How To Make Money With Clickbank On Autopilot (100% Free Worldwide)

okay guys in today’s video I’m going to
show you a step-by-step autopilot method that you can make money with Clickbank
products all right so you’re going to you’re going to stick around see this
whole video to go through each step alright so I’m going to get you started
on in here right now okay guys welcome back to the video as I
said gonna show you a step by step method so you’re gonna want to stick
around and see all these steps to do this we’ve got several steps to go
through to set this up so to make this work for you guys alright first of all
my name is Kevin Lena with Kevin – Lantern comm and if this is your first
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regularly here okay alright well with that to do out of the way let’s go ahead
and get right started in on this video here right off the bat and what we’re
going to do is come over here to step one in our opera browser and what you’re
going to do here is you’ll notice that I’m at gmail here Gmail
what you’re going to do is create a gmail account okay when you create a
gmail account which everything I’m showing you here today guys everything
all these steps are free to do this and get this set up and making money okay
now I’m going to create a new account with Gmail you see that I’ve created a
new account now I have the niche that I’m going to give you this example in
today is the weight loss niche okay I mean weight loss is a pretty big and
strong niche out there on the in the internet space now
this can be done with any niche that you want to do it with it’s going to require
two things from you though I’m going to show you the method but it’s going to
require creativity or imagination on your part and commitment alright
just like any any kind of marketing endeavor you’re going to have to be
committed to it to see some sales with this and some success with this okay
alright so come over to Gmail create a new gmail account in the niche that you
decide that you want to be in if you’ll notice mines in the weight loss knit so
if you notice right here where my mouse is its withering weight away at
calm that’s what I chose that’s the email address that I created on Google
Mail and to keep congruent everything we’re going to be doing here is you want
to keep it congruent clear across the board with every step that you’re doing
in this no matter what niche you’ve chosen it could be money making it could
be health and wellness like what I’m doing here it could be relationship
niche and all the subcategories under that or whatever it’s just your choice
okay all right now so for our example today I create a new gmail account here
I’m logged into it what you’re going to do is come over here to the right when
you get logged into your account and you’re going to this is step one that
we’re doing here and you’re going to click on this Settings gear right here
and it drops down this little menu come down and click on settings right there
and you see it brings you over to your account settings are currently under the
general category here and you just want to scroll stay under the general and
just scroll all the way down to where you see it says a vacation responder now
in the United States it says vacation responder if you’re outside of the
United States and another country doing this yours might say like out-of-office
reply or something along that line okay but nevertheless you want to come down
here to vacation responder right here and we’re going to stop right here
that’s the end of step one right there all right then step two in this method
is going to come over to this site right here and you’re going to it’s called
free PLR downloads dot-com is what we’re going to be doing as you see it up there
in the address bar what we’re going to be doing is offering a free product
because you always want to give value to your customer first before you hope that
they click on your link to your product and offer right ok now so when you come
here and if you’ll notice I just typed in our search engine I typed in
weightloss it came up with about 3 of these free PLR ebooks and these are all
free you can use them how you want and I chose this one right here
100 weight loss tips you see right here you see here’s the e-book and so on and
so forth so when you do that pick eight picked the particular ebook or the free
ebook in your niche if you’re using the weight loss niche you can do this or
another one or you can deal in any niche that you want right just get a free
ebook from free Pilar downloads calm and then download that to your computer so
and once you get it over on the page where you can see it and you can you
want to scroll down to where you see the download button right here alright now
I’ve already gone ahead and done some of these steps already to sort of shorten
the time down on this video for you guys but you want to click on this download
here you don’t want to click on any of these because these are Google ads here
this download button is not the one we want because it’s Google ads right there
you see same with these errs there’s four Google ads right on this page right
here you want the one that just says the plain old download button right there
click on that it’s going to download it to your computer or into your computer
there and then what you’re going to do is extract and Windows 10 has an
extraction program right in File Explorer and probably this can be done
on Mac too if not if you don’t you can use a zip file because your zip files
