How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

Hey guys so, in this video I’m gonna show
you what I think are the two easiest and most effective methods to being able to tell if
someone blocked you on Instagram. Before we get started, please make sure to
stay tuned until the end of the video so that you know how to do this properly, and make
sure to comment, rate, and subscribe to my channel. So, if you have an iPhone or something like
that, there’s a lot of apps in the app store that claim they can give you statistics about
your account, and tell you who is blocking you and stuff like that. Personally I wouldn’t recommend using any
of these because from my personal experience, a lot of times on these apps, certain features
will cost money, or the apps themselves will cost money, and they are not always that accurate. So, as you can see I have two Instagram profiles. This is my main account maxorchow, and this
is my second account, which for the purposes of this demonstration I blocked, which
is max_orchow. So what I’m going to do now is I’m going to
switch to my second account. OK as you can see I’m now logged in, and let’s
just say I’m, you know, scrolling through Instagram, and at some point I notice “Oh
look, I have one less follower,” or “I’m following one less person.” Or let’s just say that, you know, you’re someone
who notices that someone’s account disappears all of a sudden, you can’t find any of their
posts, you can’t find their profile, all that stuff. So, if I type in the person’s username: maxorchow,
you can see it doesn’t come up because that account is blocking me. In this case it is my own account, but. So basically what you do, to figure out if
the person is blocking you, is you go to the direct messages area, and you type in the
username there. You have to type it in exactly as it is in
order for it to work, because it’s not gonna come up if you have to type it in exactly
as it is, character by character, maxorchow, and you can see the profile comes up. Obviously, this account is blocking me so
I can’t send it direct messages. If you click on it like this, it’ll load for
a long time, like as if I’m trying to send it a message, and as you can see it doesn’t
work. So, if you type in the username and nothing
comes up it means they deleted their account, changed their username, etcetera. So, the other thing you can do is you can
access Instagram from the internet. A lot of people I think just use the app. I’m sure some people don’t realize, you know,
you can use Instagram from a computer, or you can actually go online and use it. What you basically do here, is if you want
to figure out if someone is blocking you, you type in and then whatever
the person’s username is. And like I said it has, in this case as well
it has to be character by character, so maxorchow. And as you can see if I do that, it takes
me to the profile that I’m searching for. So, if you think someone’s blocking you, and
you go to Google or whatever and type in whatever their username is, and it takes you
to their profile then it means that they have a profile, and if you can’t access it from
the app, then they’re blocking you. If there’s ever an instance where, like we’ll
just you put in, you know someone’s username or whatever and, you get an error message
like this, it means they deleted their account or it just doesn’t exist anymore. Or they changed their username or something
like that. So as long as you know the person’s username,
you should be able to do either one of these two methods to figure out if they’re blocking
you. So I hope you guys enjoyed the video, please
make sure to comment, rate, subscribe, and that’s it see you in the next one. Hope that was helpful.

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