Hey Guys! My name is CypherDen and before we get started, since you guys like the animation style of the last video so much, I figured why the heck not?! If I make more animations in this style, that means we’ll have more animations monthly! I can always go back and forth in the animation style depending on the video! (slow Yay!) *Throat clears* No one cares. Cypher: Well then. Anyways! HOW I MADE MONEY PLAYING POKEMON (Story time Den) Once upon a time, I was a new kid that just moved to the United States of America Aaand I knew absolutely no one in school. I spoke English, but I had a *bad accent* terrible accent Everyone had their little clicks and their friends that they knew from elementary school They would sit and talk to each other while yours truly would quietly eat my home cooked spam for lunch Yeah, I was pretty much a loser that no one wanted to talk to at all instead of making friends I decided Hey, I could always play pokemon who needs friends So I brought my favorite game in the whole wide world Pokemon silver. I would play it on the bus, during school lunch And I didn’t have to worry about being bored or having to talk to other kids Which was the best of both worlds, if you ask me. No one bothered me for a while, but this one boy Let’s call him Chad He thought that since I was a girl and Completely new to the school that he could go ahead and try to steal my game and since I was super shy and quiet that he could probably get away with it without me saying a word. Oh heck. No. That’s my favorite game in the whole wide world You think i’ma let you theavin’ buttocks take my favorite game without putting up a fight Oh not to mention my mama’s gonna beat my gluteus maximus If I let a kid steal a game that she bought with her hard-earned money Nanananana so as he grabbed my Pokemon cartridge and try to pocket it as if it was a blue-eyes White Dragon I grabbed his hands with my cat-like reflexes, and then twisted it, putting enough pressure until he dropped my pokemon game, okay I forgot to mention that my dad actually made me take Taekwondo classes when I was younger yeah Yeah, don’t ask. I kinda accidentally made Chad cry, but this also earned me some cool points with all the kids Eventually it started making friends because of well… Pokemon. I was literally the only girl in the group of kids that would bring the game boys to school. All the other kids will play pokemon for money, but I would never have money So I can never join in the first place Okay, maybe I spend my money on a couple bags of Doritos, but let’s not talk about that either I’d like to say that I love competitive battling but in all honesty. I get too frustrated when I lose in games Anywho Z’s in one of those battles. I remember a kid saying, “Aww, you have an Arcanine? Do you want to trade? Please? I would pay three dollars for that.” “No, are you crazy? I was training it for so long.” “Are you sure? That’s three dollars!” And at that very second, I saw a very promising Business opportunity my super awesome dad previously gifted me an action replay What’s an action replay you may ask? Well the action replay was the holy grail of cheat codes It was an external game cartridge that you would put your game into Before you start the game you enter a cheat screen and where you can activate any cheat code you want for any game My dad probably knew that I sucked in games in the first place, so he got me the action replay. This holy grail of a cheat device allowed me to have any Pokemon that I wanted in the game and stored it in my inbox It allowed me to have an infinite amount of any item that I wanted and allowed me to level up any Pokemon in one battle Imagine you had a level five Dratini that just defeated a level five Magikarp, and then it turns into a level 56 Dragonite in one go. I struck a gold mine But it was a secret that I had to keep. No one can know that such a device existed I turned on this golden cheat device and cheated my way into getting the main starters I made them evolve with the best moves of my choosing Unlimited power I traded my friends pokemon’s the next day and they were hooked I started trading pokemons left and right for a couple dollars each here and there All the kids would start ordering certain Pokemon’s during class. We’d trade at