How To Make Money Online in 2020 Through Your Content Marketing

– The future of content marketing. Moving forward, should you
be focusing on social media, organic, paid, SEO, LinkedIn,
Facebook, YouTube, Instagram? First of all, welcome to the Mastermind, I’m currently doing
high-level mastermind here with high-level clients, and I wanted to share
with you behind the scenes to the section where we did it, right here in this little room, where I reveal to them
what the focus should be and what your focus
should be moving forward when it comes to the future
of content marketing. (upbeat music) When it comes to the key
word strategy for 2020, one of the things that we’re doing is we are thinking about creating a primary keyword in the form of a spreadsheet. And then expanding on
these primary keywords with the longer tail keywords
over here, which is level two, and this is where we will create
the YouTube videos on this, and when we repurpose it into other forms, they will also maintain it’s SEO juice, because it’s what people
are searching for. To first start off this
process, you gotta determine what are the main key
words you wanna target? So for eMedal, it could be
gym owner, yoga business, getting more leads, for Brad it would be
property investing Australia, passive income Australia, so you wanna think about, what
are the different keywords, flipping houses. – When you say you gotta think about it, is that just what you think
is what your target audience, the language they’re using,
or is there a specific- – No, it’s a specific way to do it. So the way you’re gonna
do it is you’re gonna go to, and what you’re gonna do
is you’re going to look for the amount of searches a month. The searches a month, initially
when you do the search on, it will look as though,
it’s just a chrome plug-in, it will initially look as though there’s very little searches, because it’s basically
based on exact match. So let’s say if you type in,
property price Melbourne, and let’s say the search is
for 2400 searches a month, the way to think about this is that if it’s 2400 searches a month, that’s 20,000 searches in a year. And it would be more
if you were to include the longer tail keywords, and the fact that you could
be ranking for other keywords that’s similar to that keyword. Do not underestimate the power
of 800, 500 searches a month, because when you create a piece of content around that keyword, it is literally an asset that
will help you drive leads for life, for that keyword if you optimize it well. For me, it could be sales
funnels, make money online, Instagram, Amazon, click funnels. So now I have my main keywords, and I’m hammering these keywords in a little bit more in depth every time I create them. So for example, I take Instagram. Under Instagram, the longer
form keywords would be how to get more followers, it would be how to increase your
engagement rates on Instagram, how Instagram stories can
help you make $100 a day, how to start a social media agency through Instagram marketing. Instagram, Instagram,
Instagram, Instagram, Instagram. And the way to do that, every time you’re thinking of
your titles here this evening, is to have a mix between keyword rich and a hook. So keyword rich is for the
search engines to be visible, to be discovered by the search engines. And the hook is the pattern
interrupt for the real person, so that they would want
to click on your video, because it sounds more interesting than all of the other
videos with similar titles. For example, let’s say
it’s Instagram stories, the mix between keyword
rich and hook would be how to make $100 a day
through Instagram stories. Then in bracket, algorithm hack revealed. That’s the hook. If it’s making money online, or making money through property, forecast of property prices in Melbourne, which is the keyword that
people could be searching for. The hook would be in bracket, what developers don’t want you to know. What developers don’t want you to know has got zero SEO value. Because that’s not what
people are searching for, people are searching for
prices property Melbourne. So what makes a great title is that you are constantly coming up with what is keyword rich, plus that hook, or that pattern interrupt. I want you really starting thinking about, the hook is usually things like, it makes them curious, it’s controversial. And then after that, if you
wanna go one step further, to think about the words
that go into your thumbnail. This is how you start mapping it out. And your thumbnail ideally
should be less than five words. And the words on your thumbnail should be words that is
not used in your title. Because if you’re using
back the same exact words in your title, you just
wasted prime real estate space repeating what you just said on the title. Your thumbnail would be,
what they’re not telling you. Similar, but different. Hammer on the same angle again. Keep it real simple. Don’t
have to have a lot of words, because when you have a lot of words, that’s when people don’t read it, ’cause it appears too small. Take a look at the different thumbnails in my YouTube channel in the last two months while we did the re-launch. I literally consulted, and paid with, the best people out there, and we have got it down to a process now. So main keywords, long-form keywords, based on what people are searching for, mix it with the hook, a great way is to look at
what is proven to convert based on the amount of views, and start mixing it up with
your angle, your stories, your analogies, and having
this thumbnail in place. That is what I would like you guys to do in order to map out your
content strategy for next year. Because this is gonna serve
as your pillar content that can go on Facebook. This is going to be … that’s different for us moving forward, is now we are starting the video from YouTube as the pillar
content rather than Facebook, because when you do that first, if you wanna take one step
further, remember this. Because you started with
a keyword-rich title, what does that mean, it means that if you want to have content
marketing on steroids your next level over here, your transcription from your titles, what you said in the video, and remember because it was keyword rich, this is going to be on your
website or on your blog, then it’s based upon what you said here. So what you said here was, price forecast for
property in Melbourne 2020. Now, when people are typing
in property prices Melbourne, there’s a chance of them discovering you not just through a YouTube video, but also through a legitimate
blog post or article on your website, which eventually you can run SEO campaigns and link building campaigns
to this exact article. That enables you now to
have long-term, free traffic from the search engines. Because here’s one thing
that people have ignored when Facebook and social
media came around. If you think about this, SEO was a very hot topic 10 years ago. When I started internet
marketing 10 years ago, 12 years ago, 14 years ago, people loved SEO, it was a great way to generate traffic. I started learning SEOs
thinking about on-page factors, off-page factors, link building campaign, and notice what happened. In the last seven years,
marketers, most marketers, completely lost interest in SEO UI, ’cause Facebook came about. And Facebook, it’s like a quick fix. It’s like (slaps arm),
do you want that hit? Because they can spend money right now, and get instant results. But one thing we gotta understand is that, remember traffic
is supply and demand, people doing searches
on the search engine, then it’s demand, demand
for a certain information. And one thing we gotta
recognize is that this demand, over the last 10 years, never changed. People are still searching
on the search engines. If anything at all, demand has increased, because there’s more people
searching on search engines. But at the same time, notice
what has happened to supply. Supply, which is marketers
providing content on webpages, has not changed, or rather
supply has gone down, because marketers now, rather than creating content
on websites and blogs, and doing links, they’re focusing their attention unpaid, which is Facebook, Instagram. Economics is all supply and demand. In other words, demand has increased, but supply has gone down. When demand increases, supply
goes down, what does it mean? It means that the value of this commodity has gone up further, increasing demand, decreased in supply. So that means that moving forward, the people that focus on this will win. Because, now, demand has increased, but there’s less people
focusing their time, energy and effort on this. So this is the long game, if you’re willing to play it,
and that’s what we’re doing, is with this thing in place, to get free organic traffic, that most marketers are not
focusing their attention on, are these long-form keywords that people will discover you,
your website, your articles, on your page, because right now it’s keyword
rich, it’s interesting, and the additional work that you’ll do is basically transcribing
these videos here but adding an extra value
of having the good ones edited so that it doesn’t
sound like a transcription but a legitimate article with images that makes it interesting,
that is a good read. – [Participant] Do you
embed the YouTube video in there as well, or? – Yes, we will embed the
YouTube video in here, together with our transcription. So this is how and why doing this is so crucial that will take your business,
in terms of organic traffic, so you’re no longer just
relying on free traffic, which is what every marketer’s doing. This is what links it back to
what we talked about earlier. What are we doing? We are really building up a social asset. So that, eventually, we can
sell more products over here. And that is what I would
like you guys to work on this afternoon, to have clarity on this, so that I can work with you
on your content strategies for 2020.

