what is up guys welcome back to my
channel if you new here I’m Lizzy and today I have something super fun oh I
think it’s here I don’t know what is this is making noises what’s here what
do you get oh you just wait you’ll see oh my gosh
look how cute they are Carter okay Carter let’s go inside you ready for
today’s video I don’t know what is today’s video how many did you get
so for today’s video we are doing the last to leave the stinky bathroom wins
$10,000 stinky bathroom yeah that sounds stinky I know
Carter can we keep them everyone I have announcements here everyone gather
around harder water go upstairs I show you guys
something thank you speeds No okay come on guys we’re gonna keep going
go to Carter’s room where are we going do you turn my furniture into something
else’s son okay everybody get inside of the bathroom you don’t like this I don’t
like this okay so for today’s challenge we are doing last to leave the stinky
bathroom knowing so if you guys wanted to win this all you have to do is stay
in here in the longest what’s that what hey you guys ready for this dream I said
I lorises hang out in my bathroom yeah and you’re gonna make it stinky um well
is already stinky so it’s not my path that’s clean Asante I get me I could
live in here all day so I don’t know how you gonna make us leave this is my stage
right well we’ll see about that Wow okay I think this is gonna be pretty
easy I don’t see why this is so hard because the bathroom doesn’t stink at
all just Carter in the boy in fact the bathroom is super clean it smells good
in here okay they are so silly because I’m not
just gonna have them hang out in the bathroom it has to be stinky so for
today’s challenge we have three levels of stink level one rotten these are
century eggs and they’ve been around for years and years and years that they’re
so rotten that they’re actually black and four level number two we have the
stinky fish and smells really fishy so I don’t even know if I’m gonna last this
and for the final level of stink we have the stinky pigs open up okay yeah because they’re yes sir you wanna see
what’s inside them you ready for this I don’t even know what it smells like I
can taste it that’s how it strike that sounds strong it smells and my stomach
is all queasy I was kind of hungry before this you get to leave on your head yeah you
got right back all right boy it’s just us I’m doing okay I’m gonna win this
money I wonder how they’re doing in there okay so a little known secret I
think I might be at a little bit of an advantage here because I think it smell
really good unless it smells super super bad where
it starts it like taste it I can’t really smell so what I can’t
hear you oh gosh I can smell the stink coming out of their bathroom through the
windows so gross now let’s see how long they can last in the bathroom with the
rotten eggs somewhere there’s a world where I can drop into you I’m not
kidding you there’s a world I’m starting getting you
guys are starting to you used to what so Stokes that he’s starting to get used to
the smell so we gotta move up to level 2 then get fish let’s do this ok what’s
going stay in there guys I don’t know how much
longer I can last in this round I mean $10,000 is a lot of money but same time
I don’t know if I say much longer Matthews at $10,000 to go up towards a
hospital bill I feel bad for them I don’t know how they’re lasting in there
but I guess for $10,000 we’ll do anything see how they’re doing where’s Carter
this came in while urine outlet after in this road this smells so bad oh it’s
going to be like touch it it like slimes yeah this is the grossest challenge ever
done this is so bad okay come on let’s go we have the final level sounds like
they’re having a lot of fun in there this last level isn’t gonna be so fun okay so we are at the final level we
have at this stinky pig too good you know like 30 minutes there’s this fish
like the eggs are better but the fish it’s not looking so good you’re gonna be
sick yeah it’s brutal in there it smells so bad Liz yes this is not gonna be
yours I don’t care it’s worth it worth being out of there alright there’s a
final level the stinky pigs sisty what the pig there are pigs in here
yes thank you well they’re kind of cute oh so gross
there’s nothing that could be stinkier than some some raw fish so I don’t know
what else liz is gonna bring into the room I can’t I just can’t imagine relson
stinker this is a grow to stuff like what you
bring your keep within because sticky that one is alright let’s get out of
here it smells so bad it’s smells so bad in there it’s
disgusting it’s so bad I need some fresh air even for myself oh this is nice
Oh fresh air this is good this is great let’s go check up on them they are
really cute but I started on your face okay this is circus I’m by now
oh I’m hiding back out in here oh and it’s so stinky in there you and
for me well I do have to use the bathroom down car all right well hurry
up cuz I need uh on the out of here that’s the safe room right there wait
what happened in the door DISA a cloud of this room distinctness came out it
doesn’t smell that bad pigs it wasn’t it no it wasn’t that was it’s
not so bad we’re doing the word ceremony not in the bathroom but it smells like so bad Carter those
piggies probably really farting and stuff I can smell a little bit off of
you for investing in like a showers and deodorant
this is the stinkiest 10k thank you – thank you for me oh all right well thank
you so much for watching Carter congratulations you’re at the stinkiest
person in the group just to be clear though I still won the $10,000 it looks
like chocolate ice cream yeah why don’t you go meet you

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