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Hey, John Crestani here. Now, I’m going to
be showing you how you can use a site that has 37 million artists on there. And
you can message them and sell them products and make money without placing
any ads, without requiring any software, without requiring any product, without
having to do any consulting or sales or any of that jazz. I’m going to show you a
really simple method on my computer how you can get started in affiliate
marketing. And start earning your first commissions. This works anywhere in the
world. This works no matter what age you are. In fact, at the very end of this
video, I’m going to give you a special bonus which is templates to do exactly what
I’m showing you how to do in this video. So, that you can literally copy paste.
Although my most successful students, they modify the script that I give them.
So, let’s get on my computer here. Okay. So, here we are on a website called And this is a smaller site. 37 million people that’s
roughly the population of Spain or Italy right there. All artists, okay? So, all
artists and you can talk to them message them and sell them products. Now, I’m
going to show you how you can do this in just a second here. But this is the site
that we’re going to be working with. And as you see, there’s a lot of really cool art
and graphics and… Well, this one’s kind of… This one’s kind of
funny. But a lot of cool stuff, I actually have bought quite a bit of art from this
site that I hang around my house. I’ll be showing you how you can make up to 100 to 500 dollars per day doing this method. This is really
easy. Freaking easy. So, please put this into
effect. Again, you don’t have to have a product. You don’t have to do any
consulting. You don’t have to offer them any agency services where you have to
support them. You’re not going to be fielding any of that stuff. You’re just
going to be doing affiliate marketing and offering them products they already
want. To start, we need to join a few affiliate networks to find products or
to get links to promote. Now, I suggest there
links down in the description. And the affiliate networks that I’m… That I
recommend for this is a couple, okay? And I recommend you join all. I’m going to be
using the last one as the example here, though. ShareASale. ShareASale is a very
large affiliate network with a lot of major brands, lands and and all these… All
these really famous big brands that you can sell products from. There’s
art supply companies in there, etc. So, grateful. Affiliate network right there.
Next one is the click funnels affiliate program. And what I like about this one
is they give you recurring commissions. Almost all of their products on their
network allow you to get recurring commissions. And if you get a hundred
customers, you end up getting a dream car. And 100 customers, just to give you
an idea that’s when you reach $4,000 a month. So, when you
reach the level of making $4,000 a month which means you get 100 customers. Which you’re making about $40 per month per customer. Then
you actually they’ll pay your car for you for free. So, it’s kind of like a cool
bonus there. You get.. You get both.. Basically like get a full-time income
and you’re getting a free car on top of that. So, really cool stuff. And you get
access to go to their events with free tickets to their events. Which I’ve gone
to. They’re amazing. Next one is MaxWeb. It’s a fast growing Affiliate
Network focused on digital products. I’ve used them. Another one is digi
stores. So, digi store is a very international affiliate network. They
just expanded to the US. They have tons of products on their platform. It’s run
by some guy in a man bun. Let me show you this guy. It’s run by this
guy, Sven. They’re based out of Germany. They’re the biggest affiliate network in
Germany and they’re fast doing a Panzer tank blitzkrieg of the American
affiliate marketing scene. I don’t know if that’s like not politically correct or something. By the way, if you care about political correctness on this
channel, please unsubscribe. You’re not wanted here.
Next is Clickbank. So, Clickbank is the network that I’m going to be going over
and using in our examples. So, once you’ve signed up for all of these networks or
specifically Clickbank, you want to go to the affiliate marketplace and you
just going to go down to the e-business and emarketing category right there. We’re
going to get our links. So, get a link for this program –super affiliate system
right there. This is my product. So, we are 50/50 partners. You get a sale, I give you
50%, I get 50%. So, you get 500, I get 500. You will go in here.
You’ll create a link. You’ll take your link. You’ll copy it you’ll throw it into
bitly. I’m zooming through this. Please let me know in the comments if it helps.
Showing how to do get your affiliate links all over again or if you just are
tired of seeing me show you how to get affiliate links. But we’re going to paste
our affiliate link in there right there. And shorten it, copy it. And now we have
our affiliate link, okay? For reference, I put the links right here so that we have
our long link from clickbank and we have our short link from bitly. I
just open up a notepad and keep my stuff handy for when I need to use it because
we’ll need to come back and use our link a little bit later. Okay. So now, we go to and you’ll need to sign in to deviantART and you can
sign in right there or join. If you haven’t joined, it’s a free
site. All of this is free by the way. There’s nothing that requires any money.
You can do this no matter what age or no matter what country you are based. And
now, for some people like… I think like Pakistanis and like North
Koreans and Zimbabweans, you can’t join Clickbank, right? But you can join
another affiliate network. One of those others that will allow you to get money.
