GTA Liberty City Stories Mobile – Mission #60 – Cash Clash

36 thoughts on “GTA Liberty City Stories Mobile – Mission #60 – Cash Clash

  1. Every GTA LCS video so far is maximum 8 minutes long… Passing them in 30 seconds + cutscenes + the way there = 2 minutes

  2. Need GTA Online friends to do jobs and stuffs. Requirements: Lv 50 least, PC, mic working, in Asia, speak English as well. If you meet that add me on Social Club and send "It's me on youtube!". I usually onl at 1h and sometimes at 4h30 GMT+7 (Thailand), so if u can onl at that time add me even if u r not Asian. Thanks guys!

  3. do you know how to make it more simple than this…….., just shoot the rockets from the front of the first truck from opposite to their moving direction 😀

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