okay and you can extract it with a program a free program called 7-zip or
winzip that you can get online for free just go do a Google search for 7-zip or
winzip but so what I’ve done is if I extracted it into a forward I created a
forward over here if you see on the Left called weight loss tips here and you see
it expected that in there is our PDF file that we’re going to be using Adobe
Acrobat Acrobat PDF file now so then that’s step two you get the book
downloaded to your computer and extract it into a folder all right now
when you create an account with Gmail you get a free 15 gigabytes of space on
their Google Drive right on Google Drive so what you’re going to do then is going
to come over to Google Drive that’s sign in with
your newly created gmail account there as you can see I’m up here and you see
there’s my email address right there under my new account you see that I have
15 gigabytes of space used right here and then what you’re going to do is
you’re going to upload that ebook that you downloaded to your computer and
extract it on your computer going to upload it to Google Drive right you see
it right here I’ve already not it’s just a matter of grabbing the the Acrobat or
PDF file and grab it and drag it over and then just drop it right into Google
Drive and it’ll upload it automatically for you it’s just that easy and it puts
it right here for you okay then at that point the next thing is what you’re
going to do here at Google Drive what if you get it uploaded to the Google Drive
you’re going to right click on it and come down and click on get shareable
link alright and when you do that when you click on that it will copy that link
into a buffer of memory for you and then you just come over and use like I use
notepad here and I just copied that link or pasted that link right into here now
pay in to save it we want to save that now we can test it if I right click here
and copy it and right click and copy and come over here open another tab in the
browser I can test it and see that it and you see that it takes us right to
the D file for our eBook all right there’s 30 happens to be 30 pages here
and then they can read the e-book or they can also download it right here
to their computer as well so that’s what we’re giving away for free here thank
you we’re giving value to our customer this is an incentive for them you’ll see
coming up in the next steps that this is an incentive for them to want to click
on your click back like right alright so now we got our shareable link to our
Google Drive free ebook the next step is that continues that takes care of step
number three the next step is you want to come over to Clickbank right here
again we’re keeping everything congruent across the board both ways all right and
I typed in I or I logged in at Clickbank or you don’t have an account click back
it’s free to create one anywhere in the world just create a free account make
sure that you get your account nickname that’s the most important part when you
create your account and then just come to log in and come over here to
marketplace alright and I chose the dies and weight loss keeping everything
congruent and I like this product right here the custom keto diet right here you
can make forty one dollars and 38 cents per sale with this it does have
recurring billing so that gives you passive income right there guys just off
of this product errors find the product that that has upsells to it it has back
end offers so that you can make even more money off of this as well okay
doesn’t matter it seat up to you you can do one just has the the original sale
price or you can have one that gives you passive income every month recurring
billing right alright so if we click on custom keto diet like here we can see
the sales page on it and that opens it up here and as you can see it’s a very
nice video sales letter that’s what this is called a vesl page landing page
alright where they can come here and watch this little video here and if
they’re interested and they can click the link right here and go over and
purchase the product alright and for which when they purchase the product we
will make $41 thirty-eight cents right off the bat and
if they renew or up by the upsells and you’ll make even more money doing that –
all right so so you come to Clickbank you click you choose your product this
is step number four and you click on promote right here brings this window up
here you want to make sure that your account nickname is in here which I know
what mine is a tracking ID is optional I’m not going to do traffic tracking ID
for this particular method but you can if you want just type something in there
like you know email or something like that
but you want to click on generate hop link and get your hop link for your
Clickbank product and then what we’re going to do is copy that now you can
highlight it right click and copy or just simply click this button right here
to copy that link see it says you’ve successfully copied it and then close
that window out you’ve got it copied well we’ll minimize it just in case and
then step number five what you’re going to do is come over to bitly dot-com bi
tly you guys have seen me do this I’m sure come over to Bentley and we’re
going to shorten that link up into something that looks better and it’s a
little bit shorter and we just paste our Clickbank link in there and then just
come over here and click on shorten and you see it gives us this gives us this
nice little looking good-looking bitly link right here so we’re going to copy
