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I’m growing 5.5 trees on my house roof How? Why? How do I earn lakhs from those trees? Let’s take a look in this video Message For This Week – Week 36 Karaikudi Sa Balakumar Let’s first see why I’m growing Last month, in Delhi, Air Quality Index was between 400 and 450 Even our own Chennai witnessed smog Such nasty pollution Some cities are becoming not suitable for living There are so many reasons, but the primary one is this… In India, 65% electricity is generated by Thermal power plants i.e. Coal, petroleum are burnt and electricity is generated In that process, gases like Carbon di oxide, sulphur di oxide, nitrogen oxide are generated too They mix with air and cause pollution Also a reason for global warming So many other problems too… In 10 or 20 years, can humans live on this earth? We can’t if this doesn’t change That’s why I planted 5.5 trees on my house roof, as my share to help combat pollution How 5.5 trees? That too on the roof? I’ve installed 12 solar panels on my house roof Your jaw will drop if you get to know the price of those solar panels Before that, let me tell you how much I save through those solar panels These 12 panels generate betwen 4200 Kwh and 4500Kwh electricity every year Price of one unit electricity is 20 cents here in the Netherlands This means, for 4200 Kwh, I save 800 to 900 euros In INR, I save between 65,000 and 70,000 rupees These panels, installation, inverter – everthing cost me 6000 euros 4.5 lakhs INR Such huge investment! Is it useful? Really it is. It’s equivalent to buying 3 houses What? 12 solar panels equal 3 houses? How? I told, right? I save around 800 euros per year through these panels My total investment is 6000 euros In how many years, I’ll break even? 7 to 8 years So, whatever electricity these panels generate after 7 years is profit for me Let’s compare this with investing in a house. How much does an average flat house cost in Chennai? Let’s say 40 lakhs. Let’s assume you rent it out and get 12,000 rupees per month as rent Ok, let’s assume 15,000 rupees as rent (max) So, how much income per year? 1,80,000 So, to break even, it’ll take around 22 years So, you have to wait for 22 years to get back your investment 22 years is best-case scenario. Because you have to include maintenance charges and all other charges in the cost If you include those charges too, it’ll take about 25 to 30 years But solar panels help me break even in 7 years That’s why I said investing in solar panels is equivalent to buying 3 houses If I had more space on the roof, I would install more solar panels What’s the connection between installing solar panels and planting trees? In the last year, these solar panels generated 4200 Kwh electricity How much CO2 emissions has it saved? 1680 Kg It’s equivalent to planting 5.5 trees That’s why I said i planted 5.5 trees on my house roof I’m planting 5.5 trees every year What are the 3 benefits from this? 1. I’m breaking even in 7 years and making profit from year 8 2. Reducing CO2 emission I get satisfaction out of it, that I’m doing something good to this world 3. I’m using the space at my home very efficiently I get happiness out of it. i.e. I’m even making use of the waste space that’s on the house roof We Tamilians celebrate Pongal every year We offer thanks to Lord sun for protecting us So, let’s pray Lord sun again and ask him to protect this world even more… in the form of solar panels Let’s install solar panels. And sun will protect our planet Our chap. He’s a politician He told me that he’s also like me I asked him, “Have you also installed solar panels at your home?” He said, “No no. You haven’t planted trees, but shown records that you’ve planted 5.5 trees” In a similar way, “I’ve only shown records that I’ve laid 10 roads even though I haven’t” Watch all my videos. And share them with 5.5 people

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