INSTAGRAM STORIES – Director Spotlight Training // HOW TO USE INSTAGRAM Part 2

(soft, upbeat music) – Hi everyone, this is Toni Vanschoyck, Senior Executive Director
with Monat Global. I am sitting here with
the lovely Jo Irigoyen. She has allowed us to invade her home and really learn from her,
her techniques on Instagram that have just made her business explode. I know that Instagram can be a little bit, of a what’s the word I’m looking for? Can be scary cause people don’t know what they don’t know.
– Intimidating. – Intimidating, yeah,
but Jo has really broken it down into the simplest format. You guys saw Bianca Abreu’s training, um, which is a little bit more in detail, but I love her approach keeping it simple. And I know that this old dog, we need to, I need to
learn some new tricks. So, um, it was a little bit self serving to be here with Jo today but I wanted to share this with everybody that’s on our team because I really think that this is an area where we can grow. And as Ray says, we have to be innovative. So we all need to learn new skill sets. So Joe, thank you so much.
– Thank you. – For opening up your home to us today and being here and just
sharing with everybody. And if you could tell
everyone a little bit about, you know, you are one of the fastest growing SED
teams right now in Monat. You guys are just, I mean, tearing it up and I’m so proud of what
you’ve been able to do. And um, so, um, tell everybody, just give ’em a brief
overview of what we’re going to talk about today and about how you use
Instagram for your business. – I am so excited to be
here sharing with Toni and with all of you how I
manage my Instagram account, what I do on my every
day basis, how I was able to grow my Instagram
organically a hundred percent. I went from like 800 followers to almost 19,000 right now. Um, I’m very how Toni
says, simple, basics. I’m not the type of person that does all this crazy content because I’m just not creative, okay? Like Bianca, she does beautiful stories and templates and she’s taught me a lot but I like to keep it to the basics, the basics that anyone can do and that is talking. I like to talk. I talk all day long and it’s very relatable because people feel like they know you. So when I meet people that
watch me on Instagram, they’re like, oh my God, you’re just like you are on your stories. Because I’m showing my face to them. I’m constantly talking to them and I’m keeping them up-to-date with my everyday life, what I’m doing. They know they can expect, you know, what I’m doing during the day. They can expect some business talk, some product talk and it’s
just like an ongoing kind of like a, like a reality show. That’s what I like to
think of my Instagram as. – So let me you a couple of questions and I had thought about these even before. I’ve been thinking about them actually since we spent some time together, um, you know, back during the Rev tour and then, um, when we were down here for the event in December and I am just mesmerized by what you guys have been able to do. So give us, give us
some just fundamentals. What are the fundamentals
and number one, um, if you can identify the differences between Instagram
stories, IG Live and IGTV, if you can just kind
of give us some basics. – So fundamentals, at least for me, I like to instill this to my team. Instagram stories, every
single day, almost all day. And I do have people
that have full time jobs and that’s okay, but you have a morning, you have a lunch break,
you have after work. So Instagram stories to
me are very important because they get you a lot of exposure. If you’re constantly the first one, the little, first little
circle people see, they’re constantly watching you, you’re getting more views, you’re getting more interaction, people send your stories to other people. That has been how I have
grown my following the most. IGTVs, I personally have
only done like four or five. It’s something that I need to do more of. Um, but they’re really good when you’re trying to train on something. Like I did it when we
had the founders share. I needed a whole 10
minutes to talk about it. I wanted it to be saved for people to go back and reference on. I have one on like my story. Those are more where you’re
trying to do something that you want to stay. What I do every day, like if I’m showing you my son’s gym class or maybe doing my hair
in like a simple way, I don’t necessarily need that to stay. But definitely it is something that I need to work more on, more IGTV stories because they’re always
there for people to see. And then what was the other one? Lives?
