100 thoughts on “Have money and no skill. Show off fails. Expensive and luxury cars

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  2. I’m just going to stop watching these vids of dumb a$shol3$ with cars I wish I could get being destroyed by them dumbfu#k$ that don’t know how to drive. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  3. Fuck wits like these put other road users at risk so if they wrap them selfs around a poll I hope they end up in a wheel chair or 6 feet under

  4. @1:03 Apparently, the guy in the X3 M was too busy trying to find the switch that turns the hazards on… He's even stupider than the entire existence of such a car… 😛

  5. Tous des connards, connards. Arreter de gaspiller de l'argents dans des voitures que vous maitriser pas et aider plutôt l'environnement ou les animaux

  6. That driver of the prostreet how stupid of stunt u pulled knowing full well that light bodied car was'nt goin to handle the torque from the engine.

  7. My first reaction watching these videos is to laugh hysterically… I wonder if the idiots “driving” these cars would be upset if I were doing that with a camera in their face within seconds after they proudly displayed just how stupid they are…

  8. Anyone else getting some weird enjoyment out of watching expensive cars getting trashed maybe because the dicks driving them not the cars

  9. I laugh at how everyone urges them on wanting the to spin the tires. Standing there knowing the most likely will, but yet when they screw up they are assholes, pieces of shit and every on explicit name their is lol

  10. Then wonder why your insurance is so high, because of all the idiot drivers, distracted drivers, Douchebag drivers, retard drivers, old rip up their license drivers, unlicensed drivers, uninsured drivers, underinsured drivers, suspended drivers, revoked drivers, evading police drivers, new drivers, teenage drivers, parents teaching their clueless kids how to drive drivers, Jackoff Sport Bike "riders" (you know which ones you are, f**king idiots), undocumented (illegal alien) drivers, Terrorist Cab drivers, Out of State drivers, Foreigner drivers, Old as dirt ladies putting there mascara drivers, On their damn cell phone drivers, DWI drivers, DUI drivers, DWI drivers, Driving while high on Crack Cocaine drivers, driving while on Prescription Meds drivers, Driving while on Prescription Pain Killers drivers, etc., etc., etc., and Oh,  just plain bad will never get it ever drivers on the road. Oh how can I forget female drivers (only joking, so calm the f**k down), And the scumbags of the earth car thieves!!! And I still wonder, why ITF do I still ride around on my Harley Davidson at 67 years of age, while all these piece of shit douchebags are sharing the roads with me!! I better quit while I've been lucky and diligently alert all these years and ahead of all these scumbags sharing the road with us!!


  12. I was "why 2, number…"
    And the I realized it was also a parked mustang alongside the white pickup which caught the glimpse of the …

  13. This should be titled. Some rich peoples children going from hero to zero in 2 seconds. I wonder if they have State Farms? Causes they've seen a thing or two.

  14. There is an expression. Build not buy. Of course building can cost more but you learn respect for the vehicle etc. This day and age nobody builds they just buy the fastest thing they can afford.

  15. All the people that are recording have insane mood swings. I swear, every time it’s like:

    Showing off: “Hell yeah! Woo!”

    Accident: “OOHHHH!” or 🤦🏻

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