How to Make Money with Matched Betting? | Matched Betting Tutorial

Hi everyone Caan here again and today
we’re going to go through the three step process of completing a match betting
offer from end to end you’re going to be able to follow along on-screen so sets
10 minutes aside sit back and relax because we’re about to start
with step 1 to start matched betting we need an exchange account and bookmakers
account with at least one of them offering a promotional bonus this video
will show you how to open the accounts you need in preparation for steps 2 & 3
where we’ll make some money we recommend watching all three steps in full before
following along first of all you need to register a bit an exchange account
presuming you don’t have one already the sake of this example we’re going to be
using Betfair the most popular and largest betting exchange okay so quick
interruption just to say full disclaimer this is purely an informational video
for youtube to take you through the process of match betting there is no
sponsorship and you’re free to use any provider if you wish to do so whatever
you do though make sure you check the terms and conditions before you do
anything exchange sign up creating your account is easy just click on the button
fill up the details on-screen and register a payment method the debit card
is preferable there are other options such as PayPal and credit card but be
sure to check out the terms for extra transaction fees before you proceed
during the signup process is important to make sure your details are correct to
avoid delays later there’s more detail in the extra tutorial section but
Betfair is a bookmaker and betting exchange in this instance we’re only
interested in using the betting exchange because it will allow us to bet against
something happening next you need to open a bookmakers account bookmaker sign
up for this example we’re going to be using betfred
under their sign up bet 10 pounds and get 30 pounds Free Bet offer just
jumping in again quickly to say there’s no affiliation with this video and this
is purely for the sake of showing you how a matched betting offer works before
registering is always worth checking the off the terms as sometimes they can
change to start filling your details in in sure there aren’t any mistakes when
doing this make sure you opt into receiving promotional emails
it can help later when looking for more free bets
once your personal details are complete at the preferred deposit method and
complete the process we’d recommend doing this via a debit or credit card as
some payment methods are excluded from promotional offers
once you’ve completed the process betfred will ask you to upload some
documents to verify your identity as of May 2019 all providers are required
to do this by law for that reason it’s worth saving a copy of any documents
needed to your computer or phone for future reference so that’s it step one
complete now I’m going to take you through the process of qualifying for
the bookmakers bonus efficiently in step two now we’ve open the accounts required
we need to fulfill the bookmakers qualification terms to receive the bonus
offer this video will walk you through an example on screen how to unlock your
bonus after depositing ten pounds into betfred you’ll see your account balance
rise now we need to place a qualifying bet of 10 pounds with betfred
to release the 30 pound free bet offer however we don’t want to risk our own 10
pounds in the process so we’re going to place a counter bet on betfair’s
exchange the two bets will cancel each other out at minimal loss whilst
activating the bonus in the process here’s how it’s done on screen first we
head over to the price matcher and select the results we wish to filter
footballs suggested sports your first match bet as the price is rarely change
until the final 15 minutes before a game we’ve only selected match odds to
keep this example clear although you can select multiple market types the
exchange as stated in step 1 is going to be Betfair to the right of the filter
in seconds match rating will keep between 80 and a hundred this is a
quality score given to each result back odds allows you to filter results based
on price for qualification we want target odds that are relatively low to
ensure we retain as much of our stake as possible this is why I’ve set the odds
range between 2 and 4 minimum liquidity is the amount of money available to be
matched on the Betting exchange you’ll need this number to be the same or
larger than the bet you need to place Commission varies depending on the
exchange and promotional terms of your account in this case we’ll use Betfair a
flat rate at 5% from there you just need to select the
bookmaker and tap get match the match will then give you a list of events and
prices are closely aligned on both betting exchange and bookmaker at the
top right you can select a specific day to narrow your criteria further I’m
going to use Fulham V Newcastle for this example they’re back odds a 2.5 5 with
betfred and their lay odds are 2 point 6 4 with Betfair next we open the match
betting calculator to work out the numbers remember to use the calculator
in normal mode for qualification bets and input the respective Commission rate
for the exchange you’re using using the odds from the match and the betting
states required we’re able to work out how much will potentially win or lose in
this situation the calculator will also tell us how much money we need in our
Betfair account to cover the lay bets liability you can see the placing a
back bet with betfred at two point five five and a lay bet on bet fair a two
