He Ignored His Doctor’s Orders! | My Feet Are Killing Me

My name is O’Shay [INAUDIBLE]. I’m originally from
Memphis, Tennessee. I was here once before. You do have a skin
condition– psoriasis. It’s an inflammatory
disease of the skin. I treat psoriasis
topically with vapor rub– $0.75. Boom. Boom. So um, yeah, I’m back. [LAUGHS] [MUSIC PLAYING] [KNOCKING] – Hey.
– Oh, hello. [LAUGHS]
How are you doing? You’re back?
[LAUGHS] I am.
[LAUGHS] How are you? I’m good. Good to see you. Nice to see you again. How’s it been? Um. That doesn’t sound positive. [LAUGHING] I don’t know. Have you been doing
the vapor rub? Have you been doing anything? (HESITANTLY) No. O’Shay is so funny. I feel like he was,
like, concerned that I was going to be mad at him. [LAUGHS] The skin on your
feet, how is that? I put, like, random,
like, lotions and stuff after I get out of the shower. Random lotions, but
nothing medicated? No hydrocortisone
cream, no nothing? No. That was recommended. It was. It was a nice little pamphlet
you gave me and everything. It was, yeah. I give pamphlets. I give handouts. “This is what you got to do.” And unfortunately, O’Shay
did absolutely none of it. I read it, you know? It was– it was a good read. All right. [SQUEALS] [LAUGHS] This is the same reaction
you had last time. Ooh. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Oh, god. Look at that. I did not follow the orders. I just got kind of lazy. My feet, once again,
look like horror.

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