So, I already joined. So, I’m just going to sign in. Largest art community in the
world. I don’t know if you saw that. But it’s a really cool stuff here. And
and in fact, I actually spend hours looking through art. One thing you
may not know about me is I actually grew up in West LA around Santa
Monica, around the entertainment scene. So, basically all of the people that lived
around me were somehow involved, all the parents were in the music industry or
the film industry or the TV industry or they were artists. So,
the community I grew up around, you know, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, etc was very
artistic. And I went to a middle school in high school that was focused on the
arts. It was called Crossroads. And a lot of people that went there were artists.
And throughout you know high school, I always took art classes. They required it
every semester. And I focused in on film. I also did pottery. I liked working
with my hands. I was never good at drawing. But I always had an interest in
art and I had a lot of friends involved in art. So, it’s been kind of a part
of my life. I really enjoy art. I enjoy music and I enjoy film. And
kind of… It’s just kind of ironic. I never believed I was going to get into
anything film related outside of a high school or college because the industry
was collapsing when I was growing up. It was actually very hard. It was hard for
my family. It was hard for a number of other families in the high school I grew
up with because I was in high school. And college in the time that Napster came
about. And just destroyed the kind of the music industry’s business
model. Also around that same time, reality TV shows came about. They took down and
they just cut down a lot of the TV industry and a lot of the people working
in TV. And a lot of TV shows also moved to different cities like
Vancouver or Atlanta or Austin. While I was growing up and a lot of dads were
left without jobs. Or they were left with less work because a lot of the work is
based on if their shows because it’s.. You’ll work
for 4 months or 3 months on the show then you’ll take a month or 2 off
and then you work a couple months on the show. So, I grew up and I saw this
instability in the industry and you know, it freaked me out honestly. And you know,
it may have even created this drive in me to you know make money. Because there
was so much instability around me and I never believed I would be doing
anything involved with film because you know, I had decided I was going to run an
internet business because that was where the
money was. Those where the growth was. That was where the business models were.
But ironically enough, I’m back on YouTube and I’m talking about artists.
But this time we’re selling them and I’m going to show you how you can make some
money from them. So, let’s get into this. Okay, now how we’re going to go about this
is we’re going to open up a lot of images here. So, I’m just going to use ctrl click or
you can go do open in new tab right there. So, ctrl click is a kind of a short
key to open up a lot of new tabs whenever you click. So, I’m just going to do
ctrl-click, ctrl-click, ctrl-click, ctrl- click, ctrl-click. And you can go can add
as many things as you want. Again, I’m just using this an example to show you.
This will be a lot faster when you do it on your own. So, here we are and we see
that this is a photo. It’s been viewed you know 42 times today for instance. We
can do a few things here. So, we can actually message all of these people. So,
you see super snappers, okay? And we can mouse over them and send them a note,
okay? Or send them a message. Now, I could also click on their profile. Click send
note here, okay? And it will appear in their inbox. Now, if… This user has been
posting images lately, it means they use the site a lot. And what’s great is when
we send them a note, there’s a few things that happen: one, is they will get a
message on deviantart. Two, is that they will get a message on their mobile phone
if they’re using the app. And three, is that they will get a message via email.
So, we get a three ways to contact this person. And they’re going to check our
message because they’re using the site. All we need to know now is what to write
to them to get them to buy something. We want to offer them something that can be
useful to them. Now, in this case, we’re offering them my marketing program which
teaches you how to start an online business using affiliate marketing. Okay?
It’s my 6-week course which takes people from beginner to expert in
affiliate marketing. And this is great for people
like artists or creatives or photographers, graphic designers,
website designers because they have the creative skills to really utilize this
business model and create you know, good ads and what-have-you to be super
successful. So, we’re going to message them and we’re going to give them an opportunity
to make extra money. And most artists don’t make a lot of money. It’s kind of
sad. Some of the most creative people don’t have an outlet to really make a
lot of money from their creativity. We’re going to help them out and we’re going to
give them that opportunity. You see, I brought up a file right here
which has a number of free traffic methods listed in it. Now, if you want to
go into each of these free traffic methods, you can actually check out I’ll
have a playlist linked somewhere around here that you can check out other free
traffic methods. Make sure you go through this first and take action. And if you
are committed to taking action, type in “Give me that art money” or type in “Give
me that money, John”. However you want to say it. But give me that money and set
that intention. Because the more you set the intention, the more you keep your eye
on the ball and focus, you are going to get it and you are going to become
successful. So, here we are in the message template. And what we’re gonna send them
is we’re actually going to go to my template file right here. And you’ll see
a bunch of free traffic methods. You can go through all of these after this video
and after you implement this. And if you are committed to implementing this, type
in, “I’m in” in the comments below because I want to see you’re ready and raring to
go. We have a lot of money methods here. And people, these all freaking work. I want
you to make money because if you make money, I make money. We both make money
in it. You know, we’re just happier people, right? We get to do cooler things.
