what is up skysesquad welcome back to my channel so today We are going to be talking about how cute my cat is yeah Just kidding we’re not we’re not gonna do that I’m sorry you got a head on over to my vlog channel to see that I bought a Bunch of slimes from which if you guys know no wishes it’s okay? Because I didn’t know what it was either until I went on the website And then I saw it’s basically kind of like So I spent $1 on mostly slimes like legit $1 keep in mind. You still have to pay for shipping You’re not on Amazon. This is not Amazon Prime This is wish so there’s still shipping so each one comes out to about like five dollars. They still get you. They’re also Shipping takes extremely long. I want to say I ordered these about before I tore my ACL I think late November. I ordered all of these slimes and it took about a month to get here, so Keep that in mind. You still are paying roughly around $1 for slime though We’re going to be reviewing this slime Seeing how good the slime is and then of course as you see this giant bowls in front of me We are going to be making a giant wish slime smoothie now Don’t get triggered. I ordered slime Not putty But if I end up getting putty in my slime I will be triggered I will best believe so we are going to start off and just open them up it feels like There’s two slimes in here. I’m excited Okay, so let’s open these slimes up So this slime has nice little phloem balls in it and It absolutely feels like a clay slime I happen to like clay slimes Has this like weird holee first slimes can’t complain Okay, so here is this slime and it comes with a miniscule amount of borax Which is interesting because I think that store-bought slime Wouldn’t need borax does that mean that people in China are over there? Having huge slime shops that they sell on wish Okay this containers awkward to get slime out of Like it literally feels great I am very surprised It absolutely feels like store-bought slime though Not bad though I Smells like PVC powder Not not a bad little slime not gonna Not gonna sugarcoat now the trick is getting it back into the container Okay whoever has the job putting this slime into the container it must have a really funny job Good in there Alright I was not expecting that Even though this is saran wrap or you know sealed there is a little leakage those moisture in here This one has like weird green on the side of it Alright, I’m a little nervous to open these ones up but All right this part is weird I think it needs to be mixed up a little bit. I think the contents of this slime Through shipping, so this is another very clay like slime It’s very clay like Hopefully this is not a theme of wish slime. I can’t say it’s bad. It is good slime. Oh My gosh, this smells like weird chemicals. It kind of smells like ski boots All right aesthetic achieved. Oh my gosh this looks so weird that’s just like the green. Let me see ooh That is weird Again, this scent is radiating off of this. It does not somehow good It smells like plastic. It’s weird liquid in the bottom, ooh My hand stink this one again comes with borax powder interesting And this is a four Different slam combo okay, so here is must love This alright, it’s a little jiggly slam Very transparent poke ability Not as good as homemade slime overall not bad. I would say this is a pretty average slime Okay this comes with a little card and this does new happy slime There English on this is great I love that how to do when it is sticky hand slime dry only need to add water rubbing rub back You can add water and knead when it becomes dry that’s good English, then it will be recovered You also can add shaving bubble or hand sanitizer Shower gel to knead I am again actually worried that this is Someones slime shop. I hope they don’t have like a slime factory where they make kids make this slime. That would be absolutely sad horrible horrible Okay, so this looks like floam All right, so I Actually am enjoying this floam This is a great floam I am really happy with this floam 10 out of 10 all right looks like we have some clear slime here All right It is actually a little sticky oh oh No, oh, no, I’m gonna panic get off my hands get off my hands, okay, if you move quick. It doesn’t stick overall not bad this is actually this feels like real slime like real homemade slime, I’m A little shocked. I hope they’re not making this by hand Oh God. Oh gosh. . Oh god. It’s sticking everywhere oh no, oh No It feels like honey. I feel like I got honey all over my hand. I need to use that borax. We have Multicolored clay slime again. It looks like watermelon though all right, so This is exactly what I ordered All right well I like this one Next all right, so it looks like I ordered two of the same kinds Interesting and then I have this cool candy cane one and then there’s a rainbow one so let’s start off by opening up the rainbow Again