that and I’m gonna paste that into my notepad
because that is my see if I can put it out here to the right of that that is my
link – actually that was the Clickbank link I’m wrong about that we’re gonna
need to get one for for the other one here so this will be our Clickbank link
right here okay and we could test that make sure it does
what we want it to do all right I always want to test those
bit ly links okay because you know I’ve had them where they don’t work before
and I’ve had to go in and redo it doesn’t happen very often but it’s just
a good idea to test your Billy link so we entered into a new tab there and then
you see it does take us over and you can see if when I click on it I’ll know if
you can see it or not but it has my affiliate account nickname attached to
it all right and they can watch a little video and hopefully click on a link to
buy the product and then okay so we’ve got that done now the next thing we want
to do is we want to also come and we want to I’m gonna refresh the bibley
pager we want to shorten up our Google Drive link right we can do the same with
it so I’m gonna copy my Google Drive link for my free ebook right right click
and copy throw that down come over here throw it into the bitly link shortener
alright ninja stick shorten and it gives us our nice little link right here for
bitly alright and we’ll go come over here and we’ll paste that in right out
here so that we can have that and then we’re gonna go ahead and test it to make
sure it takes us over and we see that it does it brings us over here to our ebook
which is what we want all right now that takes care of step number five
I believe it is and setting this up that would be step number four or five see
I’m losing count here but anyways alright so we’ve got our we’ve got our
tools all set up now how are we going to do this now what we’re going to do is
come back to our gmail account here and remember we wanted to set up our
autoresponder this is the autopilot part that we’re going to set up right here
alright this so this you don’t you’re not going to have to email any emails to
people that click on your your lake right to get this ebook it’s going to
automatically Google’s gonna automatically do it for you now watch
how we do this all right so it’s set to today’s date
don’t worry about that it’s turned off right now we will turn it on and then
for in our subject here we’re going to put in free ebook 100 weight loss tips
free ebook 100 weight loss tips that is the 100 weight loss tip see all right so
now then what we’re going to do is we’re going to paste some text into here now
I’ve already went ahead and written up some copy here you guys can do this too
for whatever niche that you’re in doesn’t matter and you can see here I
just put hi didn’t start losing weight until I tried a few of these amazing
tips from a free ebook that’s helped me if you would like to have a free copy of
an email me here withering weight away at space at space gmail only –
the spaces because you have you have to put it like that because we’re going to
paste our this particular ad or copy right here on the popular YouTube ads
that’s how we’re going to market this okay all right now but you can’t put a
gmail email address on in a comment on YouTube I don’t think that YouTube
allows that it may go against their policies so that’s why we put spaces in
there so that they can see the email address but it doesn’t actually it’s not
an active email link on the comment all right think we’re gonna have to type it
in themselves saying please send me the free ebook and I’ll send it over to you
it’s worked really good for me now right here in this right here I said hi here’s
here’s your free book link hope it also works well for you too so I’m going to
copy that all right I’m gonna bring that back over
here to right here and I’m gonna paste that in right there okay and then what
we will do is come back and get our link right to our Google Drive eBook and
that’s this bitly link right here so we right-click and copy the bitly link
bring it back to Google and I’m going to paste it right there
as you can see alrighty now put a couple of spaces down and then we’re gonna put
it in our copy let’s see our copy for down here it’s gonna say what I’ve also
this is going to be where your Clickbank link is at see what gives them the value
first and then we offer our offer and I said what I’ve also used to lose weight
is a fantastic diet that’s tailored to real people is is this check it out it’s
amazing all right you know I’m just gonna copy that right click and copy
bring that back over to Gmail and I’m gonna paste that right in there
just like that now then what we’re going to do is come back and get our bitly
link to the clickbank product all right right-click or highlight right click
copy and then we’re gonna paste that right into there okay so now and then
we’ve got vacation autoresponder is on that’s all you have to do leave
everything else just as you see it there and then just click save the changes
alrighty all right and if we want to check it we can come back and just come
back to settings again and scroll down and we see that it is there it’s ready
to go so now the next step we got that done that’s gonna be step probably six
or seven there right I’m losing track guys I’m probably
off on this but just hang with me here so we’re going to show you how to do so
we’ve got our our email autoresponder setup so that once someone emails to our
email address it’s just automatically Google’s gonna see that in that they’ve