17 thoughts on “How To Make Money Online in 2020 Through Your Content Marketing

  1. Biggest takeaway follow the content process:

    Longtail keywords

    Use a hook at the end of your keywords rich tittle

    Use only 5 words in thumbnail

  2. You give so much value in a few minutes. Can’t wait to be able to go through one of your courses to kick start 2020. Thank you Peng Joon.

  3. Getting my classified site prepared for the long haul, that will benefit people to locate it and help them sell, make money online and learn new way of knowledge.

  4. Hey Peng Joon,
    good advice with having keyword-rich Title Tags with pattern interrupts.
    However, the only downside is that there are max characters to title tags for Google.
    I think we might have to very strategically think of the title tags that fit into 70 characters for Google.

    Lots of value from this video.

  5. Biggest takeaway

    Where we can focus ia to

    Primary keywords and then expand to longer tail keywords

    Then create a social media content

    Determine what are the main keywords you want to target


    Do not underestimate the power of 500,800 searches a month

    It can help you that asset that can help you make leads for life

    Keyword rich + hook

    Keyword rich is a swarch engine
    Hook is the pattern interrupt

    Makes people curious, make it controversial

    Thumbnail less than 5 words
    Dont repeat the title and thumbnail

    Make a transcription – for your blog
    To have a chance not only in youtube but also in website

    It is the long game..

    Thanks peng joon for this video
    May I know what is the ideal number of videos that I make before i release the first one
    I done woth 3 videos but i didnt upload it

    Is it ideal for 10 videos before I upload the first one?

  6. Such a rich content man! I actually admit that even me I rely only on Facebook and Instagram. Sad to say but it feels so lazy to do those. But saying in that video that it is a long term game makes me want to put big effort on that in the future. Keep up the great contents Peng!

  7. Thank you so much for this amazing video. I always do watch your videos and I love them. And, I also love your energy, knowledge, and capability. I also have started my own YouTube Channel where there I talk about the books that I read, eastern philosophies that I have learned and the life. Have a look. Thank you Peng again.

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