How to Plan and Automate Your Social Media Strategy (Make Money Online)

– Automating your social
media strategy this year. (upbeat music) I was recently invited to speak and present at Boss Con Live. Today I’m gonna show you and
take you behind the scenes to how the key note looks like, so that you can automate
your social media strategy. (record scratching) When a person lands on your page, whether it is a free,
fast shipping funnel, whether it’s a webinar funnel, whether it’s an application funnel, whatever sales process
that you might have, one of the things that you wanna do is you wanna be able to
start gathering assets and use these testimonial-based
ads on cart abandonment. So this video is really
used to track people who have been to one of my funnels, and if they landed but they
didn’t go to the thank you page, that is when we would rotate all of the different testimonial as an ad and just overwhelm them with social proof until they say, you know, surely all these people can’t be lying. And that’s how you should be using your testimonials as well. It could also be personal
video on screen objectives. So think about what is stopping them from going to that next step. So one of the things that I would do is I would purposely take a really amateur looking
selfie style video, answering objections to get people to the next step of our funnel. So if somebody is not taking action to go to the next step
of the sales process, I always write down all of
the different objections, and I would create one video
for every single objection. If a person is not investing and not buying what it is
that you have to offer, what you wanna be doing is
to create a retargeting ad that answers the one
ad for every objection. Because at the end of that sequence, when after a retargeting campaign, you would have essentially
answered all of their objections. So how do you actually set up this system? How do you do it systematically so that you don’t feel overwhelmed? One of the things to kinda show you how we set up the system, it is to first understand
the context of platforms. When you start creating
these different content, we need to understand why are people using that platform to begin with. When people go on that platform, what is their mindset like? Okay, so for Facebook,
people are scrolling, and what makes a person stop the scroll is the pattern interrupt. It would be the headline,
it would be the thumbnail, it would be the choice of image that would make them stop the scroll. So whenever you create content, you wanna think about
what’s the pattern interrupt that’s gonna stop them in their tracks and give you that initial
three seconds of attention. A common mistake many
marketers would make, including myself for many, many years, would be taking one piece of content and putting it out across
all of the other platforms for the same identical thing. How I think about YouTube is that YouTube is not
a social media platform, but rather a search engine. Understanding the context of platform is crucial when it comes
to optimizing your content for the different platforms. So the way I do it, how do I systemize it? I use Trello, so whether
it is optimizing content, whether it’s posting on social media, I would create a process for
everything that I am doing. So whether it is my in-house projects, I would sort it out by
department, by projects. So remember I talked about how you should be utilizing testimonials for your retargeting ads? One of the things that
we do is all of our ads and all of our testimonials
that we acquire, we store it very strategically
in our Trello board. So we have a Trello board that says testimonials and image bank, and we store this and
we archive it according to our funnel name, so that it we ever want to use it in some sort of campaign, some sort of ad, it’s easy to retrieve it. I truly believe that the path to scaling is in just knowing your
numbers and systems. Systems is how you can scale your business by documenting what it
is that you are doing, so that if right now,
you are a solo-preneur, what normally happens is
a person feels stressed and is like, oh, there’s all this work that needs to be done,
let me hire somebody. But process needs to be in place first before you actually hire. Six years ago, that was
when my organization was at the biggest ever, we have 38 people at that time, and my stress level would
be an all-time high. But today, because of processes, we are now making it so that it is that person’s responsibility to document that person’s process, so that, at any time, if
you choose to grow the team, we can see what is
strategic, what is tactical, and grow strategically as well. One of the things I would say is this, if we can take responsibility and understand that we are the
bottle neck of our business, that’s how we can actually grow it. One thing that I realized that
made a huge difference for me was is that there isn’t anyone
that ever wakes up thinking, how can I screw things up today? (audience laughing)
Right? And everyone, whether they
are your team members, whether they’re your staff
or they’re employees, whether they’re freelancers, they’re the same thing, right. They all want to succeed, and
I believe that as the leader, as the entrepreneur, it is our role to make
sure that they succeed by having a process in place. So the question I ask, really, when something doesn’t
go according to plan is, as the leader, did I put
the processes in place to ensure the success of my team? And the truth is if you
didn’t, then that’s on you, ’cause you didn’t have the things in place in order to make sure that they succeed. So I wanna end it with this, okay, what will stop you from
implementing is this, today’s strategy, you’ll see
that it’s very heavy on video, it begins with a pillar content video, that’s how you can transcribe it, that’s how you can repurpose
into all these other platforms. It’s gonna require you to be the face, to be the person, to be on camera, but the truth is, I understand
that it can be pretty scary. This was something that
was extremely scary for me, not just being on stage, but
being in front of a camera. For the people that
might follow me online, they’re constantly
seeing the nice pictures, they see me, you know,
traveling the world, sharing the stage with all these different
leaders and legends, but what people don’t see is that I used to start
off as a total beginner. Okay, hopefully it would
inspire just some of you to know that every single person that has mastered their
craft was once a disaster. Okay, and this is what
the rest of the world does not see when I go up on stage. I truly believe that in this
journey of entrepreneurship, if you think about every single skill set, whether it’s copywriting, whether
it’s running Facebook ads, whether it’s sales,
whether it’s persuasion, whether it’s speaking
in front of a camera, they’re all learnable, trainable skills. But the most common
thing that people will do is they will blame it on something that is not in their control. They will say things like,
oh, but I don’t have the gift, but I don’t have the talent,
but I wasn’t born for this, but this is not me, and they use that as an excuse
to do absolutely nothing. I would choose good habits
over talent any day, because habits are in your control. And when you take ownership of that, that is when everything changes. (scratching) I wanna thank all of you for having me. I appreciate you all, thank you, guys. (applause) – [Host] Come on, make
some noise, you guys. (applause) (upbeat music)

