21 thoughts on “Massachusetts ‘sanctuary cities’ concerned about potential loss of grant money

  1. Good, As a Latino who was born in this country (City of Boston) from parents who came here legally, when my grandparents migrated to this country, I support this. you should follow the immigration laws and come here through the proper channels. Illegal aliens are ruining it for the rest of us that come here legally. liberals are always playing the victim.

    Tump's not against immigration, it's illegal immigration he's against. any politician who swore an oath to this county should stand against it. and if they don't they are a traitor to this nation.

  2. Sanctuary cities are hideouts for illegal aliens. A condition of a federal grant should always be that the state does not undermine federal law.

  3. By the the looks of it, the only people opposed are those in power who have something to gain from allowing aliens to rob it's citizens. What illegals do for us: drive emergency care services up, meds up, insurances up, property value diminished, take jobs that kids should be taking, demand changes to policy, demand rights at the expense of citizen rights, and so much more, they are a financial burden – I see no benefit except for a few business owners who should be punished as well. The rest of the country hopes you'll learn your lesson.

  4. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Cut off fundings and let these sanctuary cities feed their own illegals.

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