these containers are so awkward to get the slime out of aesthetically pleasing 90s colors I like it this slime did a good job. Holding up the colors through transportation. I will give it that Not bad It’s another little clay slime, but I think it looks really pretty though it’s like good sherbert ice cream Oh, it’s making me hungry all right, so I’m pretty sure all these are gonna be about the same Just diferent colors. Hey, we got the big daddy. Oh my gosh legit le – git. Oh my gosh Mik cool soda sunkist sparkling fanta 10 outta 10 I don’t even care what these slimes feel like the aesthetic of the packaging makes me love them the most These are so cool looking so cool come on Fanta. Oh my gosh this makes me want soda. I’m pretty sad about this This is the worst slime so far. Do you see it just breaking? This is like this is like the worst store-bought slime Not happy. I’ll warm it up. Uh-uh. It’s breaking off into tiny pieces That is lame. It even smells like store bought line because it is store bought slime, man! I don’t know if I can say these are my favorite anymore I might Disappointed di – sappointed and I got it fricken stuck to my finger back in your container oh my gosh, it’s throwing jelly everywhere Got a little egg slime just got some floam beads for some reason and we have an emoji casualty So um I’m not sure why and I’m pretty sure i didn’t order just Beads but um okay, I’ll still put that in my smoothie not a big deal egg slime OOOH! That is pretty and it’s actually good slime. Oh my gosh. I was expecting putty I like this 10 out of 10 , 10 out of 10, this is great great Oh, and it’s it’s more of that horrible horrible store-bought slime All right, we got four more packages to go another emoji one. I feel like this one’s gonna suck to you Oh Absolutely right absolutely right, but there’s glitter in this one, so it’s it’s alright It’s not completely sucky. It’s alright This kind of slime Jiggly slime Alright, let’s rate this jiggly slime. Is it good jiggly slime oh That is pretty They always get me with the cool colors Ok I’m breaking apart is going to go back together. It’s not as good as the mad mater jiggly slime Alright for what it is. It’s pretty the aesthetic is there so this is like a nice little change up another clay slime here This one. I like the colors. It’s a very summery reminds me of watermelons lemonade fresh-cut grass Alright last but not least this is our last package So yeah, I don’t need to touch this one. It’s just another awkward bottle actually. I will touch it, Alright guys, so here is all of our slimes, and now we’re going to make it into A giant beautiful slime smoothie so are you ready if you are ready hit that like button!! with your big toe and then comment Comment wait I can’t see what’s under this We happy slime comment that in the comment section down below alright So now it’s time to make our slime smoothie So I’m just going to oh my god be adding all of this slime into my slime smoothie Alright Cue the time-lapse Alright guys, so here is my slime smoothie Before I mix it and I have to say this is probably one of the more aesthetically pleasing Slime smoothies that I’ve seen or made Underneath looks pretty cool as well It’s so pretty Alright, so I guess. I’m just gonna dump this out on my table And then I will mix it all up together And we’ll see what it looks like when I’m done hold on though. I forgot to add the floam beads. Let me do that These little plastic neds that are polluting our oceans Maybe I should have did that after I Dumped it on my table ok, maybe we won’t be dumping out my table. Let me just flip it brace Alright, I’ll dump it on my table now. Oh my oh WOW!! WOW!! I Love slime smoothies so much because they always make me so satisfied That looks so nice Oh my gosh, I love this slime smoothie. It’s the best one yet Oh my gosh, it’s like surprises in every Flip that is so pretty this looks like art. I wish I could just like hang this up on my wall alright skyesesquad, so I’m pretty sure that’s as good as it gets I hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to hit that like button and also if you’re not subscribed Hit that subscribe button that way you never miss another video like this one. love you guys I’ll see you guys in my next video. Bye


  1. I know this is Randy Bordelon butmy real name is Parker I am seven years old I love your videos so much and I was actually looking at wish.com today I love all the time so I put it on my Christmas list especially the ducky one that was adorable😮

  2. When i go to the store i always buy 3 small tubs of putty and mix them together and then put soap into it and it actually feels like slime you make at home!

  3. 2:18 I don't understand how she got all that and had that idea from a tiny bit of borax in a bag coming from a store bought slime 😂

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