point six four would mean we stand to lose 65 pence as part of qualification
this is fine though because we unlock a 30 pound free bet in the process now to
place the bets first I open up the bet Fred and Betfair websites and navigate
to the market and selection I’ll be placing the bets on the easiest way is
to use their respective search functions highlighted on screen next I check the
odds and prepare my betting slips on each site I’m conscious that the prices
could change so I want to get everything ready before clicking place bet on both
sites one after the other at this point is worth mentioning if you
select an event an hour or two in the future the odds are less likely to
change during this process we’re going to select the decimal odds format on
betfred to keep things simple you can do this by
navigating to your account settings on the sidebar
once I found the Fulham V Newcastle match I prepare my 10 pound back bet on Fulham
at 2.55 I then navigate to the same betting market on Betfairs exchange and
click the pink box next to the bet against Fulham known as a lay bet
at this point you may have noticed the odds are now 2.6 instead of 2.64 so I
adjust this in the match betting calculator notice the amount we stand to lose on
this qualification bet is now only 50 pence the calculator gives us stake we
need to place where it says you could lay in this instance it’s 10 pound the
liability for this bet is going to be 16 pound this means that we must have 16
pound in our Betfair account to cover this bet against Fulham now everything’s
ready so I check once more that the prices haven’t changed and
simultaneously confirm the bets one after another easy to highlight the
possible outcomes if Fulham wins we win 15 pound 50 on
betfred and lose 16 pound on Betfair’s exchange if Fulham loses we lose 10
pound on Betfred but win 9 pound 50 on Betfair’s exchange either way we lose 50
pence but gain the 30 pound free bet with betfred on this occasion Newcastle
won last we record this bet inside our accounts profit tracer simply add an
entry fill out the criteria and when you return a later date you’ll never lose
track of which bets you’ve already placed now we are ready to profit rush the
bonus in step three so as you can see it’s all quite logical but hang in there
because we’re now about to look at the best part of the process step three the
next step is to convert the newly added 30 pound bonus into with drawable cash
the process is similar to the previous step but we have a few important
differences here’s how it’s done again we open up the profit rush matcher tool and select a sports market that the Free Bet is eligible to be used on this
time I’ll use horse-racing instead now it’s important to remember that during
this stage if you select a higher odds range you’re able to retain more of the
free bet as profit for that reason we’ve set the odds range between six and ten
we selects betfred and Betfair once more as the bonus is with betfred tap get
match and the query shows us the best results robin rainbow is available to
back at 7.0 with betfred and 7.2 with Betfair next we input the
figures on the match betting calculator however this time we need to use the
calculator in free bet mode the exchange commission remains the same of 5% so you
can say with a 30-pound free bet we stand to pocket 23 pound 91 regardless
of result however we will need at least 156 pounds and 5 pence in our Betfair
account to cover the exchange bets liability this is because the odds we’ve
selected a higher to confirm the outcomes if roblen
rainbow wins a race we win 180 pounds on betfred and lose 156 pounds and 5 pence
on Betfair’s exchange and if Robin rainbow loses the race we lose the free
bet on Betfred but we win 23 pound 91 on Betfair’s exchange either way we win a
minimum of 23 pound 91 with this bet if we then subtract the
loss of 50 pence during step 2 this means that will make 23 pounds and 41
pence profit overall now to place the bets just like last
time I open up both Betfred and Betfair navigate to the market and selection
I’ll be placing a bets on and prepare my betting slips I input the betting sakes the calculator
tells me and their respective odds and tap confirm on one slip after another
placing the bookmakers bet first is preferable
last we had the overall results to the profit tracer under your account
that’s your first match bet complete once the event is settled your money is
ready to withdraw or reuse on another offer so it might have taken a little
while but the first time always does trust me the more you repeat the process
the quicker you become it check out the explainer series in the end screen of
this video for more concise explanations as to how the various tools work

7 thoughts on “How to Make Money with Matched Betting? | Matched Betting Tutorial

  1. I'm happy that I had something to watch while drinking some coffee even though I know what way matched betting works.
    A little refresher never hurt any one, nice one my man.👍🏻

  2. I’ve always been a bit skeptic about Matched Betting and for good reason I imagine. I’ve been looking through the sign up offers and the bookies are clamping down in this, big time. Many are splitting the bonus into £5 bets, others will only qualify if you place a acca bet, in others you will have to stake your bonus several times which you will surely lose it the process. With the process and the time it takes, I recon you will be lucky to average £5 per hour.
    What do you think Caan?

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