How to Make Money Blogging on Pinterest – I Made $5,781 Last Month with Mediavine Ads on My Blogs

Hey there! Do you want to understand how bloggers
are making money with three traffic from Pinterest today, I will show you how I made $5781 with Medivine ads on my blog thanks to organic
Pinterest traffic in one month. I will tell you what are the requirements for your block
to get accepted to premium ad management companies like Mediavine so that you can start making five
or even seven times better than you make with Google Adsense from the same amount of traffic.
Hi, I’m Anastasia of And on this channel
I share my Thursday Pinterest tips. If that’s what you want to learn about, then subscribe
and hit the Bell button to get notified when I published my new videos So you need to know
that Pinterest brings me about 90% of all the traffic to my blogs. And in the month of
November, I made $5781 with Mediavine ads on my blogs and before
we move on to learning all about Mediavine and how much I get paid for each 1000 of visitors
in my sites, I want to answer the most typical questions and doubts about
free Pinterest traffic, which I heared many times even on this YouTube channel. First,
it’s not too late to start on Pinterest in 2020 a new website can compete on Pinterest with
a 10 year-old website and start getting as much traffic or even more within the first
year of active promotion of your content. If you use Pinterest the right way,
your focus should be on Pinterest SEO. And it doesn’t matter on Pinterest how many backlinks you have to your site or how high is the domain authority. If you want to learn more about
Pinterest SEO (search engine optimization), I will give you a link to my detailed video tutorial
about it in the right top corner of the screen and also in the description below this video.
Another strong objection that I’ve heard since the middle of 2019 is that Oh, now Pinterest
is a public company, so they must be pushing ads all over the platform,
and so it’s much harder to get organic traffic, so it’s too late to start on Pinterest
now? No, it’s not too late. Google has their ads in search results for over 10
years now. Doesn’t mean that Google SEO is dead? that and no one is getting any organic traffic
from Google? Of course not. If you compare Pinterest with Facebook and what Facebook
did when they cut reach of public pages and they gave the priority to sponsored posts
on their platform… Well, you’re making a big mistake comparing apples and oranges. Pinterest is a
visual search engine with some elements of the social media platform, but it is primarily
a discovery platform. It’s not a place where you chat with your friends and family
like on Facebook. So as a search engine and a discovery platform, Pinterest will always
be expected to show lots of organic results and not just sponsored pins. The second objection
I heard a lot of times is that Pinterest traffic has a high bounce rate, so it’s not worth
even working often on this platform. When I asked how high’s the bonds read that you get from
Pinterest traffic, they tell me 80 90% and then I ask, And what is your bounce rate from
Google SEO? 75%. Really? So because of five or even 15% of a difference,
Pinterest traffic is suddenly not worth it? I’ll tell you a secret, but
a bounce rate of about 80% is completely normal across most of the sites
and niches. And a bounce rate means that someone came to your website, read the first
page that they landed on and they left your site after reading that
page, they didn’t click on any other page on the site. Is that a tragedy? Definitely
not. Once they landed on your first page, you already earned your ad money anyway. A high bounce
rate could be related to the types of content on your site and whether or not you have a
lot of interlinking between different pieces of content on your site. If you have
a post targeting affiliate income, for example, and so you have a ton of links to affiliate offers, let’s say to Amazon products so a user goes from the first page he visited on your site directly
to Amazon. You earn your affiliate commission your bounce rate is around 80% but who cares?
If you’re monetizing your traffic by sending people from your site to an affiliate
offer anyway. The objection Number three is that Pinterest drives a low-quality traffic.
This objection has no grounds behind it all, I think people who say it, assume that
Pinterest is just a social media and that viral social media traffic almost equals two
accidental traffic. To be honest , I don’t even know what people think when
they say that about Pinterest. They probably just don’t know any stats about this platform.
They don’t know that the majority of Pinterest users are located in the United States, and the majority of
the audience is women. And by the way, women ages between 25 to 54 make 80% off the buying
decisions in the U. S households. So you see where I’m getting?
