How Much Brandi And Jarrod From Storage Wars Are Worth Today

Ever wondered how to make a cool couple of
million dollars? Well, one option would be to sharpen your
bidding skills and join the cast of Storage Wars. Power couple Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz
have raked in a small fortune while bidding on storage units for the A&E reality show. The pair were original cast members on Storage
Wars, which first began in 2010. After this, they became so popular with fans
and producers alike that in 2014 they were given their own spin-off, Brandi & Jarrod:
Married to the Job which followed their lives as they juggled their personal dealings with
their work. “Who are all these f—— people?” “I had to throw my pool party in the front
yard. We got the taco guy over here.” Sadly, that spin-off lasted for only eight
episodes, and Passante and Schulz decided not to continue for a second season. The two last appeared on the original Storage
Wars in March 2018, calling it quits after 11 seasons and many, many high-stakes bids. These days, the couple each maintain a much
lower profile having been able to give up the spotlight thanks to the huge stacks of
cash they raked in during their time on Storage Wars. But just how much money are Brandi Passante
and Jarrod Schulz worth today? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Passante’s
net worth hit the $2 million mark in 2019, while Schulz is reportedly also worth approximately
$2 million. Of course, Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz
wouldn’t be worth several millions dollars today if they hadn’t landed their roles on
Storage Wars. Their involvement on the beloved A&E show
reportedly came after Schulz’s aunt encouraged him to get into the storage auction business. At one auction, Schulz met the Storage Wars
producers, and eight months later they arrived at his and Passante’s antiques store to recruit
him. After subsequently meeting Passante, the same
producers decided to bring her in, too. Passante and Schulz’s playful bickering quickly
won over fans of the show. In particular, Passante’s bright demeanor
made her a firm fan favorite, while Schulz’s tendency towards impulsive bidding blended
well with his partner’s more cautious brand of buying. In fact, there’s a good reason Passante kept
cautious while bidding on Storage Wars: because Passante knew nothing about auctions before
she was cast. The whole game was more Schulz’s wheelhouse,
but the Storage Wars producers recruited her anyway, presumably because they were so taken
with the pair’s chemistry. Obviously, it’s clear that decision more than
paid off for both the show’s team and for Passante and Schulz themselves. In the early days of Storage Wars, the cast
was reportedly paid $2,000 per episode. As the show grew in popularity, however, those
salaries sky-rocketed, particularly for the original cast. By the time Passante and Schulz left Storage
Wars, they were each earning $15,000 per episode. During their spin-off, it was reported that
Passante earned around $12,000 per episode. At the same time, Schulz was earning a total
of around $58,000 per month. Passante and Schulz’s financial fortunes even
blossomed despite the fact that the second branch of their Now and Then antiques store
never turned a profit. When the couple were recruited to the show,
they had already opened a store in Orange, California. During the pair’s stint on the show, they
opened a second location in Long Beach. Sadly, since then, both stores have closed
down one in 2014 and one in early 2019. “This feels like some bad juju voodoo.” Beyond the show and their antiques stores,
much of the couple’s success comes from their other business ventures. For example, Passante and Schulz run another
store called Outlaw Apparel, which sells a range of clothing and accessories. The store opened in 2009, a year before Storage
Wars started, with Schulz himself taking on an important role in the design process for
much of the brand’s clothing. Today, with Passante and Schulz seemingly
retired from the reality TV game, the couple seem to be enjoying a more low-key way of
life. Unfortunately, in 2019, Schulz stopped appearing
in Passante’s Instagram posts, leading to speculation that the couple may have split. Although this hasn’t been confirmed, it’d
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32 thoughts on “How Much Brandi And Jarrod From Storage Wars Are Worth Today

  1. I hate this channel. Video farms. Anyway, I watched the show for a few seasons till I figured out like many that most of the bidding and unit contents were staged/prearranged before the bidding started. I always liked Brandi. She's cute, funny, smart and doesn't take crap from Jarod. I'm glad they're doing well.

  2. Brandi is hot and the reason I, I mean WE watched the show. This is a show where the Go Woke, Go Broke don't apply. Have you seen the men on the show? They were all hideous

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