How To Make A Tasty KALE SALAD Packed With Nutrients | Bloveslife $10 Mukbang Meal Challenge

show you guys how I make my delicious
kale cell I’m gonna show you how I make the salad today and I did forget my
knife hold on one minute and let me go get my knife so you guys let me just
show you all the ingredients that I have here I have some pumpkin seeds I usually
have walnuts that I have pumpkin seeds today instead I have some fresh
delicious kale we have some strawberries there very refreshing and it tastes good
and kale salad I also have some baby carrots we have an orange we have some
mushrooms we have some black olives and some black beans we also have some
tomatoes and some cucumbers so I’m gonna move all of this to the side so I could
put my plate here on my platter and meet you guys
oh you guys I did have my knife here it was okay I’m losing it the first thing
I’m gonna do is start with my freshly washed feel that I placed in these
Ziploc baggies and I want to break it up with my hand I
like breaking it up with my hand opposed to cutting it with a knife and you see
how fresh and crunchy this sounds so if you want to preserve your kill you can
just put in some ziplock bags and keep it to you ready to use it I’m also gonna
have some sweet peppers lots of color lots of nutrients if you guys don’t know
kale has more calcium than milk and it’s really good for a lot of different
health benefits so that’s what we’re going to start
we’re gonna start without kill you guys make sure it’s clean we’re gonna set
this to the side we could take some of the care and just add I have some carrots if you
are actually partial to some other fruits and vegetables I do make mine
salad different it depends on the fruits and vegetables that I might have on hand
at that moment I would actually use some mango I’m just gonna take this you can
remove the seeds before you start slicing and if you want more cucumbers than this
these were exiting left over from another mukbang I might end up putting
up another cucumber over there and you guys might think that strawberries don’t
go on a salad especially with all this other different stuff but every time I
take a bite of the strawberry you guys it is so refreshing every time I take a
bite of the strawberry it’s so refreshing I’m also going to top this I
ate this the other day with an Italian dressing craft
Puteri interesting but today I’m going to make my own today I’m gonna make my
own avocado dressing because someone wanted me to make my avocado dressing so
I’m gonna show you how I do that I’m just going to take mine
tomatoes cucumbers and you’re just putting a little bit of everything
lots of color and keep in mind you don’t have to use any of this stuff that I’m
using this is just my preference sorry I normally strain these but I love
mushrooms you guys so much this can of mushrooms is from Kroger’s put as many as you like I like a lot cuz
I’m greedy if I’m gonna eat a salad guys I want it to be very hearty I put
everything in my salads including the kitchen sink because I like everything
so we’re gonna open up beans beans actually stem off or you could just use
them straight out the can this is where you’re gonna get your protein from your
beans and your nuts so if you are doing a diet where you’re eating meat meatless
and you kind of want to do a vegan diet what you don’t want to add any dairy then make sure you’re
definitely adding your beans if you’re not gonna like football eggs when your
salad last night I ate the salad and I forgot to add some leaves to it you can
add as many as you want you guys I’m gonna go ahead cuz there’s just a little
left in the can well this salad is very nutritionally packed and it’s just like
I like it now if you don’t like any of these things as I said don’t ask him and
these are whole black olives and I love black olives as will you guys
so okay now we’re gonna add some pumpkin seeds pumpkin seeds have a lot of
nutritional value and next up I’m gonna take my orange cut that in half and I’m
just gonna squeeze the orange juice all over the sandwich and this is just
something that I want to do again you don’t have to do anything that I’m doing just showing you how I make my delicious
kale salad and I am going to make a dressing and put on top of here but I
won’t be showing you that in this video I won’t be showing you the dressing in
this video I will add the dressing to this delicious salad in my next video so
I’m gonna give you guys over here view of the salad I just want to move
everything out the way first so I could show you how quick and easy and
delicious this salad is let me just give you a over here view that looks yummy
everything is so fresh and delicious and you have a very nutritious filling
hearty meal in minutes so thank you guys so much for tuning in don’t forget to
give the video a thumbs up leave lots of comments down below don’t forget to
press the subscribe button turn on a notification bill and hit always and be
sure to come back for another video thanks for watching tasty McBaine
eats y’all and stay tuned for the mukbang cuz you know it’s coming soon
bye now thanks for watching or the mukbang is probably gonna be come
before the video you

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  1. My husband is sooo health conscious… I just showed him your salad πŸ₯—… it looks delicious to him too… Thanks for sharing ❀️❀️❀️

  2. This looks delicious. I love finding new kale recipes. You should try making a kale wrap. I love those

  3. Wow, now this is an amazing kale salad. This is a complete healthy meal in a salad. I got to make it this weekend. Love kale salad….. Craving it now, can't wait. Amazing job Tasty. Keep up the great work 😍

  4. Hey Vanessa how u doing I hope u blessed day my best friend salad so delicious I love eating different kind of salad I love watching your YouTube channel my friend u great person in my life u always keep πŸ’― God bless you my best friend πŸ™β€οΈπŸ™‚

  5. Hi Vanessa, how are you doing today? You know I enjoy your Recipes. Beautiful and Colorful presentation of healthy goodness on a plate. Love ❀️ It. 😍😍😍

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