Sorry, gentlemen, but it’s true that in most off the families, women decide what to buy
for home and for the family. And 90% of weekly users turned to Pinterest to help
them make their purchasing decisions, either immediately or when they’re planning for later
purchases. So how do you think I’m getting RPMs of $25 or even higher with
Pinterest traffic? RPM is revenue per 1000 of visitors. So definitely I’m not getting
that high RPM because Pinterest traffic (which is about
90% of all the traffic to my site) because Pinterest traffic is of a low quality. The users
coming from Pinterest are mostly from the United States, and that’s what premium ad networks want from you. They
want about 80% off all the traffic to come from the United States, and that’s what Pinterest
gives you. The doubt Number four. I hear lotuses Pinterest traffic is bad because users on Pinterest are on mobile
apps. I heard it so many times. And oh my God, what a complete misunderstanding of how
money flows on the Internet and the up-to-date realities of the online
world. It’s true that 80% of Pinterest users are using it on mobile phones. So what?
Oh, your site is not optimized for mobile devices, and so you think that Pinterest
visitors are not good for you? No, my friend. It’s not their fault that you are five years
late to redesign your site and to use a responsive theme. If your site is not optimized for mobile experience,
you’re missing on a huge, huge market, and even Google doesn’t rank high websites that
don’t have a responsive design and Another interesting point for you if you’re the one doubting the
quality of mobile traffic is that Mediavine ad management company that I use on my blog’s
actually recommends using fewer ad blocks for the desktop visitors
on your site, compared to mobile audience, you know why? Because generally, mobile users
seem to be much more tolerant to online ads compared to desktop users and also on most of the mobile devices they don’t have ad blockers like they have on desktops. So, you see where I’m getting?. Mobile users can actually make you a lot more ad money than desktop visitors.
So, Pinterest traffic with the majority of mobile visitors, is actually great for your
ad income. Well, you see now, why Pinterest traffic and Mediavine ads make such a perfect combination.
This is my Mediavine dashboard for the two blogs. One of them is consistently doing better because I started it a year earlier and
always invested more time and more effort into my first blog. So I had 185,800 sessions approximately own AnastasiaBlogger site in November, and the RPM was pretty high for the site. It was $24.5. On my
second blog . It’s a smaller blog, I had almost 40,000
sessions in terms of traffic, and the RPM was even high. It was about $30.6. If you’re
using another and premium ad network, for example,
Adthrive, they are referring usually to page views and Mediavine prefers to count your RPM for sessions, but actually, if you are just
wondering, how does its convert to page views the RPM? When you are in Mediavine dashboard,
you can choose either sessions or page views. The rpm can be 24.5 with 185,800 sessions. And if we go toe pageviews it will be over 241,000 pageviews and the RPM goes a little
bit lower. Why? Because the pageviews go higher, right? So when you’re comparing these
numbers , if you’re with another network, maybe. Then
you have to think of what kind of a pageview RPM or session RPM you’re looking
at. And also you need to understand that Rpm’s are never a static number because
they are so different for different websites and even for the same website. They’re completely
different in different months of the year. So that’s what you see, For example,
here from June and until the end of the year until December. This line is for Rpm’s and
look at the numbers how they’re going more or less stable throughout
the year and then boom in the last quarter of the year for most of the sites that RPM’s
are gonna get much higher. That’s because by the end of the year, advertises
trying traditionally to burn their ads by ad budgets. That’s because by the end of the year advertises
trying traditionally to burn their ads by ad budgets. Also, it’s related to holiday
season when people are buying a lot online. So in general, on across most of the
nations and platforms and across. Even if you are with Google AdSense, you will notice
the same effect that in the last quarter of the year you’re usually getting higher. Add income
from you from the same amount of traffic. I get a lot of questions about media buying
ad network because I’m showing my income reports based on media finance, and definitely it sounds so
attractive when you see that you can make so much more money with media, Vine adds,
compared to Google AdSense. But of course, since it’s a premium ad network,
they have specific requirements, and I wanted to clarify here what other requirements when
