re having trouble getting upstairs earlier and if your doctor actually tells you that that is okay it may be the time to search for another doctor because your current one is helping you and your mother to kill you so yeah that was her poor comeback at the people who claiming that she’s dying well no she fell I have not spoken to a doctor and I’m bold enough to say it I probably don’t need to talk to him in the first place I don’t need a medical expert to say that you’re in a better health state [Music] for now Caitlyn has set herself a target a fitting 500 pounds by the time she’s thirty when she’ll have a BMI of over 100 my long-term goal is to be as big as as physically possible without being bed bound I mean I can’t take her serious anymore she wants to be as big as possible without being bed bound and still claims to be healthy oh heck dude you get before serious is she trolling she must be it can’t seriously claim that and you just want to go on and gain wait till you’re 30 well I have a tip for you because you might think that this is an easy task I mean you eat 10,000 calories in one sitting but no that’s not the point eating so much that you actually gain weight it’s not the challenging part about your goals the real challenge with your life aspirations is not to die before you’re 30 heart failure crushed organs diabetes heart attack that’s all you’ve chosen for your future because you are so delusional that you think you’re okay and you don’t even need enemies in your life if you have a mother and friends that help you be your own worst enemy and killing yourself [Music]

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  1. YES!! Camgirl is exactly what she is, especially because of how little she wears, and the avenue which she chooses to use to broadcast herself. I always thought its supposed to be that others decide you are a model first, and then you can say you are. You can bet nobody decided to call her one except the guys with the weird fetish that is! I am an overweight person but only as an adult due to a weird neurological condition, so I feel this gives me the right to say all this is, is a slow form of suicide for her, and others are participating in it because of their own issues. But thats my opinion of course. But as long as she is insecure about herself she will find a circle of brainwashed idiots to encourage her to continue doing this until she dies. But eating 10k calories in a week?! It takes me DAYS to do that. I am telling you man, this is just slow, socially approved suicide, nothing else.

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