14 thoughts on “How to Plan and Automate Your Social Media Strategy (Make Money Online)


    When the person land on your page whether it is free plus shipping,webinar funnel etc.

    Start gather assets
    Abd use these assets
    On cart abandonment

    Answering objectives
    What is stopping them
    From coming to the next step

    Create retargeting ad
    On ecery objection because the money is in retargetting

    Understand the context of platforms
    Why are people using this platform
    Facebook – scrolling
    What can you make to stop the scrolling

    ▪ Headline

    ▪ Thumbnail

    ▪ The image choice

    Youtube is not asocial media platform but a search engine

    – it is very useful to me thank for teaching us trello in philippines Game Changer
    Where you can create your board that is very organize

    To scale our business we need to understand

    ▪ Know your numbers

    ▪ systems

    Know the processes
    What is strategic
    What is technical

    As the leader
    Did I put the processes
    In place to
    Ensure the success of my team

    All skills are learnable and trainable skills

    Online speaking
    Impromptu speaking

    Thats our mentor 🙂

  2. Biggest takeaway is to scale you must have a system in place and you have to know your numbers so that you can automate those systems effectively

  3. Doing a selfie video to answer objections look very authentic to me. Gonna try this out.

    My Takeaway:
    Having system & process in place lead to success of the team.

  4. Wonderful this article! Really very accurate. When I was in search of my financial freedom, I longed for quality information to minimize learning time, thanks to articles like these, I decided to do digital marketing. Thanks for sharing your experience. If you want more information about Instagram marketing you can go to this link

  5. The big money is in retargeting! If you are not doing retargeting ads, you’re leaving so much money on the table ?

    Some people are sitting on the fence and still thinking about whether to buy your thing or not, they just need a little push from you to help them make the buying decision or for you to answer the objection that is still running in their head. And this is where testimonial based ads and objections breaking ads will work the magic.

  6. Great video! It’s important to find ways to make a few extra dollars. A few extra dollars will help out along the way. I have a YouTube channel 2 about personal finance. Thank you so much for sharing your perspective!

  7. “As the leader, did I put the processes in place to ensure the success of my team”. So true! When you take ownership of everything that happens in your organization, things get deadly simple! Can’t wait for more golden nuggets on people & processes during future coaching calls!

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