you’re trying to apply for media vine, the most important requirement is that your side must
have a least 25,000 sessions a month based on your Google analytic report, and it has
to be in good standing with Google that since
it means that if you had an account with Google lessons associated with your website that
was ever blocked. Then you have almost no chances that media vine will accept
you, because when media vine needs to accept your side, they will send a request to all
their partners. And Google is their biggest partner . If your side was ever blocked on Google
AdSense, then you’ll basically have no chance to add it through media buying a swell. Another
question people are also asking me is what kind of Nisha’s media mind. Except so the categories are quite
broad. It’s food. Parents, India. Why health, fitness, fashion, travel, Kratz, education,
finance, lifestyle or entertainment. It’s very broad list off
off nations, and they also recommend you that if you’re outside of those nations, still
try to apply if you have enough traffic . Obviously. And I have to tell you, though,
that a lot of people think that if they are in finance or mining nations that they’re
going to make a lot more money than people in other nations. But it’s not always true because
everything depends on how your content has created and structured a lot of food. Bloggers
are getting huge and impressed really impressive rpm’s because they have
very long boats. They have videos specifically created for media vine uploaded through medium
on the dashboard, and so they’re also running as inside their recipe
videos, and that also helps them increase rpm’s a Lord. So if you see that some other
bloggers make income reports in the mannish and it
looks like they’re making a lot of money because because they’re in the modern age, it’s not
always the truth, because in author nations, people sometimes have very, very high rpm’s because
their content is off. The high quality people stay a long time on their pages and scroll
down a lot of times. That’s to basically the main
requirement. If you want to have High Rpm’s, you want users only aside to scroll multiple
times, scroll down, scroll down and read a lot of your content. Because every time
when the scroll down media Brian can upload new ads and people will see more ads, and
that means that if they’re not leaving your side early, it means that your rpm’s are going to grow Now. The
thing that you need to keep in mind is that your side design must be one that accommodates
our ad placements. Okay, so what they mean here is that there are some quiet
limited platforms website platforms that make um, at placements really difficult for media
mining for you, it makes difficult to add it to your
side and optimize for media giant at so I always recommend if you want to make create
a vlog and make money with ants , it’s called publisher monetization model.
In this case, I always recommend to go for work press. It’s a free platform. You can
use a paid theme if you want. You can even use a three theme and media violin will not
be. Analyze your side for this, and as long as you have high quality content, it is a
matter whether or not if you’re using a free or paid them. And if you’ve been
trying to apply for media vine and you’ve got rejected without any explanation, one
of the most common reasons is that your side has got its abridging new side
and this court a sudden viral spike of traffic. For example, during the holiday season, let’s
say that your scientists focused on hello win hello win
recipes or Halloween costumes, And so during this holiday season, You suddenly hot got
a traffic spike and you’ve caught over 25,000
sessions you applied for me divine. And if they can see in your Google analytics for
the previous months that your side never had so much traffic before, they can ask you to apply a little
bit later so they can see a history that can see that you’re traffic is more less consistent.
And it’s not always Media Line’s fault that you your side is gonna get rejected
because they also send your domain to very spartan ners. The biggest one, of course,
is Google Network, and so Google can reject your sight on any grounds. Most of the times
is because the site is pretty recent, and it has some viral traffic. But Google doesn’t
think that this traffic is gonna be consistent as well, but they often don’t
even give any explanations. And so media mind can try to guess what could be the reason
in my case. For example, when I first applied with Anastasia blogger dot com site, I got rejected, and
basically it was rejected by Google. Not even media mine and rule didn’t give an explanation
But there was one hint that media mind gave me. They noticed that there was
a change from http to http s so from my from my Urals. And it’s true that it was about a month before I applied for Media Vine.