lunchtime Pokemons with Master balls on them would be $1 extra You know, ladies got a play it was a business. When pokemon ruby came out, there was more demand on the newer pokemons I had a chart for all the Pokemon prices Other kids from other classes started hearing about my Pokemon black market. Legendaries were obviously more expensive but I would only trade them in small amounts I couldn’t let these other kids know that I got these pokemons for free No one would ever expect a tiny little Asian girl to be selling rare Pokemon on the down-low I was an A student, so technically I got a pass for playing my game boy in class since I would finish all my classwork Earlier than anyone else. I was selling pokemons like there was no tomorrow Dolla dolla bills dropping from the skies. I kinda bought a dumb Easy Bake Oven for boys with my dirty Pokemon money You kind of put glue in it, and it comes at as bugs *Screams* Creepy Crawlers commercial It didn’t matter Anyways, eventually the principal started hearing about my Pokemon black market because well… my school was a little ghetto and someone’s Gameboy got robbed I’m still pretty sure that it was Chad, but I was also running a pokemon black market So who was I to judge? You know how everyone wanted to be like Ash when they watched Pokemon? Yeah, I kind of accidentally turned into the Team Rocket leader Just kind of taking pokemons and well just using them for my own benefits The principal wanted to know who was selling Pokemons to the other kids and how. Don’t know who snitched, but mmmmm Thanks, buddy. Thanks I think they were trying to understand the idea of Pokemon, and what was being sold Maybe they thought that I was running a Pokemon mafia of some sort. Maybe they thought that I was running a gang of some sort Either way they were looking for me. Game boys weren’t allowed to be seen in school lunch anymore Or you’ll get detention. In one of my classes, I got called into the principal’s office I was so freaking scared that they would find out that it was me What if they already knew? What if someone told them that it was me? What if they’ve seen me? Oh no… What if…? What if they tell my parents? I was freaking out while walking through the principal’s office but I had to keep my cool They can’t know. It’s not too late. I can always just run away, right? *Ahem* “Denise?” “Oh, um… Y-yes?” “Are you scared?” “Heh… I’m j-j-just a little nervous.” “Why? Did you do something bad?” “N-not that I know of.” “We called you in today because…” Hohoho grave fudgesicles on fire. They know… This is it… I need to run away forever… This is the worst thing I could have done… That damn bug oven wasn’t worth it at all. Take the bugs, they didn’t even look like real bugs “Because we wanted to congratulate you.” I’m so sor– wait wait huh? “You’re drawing in art class is going to be featured in the Queens Art Museum.” “That’s….. uh.. cool….. “Congratulations!” “Oh….. oh… ok..” Oddly enough, the day after that, my action replay cheat device broke And I was never able to use it again And that was also the last day my Pokemon black market mafia was ever heard of… ever again… *DING* Oh. The bugs are ready Hey there, just wanted to let you guys know that I’ll be going to Pax East and VidCon 2018 so make sure you’re following me @Den2Cypher on Twitter And @cypherden on Instagram In case you want to say hi or make me write my name on things or take a picture with me Are you guys sure about that? By the way, we’re also currently at 560 K subscribers And that’s… holy bananas Batman… just absolutely crazy More than half of a friggin’ million subscribers You know, I just kind of sit here sometimes thinking how crazy that is Thank you guys, so so so so so much for sticking by and listening to my dumb stories. Thank you Cause you guys are so awesome with all the fan arts, we’re giving away another tablet on the official cypherden amino Links in the descriptions down below All you have to do to enter is post a fan art of me on cypherden amino and we’ll be choosing the winners on March 11th If you enjoyed that video you already know hit that like button It makes me fart glitter, also probably subscribe because why not? And with that said I’ll see you guys later And buh buh bye! Can’t believe I started a pokemon black market