– Yes. – Lives are so important. Okay, when I first started doing lives, I had like 10 views, like 10 viewers and I
was like, this is a joke. These people, it’s like my family, no one’s gonna buy, no one’s
gonna like be interested. Lives save for 24 hours. Okay, so that’s cool because
then as people watch them, they send them to others. For lives, Instagram gives
you a limit of an hour. I don’t like to go over 30 minutes ’cause if someone’s watching the replay after 30 minutes, you’re
going to lose them. But I like lives because they
can see you, like, real time. They know that you’re human. They see you have conversations. I love doing joint lives, like, two of us joined together. We have a conversation going. They can ask questions. Lives are very good for
interaction purposes. Um, you ask your team to
get on and support you. You ask them to get on
and ask you questions. You make cute little flyers to announce that you’re going live if you’re talking about the opportunity or
sometimes I just go live, like I said, doing my hair or showing what my family’s doing and involving your every day life, not including morning,
is very important because that’s how you keep people
interested in your page. That’s how people keep coming back to you. What is she doing now? Is she with her son? Are they on vacation? They just moved to a new home. Sharing, I know it’s a
little rough for people, sometimes like, oh, my privacy, and I used to be like that. But we’re in a world
in a day that you know, you choose what you can post, but definitely sharing with
people makes you more relatable, makes you more real and it makes them want to just watch you more. When I don’t post an
Instagram for like five hours, I literally get messages, are you okay? What are you doing, like, where’s Mateo? Where have you been? So I got them accustomed to just watching everything I’m doing. – Well, that’s awesome, and then also, regular Instagram posts, how
do those differ from stories? – So with regular Instagram posts, I’ll try to do at least three a week. Some people will tell
you to do one every day, and yes, the more you post, the more interaction you get. But I don’t just want to post, like if I’m posting a picture, one, I want to like it. I wanna make sure it’s a good one. And the caption, the
caption is everything. Even if the picture is not that cute, but you have a caption that
is, you’re either educating, you’re sharing, you’re motivating, you’re reflecting,
you’re showing gratitude. And they read that caption. That’s what gets you the likes. That’s why people share your picture. They’re like, read her caption. Look at what she’s saying, not because you look cute in a bikini, because of what you have to say. So that’s why, I mean I could
probably post one every day, but I don’t take that many pictures and I, every time I read
a caption, I mean it. And it takes time to, to come up with it. That makes a big difference. When you just post like, happy Sunday, there’s nothing, people aren’t
gaining anything from that. – It doesn’t gain interest or traction. So I really liked, you know, like what we were just doing
right before we started this and you were doing the sneak peek. I thought that was really interesting. That would peak my interest.
– Exactly. – Yeah, so I thought that was brilliant. But um, okay, so let’s, let’s talk about some basics too
when you’re on Instagram because you already taught me something in like two seconds and you
were talking about number one, if you’re gonna post on Instagram and you’re taking pictures, it’s either gotta be like a headshot or a full body shot, right, why is that? – So you want it to be appealing. Okay, I used to take the worst pictures. You would ask me to take a picture of you. I wanna get the door, the window and little by little, my
friends and my sister, they’re like, look at the picture. It’s not, like, it has to be, um, what do you call it, not (mumbles). – Aesthetic?
– Like, aesthetics, yes, like if you’re taking a
picture of us right now, you’re either getting the whole couch or you’re not getting the couch. You’re either getting the whole top or not, not half. So when they were taking a picture of us, it was like, not head shot, not body shot, like in the middle, like knee to the side just because you want it to look good. When someone looks at it, you want it to look good and
you will see the difference. If we take a picture
and you see a door knob or if you see like just nice white, it’s more appealing to the eye. So it gives you more of a, you don’t make your
brand and you look cheap. You’re like, okay, she’s
taking nice pictures. I used to be against nice pictures and presets and I was
like, no, my Instagram is fine how it is. No, when you go to someone’s page and at least they have a cohesive, somewhat color tone warmth to it, it looks nicer and we say no. I used to say no. I’m like, that doesn’t matter, it does. People like that you
look more professional. You take your job more serious. Our job, a lot of it has
to do with social media. Not all of it, but most, a lot of it has to do with social media. So just making sure
your pictures look good. You know, we’re not
professional photographers, but have an eye for it. Make everything look cohesive. – Awesome, and then you also
mentioned something else about not, um, what is
it you exactly said not to use too much color when
you’re putting a caption in there or you’re tagging someone? – In your stories.