Let’s click on deviantart right here. And then you’ll get down to the templates
which says the headline and the message template. And we’ll copy the headline
which says, “Hey” and then we will copy this message template. And it’s just an
example. Again, keep in mind, a lot of people watch the my videos. 10,000 people
or so. If you are sending the same message as everybody else… And first off,
all of my students combined cannot talk to 37
million people, okay? Nobody’s going to send out that many
messages. So, the market is completely unsaturated. Nobody’s doing this. Nobody’s
learning this. You got to hop on this as soon as possible. But that being said, you
should test new messages and use different bitly links to track your
different messages. I’m not going to go too deep into that because we have only a
little bit of time here today. And nobody’s interested in learning about
optimization or split testing. Trust me, I’ve released videos. I’ve delisted them
because nobody likes them. But check it out. So, I post my thing any there. Subject
“Hey”. “Hey, I love your art especially that autumn photos you posted.” So, notice I
have misspellings in here. Notice I am not using proper grammar punctuation. Why?
Can anybody guess why? The reason is and try to think of a guess. Why am I not
using proper grammar or punctuation or spelling, okay? Take a guess for 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The reason is, is because normal people do not use normal
grammar spelling or punctuation. So, would you rather be talking to a normal person
or a robot, right? Or a marketer? Even worse. A lot of marketers use proper
grammar spelling punctuation. A lot of robots use proper spelling, grammar,
punctuation. Normal people do not use proper grammar spelling punctuation. So,
you want to come across a normal person because you are a normal person. And
every a real product to offer people. So, we replaced what’s in that thing. And now
we see, it says link right here. So again, we are going to replace the word link with
our actual links. And I’m going to copy it. And I’m just going to remove this and paste
it in. Now, we’ve got our message and we’ve got our thing. And all we have to
do is we have to go right here and click send. And boom! You get fast at this. And
you start moving along, okay? Right? Because you can do this all day long.
Send note. Then I do, “Hey”. And then we… Just showing you how
fast this can go. Go boom! Boom! Especially the last bird
one. Then we replace our link with the link. And we are on a roll. See? So, we’re
going. And you can send out maybe about 200 of these an hour just to give you an
idea. 200 of these an hour. That’s about 200 link clicks per hour. And keep
in mind these messages are showing up 3 places for them. Email, phone
notification and on deviant art itself. So, you’re sending out… You’re just, you’re
sending out basically 600 messages per hour. And the more you can send out, the
more money you can make because you’re offering these people, these starving
artists, these poor starving artists away to make money online. But keep in mind,
most starving artists actually have some money. Most starving artists come from
like you know, “alright” families. That’s how they can afford to do art
and learn all it and go to art school. So, they have money, they just don’t have
much of an income. So, send out all those messages. Go through it. A little bonus
method is you can post the links in the comments itself. You can use some of my
standard message templates up here. Use whatever message templates you want. This
blessing is all yours. Now, this isn’t a very well written one. You can probably
do better than this. But this is a message that works. And we can post it in
the comments. Boom! So, we got our links out there. You saw two ways to get out
your links. You can get out 600 links an hour with this method. You can make a lot
of money. Again, with Clickbank, you’ll be making 500 dollars when you get your
first sale. And man, is it sweet? It is the most amazing thing when you first see
that first Commission gets sent to your Clickbank account. And you will see those
Clickbank commissions show up right here in your daily sales snapshot right when
you log in to Clickbank. You can learn more about if you’re getting
clicks and whatnot by searching and reporting.
And they will either mail you a check or they will wire transfer money to your
bank account. But either way, it’s an amazing feeling when you get that first
commission. But what you have to do is you have to be focused and you have to
keep posting links. And there may be obstacles. If there is a message limit on
devianart, let me know in the comments. If you come across a message limit and
share with the rest of the community. I’m trying to build a community here. We can
all help each other. Maybe deviantART or only allows you to
send out 50 messages an hour or 500 messages a day. Let others know in the
comments so that we can all help each other grow our incomes with affiliate
marketing. Now, I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you succeed and
make a lot of money. But what you need to do is you need to be serious. If you’re
watching this video on a mobile phone, more than likely, you’re not doing
anything, okay? You’re not going to do anything. So, don’t be one of those people.
And if you are one of those people, please unsubscribe. These videos are not
for entertainment purposes. These videos are for making money. Look forward to
seeing you in future videos. Check out my other playlists, free traffic methods.
Make sure you like subscribe and comment. And also hit the notification bell if
you want to be notified of when my next videos are released.
Talk to you soon, have a good day.

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