requested that free ebook and it’s going to send them this email right here
automatically so you don’t have to send it every time all right so now so we’ve
got everything done now what we’re going to do how we’re going to market this
right I told you we’re going to use YouTube to do this with now come over to
YouTube this assumes you already have a youtube account so you know all these
accounts are free on these sites or whatever lum showing you can be done
anywhere in the world now you’ll see up here in the search
engine on YouTube I just typed in weight loss I mean I could type how to lose
weight weight lose weight fast and all kinds of things now here again guys this
is a numbers game the more that you do this the more chance you have for sales
it’s just like any internet marketing it’s a numbers game all right now so I
typed in weight loss for example now and you can see that there’s quite a few
here what we want to do is we want pick on some of these youtubers that have
high amount of subscribers like you’re a high amount subscribe here two point
four five million subscribers this one was done about two years ago I’d rather
get one that’s more up-to-date instead of a video that was made a couple of
years ago alright so I’m going to scroll down this one was made one month ago my
weight lost cured my t depression and so in it’s by a person named truly so I’m
going to click on that on their account name here and should take us over to
their account and listen to all that so and then just click on videos right and
shows you all their videos now what we want to do is pick on a video that is
recent you see here’s one that’s like it’s had 88 thousand views it was
three days ago and then here’s one that was done a couple of days and then this
one right here but these are not related these two are not related to weight loss
all right so I’m going to pick on this one here because it is related to weight
loss right here and if I click on that it loads up the video and we’re
certainly not going to sit and watch this video here or what we want to do is
to paste our length so this guy’s got seven point six million subscribers now
there’s two ways that you can do this all right one way is to you can see that
somebody commented three days ago here you can click reply and reply to a
person’s comment and when you do that will send them a notification that
someone has replied to their comment and then they can come back and look and
they’ll be able to read your comment here all right but you can do that that
way or you can post a new comment right here so that’s what we’re going to do
I’m just going to for this example I’m going to post a new comment remember
you’re picking videos and subscriber of particular YouTube pages that have high
subscribers right and you’re going to pick one of their newer videos it
doesn’t matter you can use any of the videos but you want a new one because
right now the newer ones more people are watching those right this doesn’t mean
that they’re not watching the other ones but probably more of them are watching
the newer videos that were posted so in here we’re going to add just a simple
new comment and what we’re going to do there it’s going to come back to our
work word pad here where I created my copy and what I’m going to do is copy
this up here now okay see that I’m just gonna write highlight it right-click it
and copy it just like that I’m gonna bring it back over to YouTube and then
I’m just gonna simply paste it right into there and that’s all there is to it
and then all you do is just simply click on comment
there and it posts that comment on that video so that when they come over they
send you an email at withering weight away at – of spaces what’s
going to happen is is that email is going to come over to your Gmail inbox
and when they do that it comes in Gmail will automatically send them a response
to their email right from what you’ve created here in your vacation responder
autoresponder giving them the links to the product and to the free ebook and
then when they read that they will click on their obviously to get their free
ebook there may be thinking wow it’s giving away a free book too and
something else and that will also entice them to want to click on your product
link down here to your Clickbank product and when they go over and watch the
video sales letter and decide that they’d like to try that out and they
click the purchase button you’re gonna make money and probably quite a lot of
it so the more like I said the more often you guys post this on popular
YouTube videos in your niche that you chose to do this method with the more
money that you’re going to be making all righty well guys that’s what I had for
you today I hope this wasn’t too long but I wanted to show you this great
little step-by-step method that you can make money on autopilot using Clickbank
products alrighty guys well if you got to value out of this video reach down
there and give me a thumbs up if you would also don’t forget to click
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you can get just for a cup of Starbucks coffee cost about seven bucks you can
get your own online this set up and running in about 15 days
with an opportunity to make anywhere from three hundred to four thousand
dollars in just one day all righty guys check that out I’m gonna let you go to
that and I’ll see you again here in a couple of days or so with the next
exciting video you guys take care now have a great day

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