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  1. Sup man. Noob here. Had some questions:

    -Which platform are you using here?
    -How much money did you use in this video? You used 500 shares often, like how much is that in dollars for example. Are you using big stacks?
    -Do you care what market you choose to make money? Or are you only looking at past charts and volume, etc?

    I hope i dont ask too much, thanks in advance!

  2. Hey Clay love ur videos! Keep it going, you definitely deserve more subscribers but keep pushing and you will. Can't wait to get the $25,000 next week and become part of the community. Do you set alerts every day of the stocks you believe will be good for that day for the group?

  3. Hey clay Ive bought your online course a month ago and you told me I’d get rich but Im not seeing any results yet. How long should I wait?

  4. Hey , nice trading clay. can you elaborate on how you made the transition to trading these bigger sizes recently? I noticed you scaled up a lot comparing it to the videos you posted like a year ago

  5. Great video! What about using only $500 to start out? I see you obviously used about 40K to trade with. Im curious to know how to use what little I have to start out with is all. Thank you!

  6. I think it's better to do a, "medium" when deciding whether to pull out or hope for further growth. What I do in those scenarios is to pull half my stocks out and keep the other half in. If it goes down, the existing revenue should cover my potential loss, therefore a safe profit.

  7. 10:30 1500 * 3 * 27,5 = 123 750…..
    u made 2500$….., that's 2% of investment. For competent day trader anything below 5% is considered below average.
    Anyway congrats on profit.

  8. Good job clay ..iam amazed how people want things for free then get mad when they dont get the correct response..

  9. $2,500 in 5 minutes but why is this video at 15mins long!? Just jokes! Love your Live Day Trading Videos and learning more and more. Keep them coming.

  10. I have a question. When you trade in this video, i dont see the commission you pay per share/trade. When do you need to pay those costs? Great video btw!

  11. but everywhere i read on the google..says day traders do not make money..So is this fake? or is the Google inaccurate

  12. Wait, how much money did you initially have in your trading account because there is no way I can afford 500 shares that are $35 dollars?

  13. I think I watched every live trading video. $5500 has to be the record high. Congrats you earned it and deserve it 💰💰💰💰💰

  14. This is exactly the type of "strike gold" , "get rich quick!" videos that are totally misleading and misguiding newcomers to investing. Guys like this need to be sent to Mars on a one way trip.

  15. Hi Clay …. i am watching your videos since last week.

    It helped me learn basics of stock market, you have a lot of videos on your channel
    it will require long time to watch all the videos.

    can you suggest me some course that i can attend here in dubai and start trading in dubai's stock exchange. i want learn each and everything about the stock exchange. thanks

  16. scalping these micro moves is tough business, my hat’s off to anyone who can do it consistently enough to stay green.

  17. For those that are brand new to this, it might look relatively easy to do what he’s doing. Some may be watching and say hey he’s making a few hundred or thousand a day, that’s just fantastic, let me quit my job and go open up an etrade account and I can do this too. Stop ✋. No, no you can’t. This takes a lot of time and practice to learn and then implement with a live trading account risking real money. Just for comparison, it’s like saying hey this guy owns a good restaurant and is doing very well, I’m gonna go open a restaurant with no knowledge, no experience, and very little capital and make big money too. You will lose your shirt, your pants, and probably your underwear too. Don’t do it.

    – Learn before you can earn.
    – Trading is a business, not a personal gambling machine. You want gambling? Go to Vegas.

  18. Watching level 2 after market opening is like watching the Matrix when the numbers drop down the screen like a waterfall. I can’t read it at all.

  19. I mean I knew you said it was going to happen but I still couldn’t stop laughing.
    Clay: Yeah, so I’m just going to go ahead and end it here guys!
    fast cut to next scene
    Clay: I got an order in at 24.25…

  20. just discovered your live day trading vids – great content, mainly watch Ross, Ricky and shall be watching yours from now on

  21. What software do you use to scan for stocks? And what do you look for when making the trades in all your live videos?

  22. Do u do technical analysis 99% or do you do lots of economy evaluation etc brexit and gbp. Please elaborate on your reasoning too Thankyou bro

  23. I’m a 16 year old trying to say trade, is there anyway for me to do this cause I’ve heard you need like 25,000 to even open an account to day trade which seems crazy

  24. Great video!
    I started trading 2 yrs ago, today it`s the first video that ansver a lot of questions for beginers, good job!
    Also, I wolud like to recomend this site – https://makemoneyonline-now.com/
    Pretty sure u`ll find smth usefull for u there!

  25. Lol so you short 4.5k shares right off the open with only premise it’s over 100% and people will be takingprofits? You were like -4k, that thing could easily rip couple bucks up before failing, especially in first minutes ⚰️

  26. I just started a new Instagram, dm me cash ready for methods on how to make 💵, I answer all questions 🚨 ig: quickmethodss2020

  27. Great video Clay thanks for sharing your recaps and thought process throughout your trades! How are the borrows with Lightspeed? Do you find that huge premarket gainers, you know the big movers that a lot of people might be looking to go short on
    are difficult to short with Lightspeed or are they generally pretty good about having shares available to short?

  28. That is some crazy bad risk vs reward. Down over 5k, to get 2.5k. And it could have been a even bigger loss, didnt look like you thought 5k was a big red number. Great to see you are big green anyways!

  29. Where I can see the profit amount you get in the platform? I would like to see the money up and down in live。🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  30. Have you ever tried trading penny stocks that basically continuously go down and up in the same pattern until there’s a break and then it finds two more prices to switch between, SUMR is an example from friday

  31. How're you making money when you're putting in Buy orders? For example you clicked to the Buy button twice at $27.00, yet you sold 1,500 shares of it when you clicked that? Am I thinking backwards here?

  32. WTF??? Guys be aware of this type of trading, really poor risk management and no trading plan. Have been trading since 2009 and with a prop desk since 2012. That kind of trading is pure gambling.

  33. For this specific example, thanks for explaining by the way, how much of your own money did you have to place forward to do this?

    I'm so new that I'm not sure if I'm asking the question correctly. Should I be asking how much you need to have in your exchange account, or how much just for this trade was required?

  34. Clearly the saying is true looking at these numbers "takes money to make money". Realize also Clay is fun to watch….and he is likely a fairly small fish in this pond. $27×1500 shares…..that's just over 40 grand if my math is right.

  35. I don't really understand this but, I once loaned money to a women who couldn't pay me back. She asked me if I wanted to take it out in trade. 🤓

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