– Yes. – So sometimes in the stories
I see like happy Friday, pink, on the way to the supermarket, blue, and then you put the
hashtag that’s colorful and then you tag someone
in big white letters and different fonts, that looks messy. That looks like my son did
it and he’s two years old. You want to, again, look professional, look cohesive, look clean, chic. So if you’re just doing white
font, white, the same font, black, black, not all
these purples and pinks and unless that’s the
theme you’re going for but keep it, don’t put too
much in one story because it looks messy and you want
to look clean and organized. Also, a tip with stories and writing, so I’m huge on talking stories. Like, I’ll talk to you all day long. Um, but a lot of people talk all day long and that’s all they do. And if you’re in the car,
if you’re in a meeting and you’re scrolling
and you see Toni’s face, you’re just like scroll, scroll, scroll. ‘Cause you can’t listen. But if I see Toni talking and she puts, um, I regret this, or
I’m sorry or forgetful, you’re like, wait, what,
what does she regret? And then you know, it’s a keyword. You don’t really regret anything or you regret not getting up early today. But people are so nosy,
they hear the word regret or I messed up, what did she mess up on? I always do that so I use keywords that are gonna catch their attention for them to turn up the
volume and listen to me. Now, some people put, if I say, hi guys, good morning,
I’m here with Toni today, I’m so excited, you’re not gonna type that whole thing out. Hi guys, good morning. I’m here with Toni today, so excited. No, because it’s too much. So you can say excited
for today, privilege, look who I’m with and if
they don’t know who she is, they’re gonna be like,
wait, put up the volume, who is she with? So small three, four, max, five words, based on what you’re
saying to make them want to put up the volume and listen to you. Because one thing is when
people actually listen and view your stories. Another thing is when you’re
just tapping through them. – So what else that we, just basics? Anything else that you haven’t covered yet that you can think of? – Um, well for the stories, post from the second you wake up. Okay, like, I’d show
everyone my morning routine. I wake up at five a.m. I go running, I come,
I do my celery juice, I read a book and I post that every day and it shows that I’m
consistent with my life, not only with my business
and people watch that and people ask you questions. Um, so just make sure
you’re, you’re sharing. Make sure you’re interacting,
that’s something else. I mean, I’m new to having
a lot of followers. I didn’t have a lot of followers before, but when people, they go to your page and you have 40,000 followers and they write to you knowing
that you’re probably not going to write back because you
have 40,000 followers. 40, 50, a hundred thousand
followers doesn’t mean anything. So don’t forget to give
back to those people. Our followers is what makes us so I put away like an hour every other day to just write back to people. Even if it’s, thank you so much. A little heart and acknowledge
that they’re writing to you. Because remember how it felt
when you were reaching out to someone that was high in
the company or a celebrity or a lot of followers and
they didn’t write back. People stop following you and I think that’s why I
have such a loyal following because I write back to them. I interact with them. I say, thank you. I answered, where did you buy this shirt? Even if I just said in my story, Target, I write back to you, Target. I’m giving you guys,
you’re giving the followers the importance they deserve
because your followers make you. – Oh my gosh, you know what? It’s so important that you say that. ‘Cause I answer every message I get.
– That’s really good. – And, you know, the one
thing is that you’re, you’re showing that you care. It’s not that you’re just
looking at them from, oh, you’re not making me any money, I’m not gonna answer you. That’s the wrong mentality because you never know
what happens in the future. So I’m so glad that you said that. I mean, especially because
you know, you’re a young mom, you’ve got a young little
guy, you just moved. Um, you just bought a bunch of furniture you’re trying to deal with, which is, this has been really super fun, um, being here, but you, you
have a busy life right now. So you know, for you to,
to take the time to do that says a lot about who you are as a leader.
– Yeah. – So, I’m just sayin’. – Okay, so I’m going to
share with you guys what I do as for keeping my filters,
my presets cohesive. I know there’s like Lightroom and Photoshop and all of those that I don’t use because I
don’t even want to learn. But there is a very simple way without buying presets that you can keep all your
pictures looking the same. And it’s with an app
called Tezza, T-E-Z-Z-A. You literally and I’m gonna
show you now how to do it. You literally put a picture, you click the filter and it’s done. You can adjust it to brighter or lighter, but they have so many
filter options for you. So I already know like the two that I like for my
Instagram, toasty and glow. I go, I look for toasty, apply
toasty, fix the brightness. Let me show you so you can. So this is the app, Tezza. You’re going to click up
here to add a picture. So you add it there,
you double click on it and you see all the filters in the bottom. So the first time is going
to be the hardest time because you’re picking which one you like. So like I said, for my page,
I always go with toasty. So you see how it
instantly changed colors? That’s the original, that’s the color. – Nice.
– And then I always edit it so I bring toasty down to about a 32, 31 depending on the picture, check mark. And then I also play with the brightness. So you go here, you click on brightness and I always bring the
brightness a little bit up. – Okay.
– So I don’t always do the same numbers cause
some pictures are outside, some are inside but at least they all have the same
base, which is toasty. And then I just play with the brightness. So you go check mark,
you like it, save it, you see it there with the filter and you can just go down here and it saves to your phone. That is so simple. – Right.