I changed the Urals and the traffic state pretty much stable. But some of the pages
that were popular in my Google analytics they still
have that Http Ural and then they could see the same pages, but with anxious to be S u
R l. So it got some kind of confusion in the analytics,
so it’s little kind of spammy. Or maybe it looks odd for sure. So I got rejected the
first time, and then I applied in about two months and got accepted for from
the second attempt. It’s interesting that in these requirements, may divine doesn’t
specify anything about the source of your traffic by regions. But I know for sure that about
80% of your traffic has to be from the United States. So if you have a lot of traffic from
other English speaking country, you might have some issues. For example, in India, there
are lots off users that Google in English in India. But unfortunately, media vine cannot
guarantee the same level off ad income when when a lot of the
traffic is coming from India, since they want to provide this high level off, add income
toe all of their publishers, Media Vine is focusing on the websites that they’re getting the majority
of traffic from the United States and Canada, maybe as well. Now there is another popular
ad network, also premium and network. It’s called That’s rife, and people usually compare between
these two. And I would say that the media vine is easier for beginner bloggers because
the minimum requirement issue no, it’s 25,000 sessions, and with that thrive you will have
to show a recording of a minimum off 100,000 monthly page views. And also you can see here
that at Thrive mentioned here that majority off traffic has to be from the United States
and also you. Here is the same the same requirement that you Collins has to be unique and original,
and that you shouldn’t have any previous advertising infringements with major ad providers,
that these are the partners like Google and other companies. So If you ask me which one
of this premium networks is for the best, I can tell you that there is no much difference
between them because I hear so much about that. Thrive and I have this impression, like
many other bloggers, that since they have a higher requirements a minimum requirement for traffic, they must
be a more premium that work and they probably must provide higher rpm. And when I did a
switch from Media Vine, I spent about three months
with Anastasia blogger to coincide with That’s Rife. I honestly can’t tell you that the level
of support was about the same in from both companies, but I noticed that maybe
it was because just off the switch, because all the sides the take a little bit of time
to grow the rpm and in the first couple of months it’s always
lower. But I wasn’t happy with the suit with the results of my switch, because eventually
my rpm’s got even lower with at Thrive A little bit lower wasn’t a
dramatic, huge difference. It was maybe about 10 15% lower than with media vine, and I got a little bit upset about it. and they went
back to media mine and they accepted my side again with no questions asked. And I’m since
then I’m very happy with media mine. and a year later, after my first block, I
applied with my second block and also was accepted. So, um, if you ask my personal opinion,
it’s not based on any . You know, objective understanding of how
this networks are different is just based on my personal experience. Within just three
months with that fry, um, which could be seasonal could be because of the switching there and
back. But I prefer to stay with media mind, and I just wanted to tell you this. If you
are right now with Media Vine and thinking about switching toe at Dr Honestly, it’s not worth at all. All this
trouble off changing the golds and and moving there and sending multiple emails to support of one company than to support of another
company. You will hardly see much of a difference in our PM’s between these two companies. I
just need to give more time to your website and need t listen to their recommendations because at
least I know that with media vine, they have lots off educational content and instructions
on how you can improve your rpm’s on your side. And so it definitely helps to
grow. You can even see that, um, in my dashboard on the right side, you have side health check
and I can really improve on my sticky sidebar ads because
for all the other metrics, I have some teal. So it’s the best. It’s the star, and here
I have just the green. It’s it’s within the recommended
minimum. But I could go for the teal, and what I need to do here is probably the biggest
issue with my side says that, um, I have quite a lot of
images on the sides, and this makes my sides slower than they should be because advertising
itself makes your side slower. And so you really
need to work hard on making your side as fast as possible on the costing side and with optimizing
your images and everything and not using any heavy script, any heavy
plug ins on your side, because that will make your side even slower. And that’s bad for
Google ASIO. And it’s also bad for user experience, obviously, and that
hurts your advertising income. Now, guys, I’m sure that after I talk too much about
Media Vine and answered a lot of your questions, that will still me even more
questions based on the information that I already shared. And I would be happy to answer
any other questions you have in the Commons below this feel. Don’t be shy to ask anything.
Anything that is within my terms and conditions with media vine and that I can share being
their publisher , I will share and we will be happy to share
and just wrap it up. I can tell you that a lot of people who start blogging or start
websites don’t believe much about this publishing monetization strategy
because they think that you need a huge amount of traffic to make a lot of money with your
ads. And they will tell you that you have to always create products.
But in my experience, premium ad networks on your side can provide you a stable, more
or less passive . I would say the most passive income stream
to your side and um, something that is growing over time because you’re obviously always
working on new content for your side , and as long as you’re working on you content,
you are getting more traffic and so you’re getting more at income, so I’m not kind of
longer who will disable ads on my side because you see that I’m getting consistent
income from ATS and UM, even though I make money with my courses now and I’ll be honest
with you in the last few months, the income from courses is getting
better and better. I still cannot tell you this advertising income is not worth it and
that all this pastries that I’m getting , I should just ignore all this traffic and
disable the ads and start selling products on on those pages. It’s not so easy to sell
products as people might be pretending that it is, because when the creating the
product is just, I would say it’s just like 20% off the whole process. And then 80% is
the promotion is the support of your students. Is that states
that you have to make consistently so products are a good income stream, but it’s not passive.
It’ll it’ll. And when you were talking about ads, that’s your traffic. You’re working
on content, and I can see the ass passive as it can be in the online income world. Did
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