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  1. Uhhh, thats brings me back to my 6-7 class. The game Bakugan came out with this little ballmonster? and magntic cards. In my fav comic shop does things cost like 5€ each (1 Bakugan AND 1 Card) I was a huge fan form the anime series but noone knew it caus its only runs on a "gown-up" channel in the early morning and after school. I just
    brought my new Bakugans to my class. And hey every boys liked them, so the wanna knew where they came from. So i told them about the anime and after 2 weeks or so, its was the "must watch" beside pokemon and yu-gi-oh. Yep i was in a very nerdy like class. And caus of this they wanna have "real" bakugans too, so i sold my "low" power level Bakugans to them for 5€ each and if u wanna the magnatic card ( u need them so play the game ) its cost 2-3€ more. And with this money i bought myself more bakugans and slowly build up my powerfull bakugan team, the
    invincible champ… but later on the teacher knew it because one my customers mom was angry about that her son doesnt buy food from his lunchmoney, so they called my parents annddddd i got
    trouble. END 😀 ( SORRY for my bad english its not my native language, i hope u all can still understand my story )

  2. Another odd thing for a pokémon story is one time when I was shiny hunting in sword and I ran into a pokémon and then sadly it ran away before I could run up to it 🙁

  3. Im scared of traiding again because i got this shiny. Lv 100 hoopa and realizzed how long it would take for me to train my team and grind

  4. I was traiding and seling pokemon cards in scholl sence i was 1one who watch pokemon in class in english not in my language i preaper all popular pokemonsfrom new serial epizods before other kids watch it xD eazy sells

  5. Wait So Action Replayes Can Work With Ultra Sun/Moon? And Can They Be Put In Pokemon Bank? Can Someone Give me the answer?

  6. If you get the references, we should be friends:

    Cypher den: I was almost robbed by Chad!
    Chilly panda: I was robbed by Chad!
    Tabbes: I killed a guy named Chad.
    Theodd1sout: Chad made me a sandwich.
    Jaiden animations: 5 Things I hate about Chad.
    SomethingelseYT: Chad is lame.

  7. Hahaha I remember a friend of mine had a brain boy and I asked him for it and he ended up letting me keep it and I started hustling lol 25 rare candies for a quarter and depending on the rarity of a Pokémon Over a $1 lol good times 😁

  8. If I was at this school I will ask for a lv100 shiny Flareon Vaporeon jolteon Umbreon and Espeon all with master balls and Dratini in one battle it will actually turn to a dragonair. Also pikachu my leash favorite pokemon. Btw growlite evolution is by fire shone

  9. I felt that way when I went to high school also because I didn't get to go to HighSchool 2 a week later because they don't have a schedule made for me yet

  10. CypherDen: My super awesome dad gifted me an action replay!

  11. yea pokemon was allways all about cheating D; its no difference to the most recent pokemon generation where you can only get ahead of others by useing exploits ..

  12. I literally did exactly this back in the 90s with Pokemon Red. I had the Xploder cheat cartridge which was basically an action replay. I used to hand out Mew's to all the local kids. I did it for free though…

  13. Lol, I did the same at my Jr. High for Diamond, Pearl, and Platnuim – Black & White 1-2. Though, back in my Elementary there was this kid who I once thought of as a friend, he basically blackmails people…mainly me, we'd do this thing where we'd trade games or toys if we played them enough and want to try something new. But he'd do this thing where he'd ask for it back, and I ask for my thing in return. Most times he'd never give my stuff back. I'm not usually one for confrontation, and as a kid I thought I could trust him. Basically as a kid, I was pretty smart for my age, I knew that I'd get in trouble cause he'd have fuel saying that I refuse to return his things, I knew I couldn't argue back because I had no proof to give that he won't return my things. So I was stuck with this guy for a few years until grade 6, then I graduated from elementary to Jr. High. We got graduation notebooks, this guy signed it and left his number….I never once touched it since leaving that school.

  14. 7:32 Heh. Might as well.

    Oh and also, while I was playing Pokémon GO, I found a bunch of Jynxes on a park one day. And I think they're having their afternoon Zumba dance routines…

    Does that count?

  15. People with actual Gameboys are rlly lucky, I only use GBA Emulators


    No need for Action replays, i can just watch YouTube and input the dumb codes


  16. Yooooooo I did this from elementary to middle school same methods XD only people who knew it was action replay were 2 close friends but they stayed hush hush cause I had shiny legendaries for us :3

  17. Ya know the drill
    1: pikachu
    2: eevee
    3: vaporeon
    4: jolteon
    5: flareon
    7: Umbreon
    8: leafeon
    9: Glaceon
    0: sylveon
    I'm waiting till this gets 8 likes so I can like my own comment to be my fave Pokémon!

  18. did same thing in elementry school but had battles for money id have an army of magikarp at lev 60 with basic moves and hacked in hyperbeam to all of them lol

  19. No lie someone actually tried to steal my Nintendo switch out of my hand and I legitimately grabbed his neck and almost choked him in 5th grade

  20. I think we all owned a action replay just to get all the pokemon to complete the dex I never used my action replay for items or shiny pokemon I just used the action replay for mystery gifts that I couldnt get anymore so I used it for that

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