Korean Scholar – 5,000 Won Note (=4 USD) Korean currency.

Hi im Korean Scholar Today I introduce 5,000 won Note The main character of this bill is Yulgok Lee. He is the son of a 50,000 won character. And he is the disciple of the most famous Korean scholar of 1,000 won note. Let’s look currency back. It’s his mother picture. This picture expresses the beauty of traditional Korean painting well. Isn’t it beautiy? I really love this picture. Just watch My friend hand It’s worth four dollars. You can eat simple food with this money. It’s the equivalent of five dollars in the United States. Thank you for watching~

4 thoughts on “Korean Scholar – 5,000 Won Note (=4 USD) Korean currency.

  1. 오천원 지폐에 대한 영상 잘 보았습니다….이번 기회에 즐거운 화폐수집에 세계로 초대합니다…

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