– So that’s what I use. And I picked them all the same so if you go to my Instagram, it looks more or less like the
same color scheme at least. Not a blue or green and orange, no. – So guys, in the first training video, we got some rudimentary
basic stuff about Instagram. But what we’re going to show you now, we’re going to show how
Jo posts to Instagram and then she will take
that same post on Instagram and then put it on her stories. – So I’m getting ready to
post my picture for the day but I wanted to show
you guys the importance of getting a full body picture
’cause I love this picture. I was going to edit it and I realized my feet are not there so that’s not good for Instagram. So I’m gonna go ahead
with my second option, which is this one and I
actually had already edited it. We can see it here. So now comes the time
to write the caption. So I look at the picture. You always want the caption
to match with the picture. Here it looks like I’m looking into the future, I’m confident. And if you can’t come up
with something right away, you will go to Pinterest to find your motivation. So I would put, like,
confident woman quote. Okay, I like this one. Self confidence is the best
outfit, rock it and own it. And then you won’t just post this. So this will be like your starter and then your caption
is where you’ll write, you know, you’ll see
what I’m gonna do now. Oh, I like this one too. Be such a beautiful soul
that people crave your vibes. Which one do you like? This one, okay, let’s do this one. So I’m going to go to Instagram. (soft, upbeat music) Add, that’s the picture, so you see how the picture is cropped? You always need to press
these two little arrows to zoom the picture out. So I have my picture. Next, don’t do any further editing here. I already forgot the caption. Be such a beautiful soul
that people crave your vibes. I always like to put a
little emoji at the end and I love the little thundery one so I’m gonna put that one. A little Instagram hack,
also, Instagram likes when you write your captions
on Instagram on the picture. So I used to like write them
in my notes, copy and paste. So now we’re writing here. You’ll press enter, well what would I do. Press enter, use these little dots to separate like from your next paragraph. So then this is where I write. (soft, upbeat music) (tapping) So once I’ve finished the
next little paragraph, again enter, put the little dots, enter again, you want to separate it so it’s more appealing
when people are reading it. Always check because when I’m on a rush and I just post if within the first 30 minutes
that you post on Instagram, you make any edits to it, that’s it. They, you’re not visible
for anyone anymore. So once you post you cannot touch your
picture for 30 minutes. So if you misspell something,
it’s staying misspelled. And then I always like to
end it with a question. It’s more interacting, not
always the people answer, but they say you should
end it with a question. Then, on the picture, you want to tag as many
things as possible. So I always tag my outfit, anything to just give you more exposure. So tagged people, we’ll
start with the shoes, the dress, new hair looks
good, always tag morning. And then some accounts
that you identify with. So I always tag like
mom blogging accounts. (soft, upbeat music) Make South Florida bloggers,
Miami bloggers, boss babe. (soft, upbeat music) Obviously find accounts
that relate to you. We were in Cayman, so I’m
going to look for a Cayman tag, Westin Cayman, we’ll go ahead
and tag that too, okay, done. Location, so you can
either put the location where the picture was taken or the location where you are right now. I’m going to put the location
where the picture was taken. From Cayman Islands, okay, done. So you check it, make sure
everything’s spelled correctly and you will share it. Now, and some people will
tell you different things on this about hashtags. I do it because it works for me this way. This does not mean this is the right way, but that’s what I do and it works. So as soon as I post my picture, I go and I comment myself on it and I put that same little dot, I post and then I’m going to reply
to that dot with my hashtags. My hashtags I do have
saved under my notes. So here sometimes I’ll just add like, they start with motherhood, boy mom. If I don’t have my son in the picture, I’m not gonna put that. You want it to be relevant. So I just copy them all. Go back to Instagram,
reply to my little dot, erase my name, paste the hashtag and then let’s erase
boy mom and motherhood. Instead, we’re going
to put, um, confidence, Grand Cayman, vibe attracts tribe. (soft, upbeat music) And I think the rest are fine. Okay, post and that is it. So now I just wait for
my picture to get likes. For the first 30 minutes also, you should be interacting
with anyone who comments. So if anyone comments, write back to the
comment, like the comment. The first 30 minutes is
the most crucial time of your picture and that’s
when Instagram decides if it’s going to be visible or not. So if you have time to, you
know, see who’s commenting, you like the comments and then
always post it on your story. So you go here, you put,
add post to your story. I always like for the
background to be white. So I go to this little scribble here, pick the pen, go to the
color white, hold down, it turns white, done. Make the picture a little smaller and then you wanna copy it. I mean you wanna cover it so I go to the GIFs here and I’ll put, I’ll type, new post. Um, we can do this one, kind of cover it so people can look at it and then write something
about it or new post or I like to write something
based on my caption. So, are you working on your vibe today? Since I was talking about like your vibe. So make it smaller, change the font, put it in the bottom (soft, upbeat music) and then send to your stories so like that, if people are scrolling and they don’t see your picture but they’re looking at
your stories, they can see. So I got a comment,
outfit a hundred percent, like it, reply back, thank you so much. Or just thank you with a
little heart, another one just to keep that interaction going. That is how I do my post at least three times a week. It is a little bit time consuming. Coming up these 68 likes already. Um, it is a little bit
time consuming coming up with the caption, but if you’re inspired, it should come easily and you guys can see it’s like the same color,
more or less, the same base. – So you guys wanna make sure
that you subscribe to YouTube, go to and now, the next video, Jo is gonna take us into the next training and that is going to be how
to utilize Instagram stories for your business so
make sure you click here. (upbeat music)

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