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What’s up guys. Jen, I’ll bring it here
and welcome to side hustler TV. Listen, do you want to learn how to get cash
into your PayPal account directly in just minutes? Well, let me tell you how to
do it. Would you want to do is go to WW. Dot. [inaudible] all right guys, welcome back. Listen, if you haven’t
subscribed yet to my channel, please do. Um, I’ve got new videos coming out every
single week teaching you guys how to make money online to do it the right way,
the smart way and the legit way. Absolutely love doing this. I love
sharing my value with you guys, sharing with you how I’ve been making
money and what I’ve been doing as a stay at home dad. Now listen, if you’d like me, you want to jump to the head of the
line and learn how I do what I do. Uh, that has given me time,
freedom and financial freedom
for myself and my family. I’m going to put a link below so you can
access a free video where you will meet me personally and I’ll
show you how I do it. Okay. Listen a welcome and
let’s get right into it. So first things first, you’re
going to go to this website here. I’ll show you here in a second. And what you can do is you can
do various different, um, tasks. You’ve probably seen
things like this before, but this is a totally different website. What I love about this is first things
first is you can see up here on the right hand side is this is actual
live. I’ll refresh it. This is live data of people. So you can
see here, today’s February 24th, 2020, depending on when you’re
watching this 2:06 PM, that’s probably Eastern standard time. Um, but you could see here somebody just
finished a survey. They got paid about 20. This person got paid two 28. This
person got 80 cents, 80 cents. Uh, this person got points. So this
is like a trade in point type thing. So you can see here, there’s all
different types of ways to do it. Now what you want to do is you go up
here to what’s called the offer walls. Now there’s all different types of
things. You can obviously do surveys. I know people hate surveys, but if
that’s your thing, you can go for it. What I like to do down here is
go to this button at the bottom. It’s called engage videos.
And when you click on that, you’ll see here there’s all
different types of videos. But it’s what’s cool is you
can pick your um, niche. Now before this, when I shared, I’ve
shared some video stuff in the past, you kind of, you kind of were stuck
with what you were stuck with. But here, if you’re into food, if you’re into
music, if you’re into celebrities, viral beauty, life gaming, you can watch these videos and you’d
probably have to like or comment or share and you’d get paid 66 cents. So videos are gonna range
a few minutes more minutes. My guess is the more money they
pay you, the longer the video. But all you have to do is click
on these, watch these videos, and you will get that PayPal
cash into your account. Now this goes without saying, you need a
PayPal account. If you do not have one, it takes two seconds to sign up, head over to but
when you come to the site, you’re just going to go to the
top right? It’s going to say, uh, sign up and that’s it. All you have
to do is put in first name, last name, email, password, address, enter in
your PayPal account. Now if you’re, if you’ve, I personally be honest with
you, I’ve never heard of Payza or Scrill, but if that’s your jam, go for
it. If you’re a Bitcoin person, that’s another thing. Maybe that’s
just my age. I’m not into that. But you can get paid by Bitcoin as well.
And then just answer the questions. Yes, I’m 18 years of
older and so on. Um, you, you’ve reviewed the policy. Click,
I’m not a robot. Create account. And literally within seconds you’re, you’re ready to rock and roll and you
guys can start going through this and start making money. The best thing to
do is to go up to this offer walls. Now here’s the site. It’s called super pay
me or super Now, what I want to show you real quick
is if you head over to something called You can see
here over 760 reviews. It looks like four and a half. I’d say that’s pretty close
to four Oh 4.79 rating. So all these um, reviews,
so this is legit. This person says surveys are too hard
to qualify for. That could be true. So maybe stay away from surveys, but it says it’s a cool place
to earn quick cash, good site, fairly easy to earn,
very nice fast payment. This is an awesome site that allows
you to make quick dollar a couple of dollars, couldn’t just give it a good
review. I had to give it a blah, blah, blah review. Great way to make some
extra money. So it goes on and on and on. So if you’re looking to make some
quick cash guys, check it out. Totally, Juliet. Super go to offer wall and
just check out these various offers. You might have to scroll through
a bit to find what works for you. If you want to get started right away, I recommend going to the
engage videos tab. Now, another cool thing is to have contests
here so you can earn $1,000 cash contest. Now you can look at this person here.
This person has earned over 2 million. Now I don’t know how they did that. Um, what’s that bright? Is that
2 million? Oh, that’s 2000. So over 2000. So this person’s probably
cranking pretty hard on this. Um, but it looks like the
prize value’s three 50, so they probably accumulated 2000
and then the prize value is three 50. I believe that’s what it is.
But there’s all different types. So you can do cash contest,
350 bucks, not a bad gig. Um, I’m not going to go too deep into that.
I like to go for the quick cash. Um, but let’s say you set aside an hour
a day to pump out a couple videos. You could bring in an extra couple
of hundred bucks a month easily. So very, very cool stuff. Now, a lot of people ask me how I make money
online and I share a lot of videos on here and how you guys can make money.
Cause a lot of people ask me, you know, they’re looking for quick cash, but a lot of the stuff is easy to
do stuff that I’ve done before. Um, but the difference, the, um, the difference is you’re trading time
for money. Okay. I’ve tried surveys, I’ve done all that kind of stuff. But
again, I’m trading time for money. It wasn’t till I learned how to make
money passively that my life changed where I wasn’t trading time for money. See,
before I started to make money online, I was cleaning gutters, I was washing
windows, I was picking up odd jobs. Mind you, I was a new dad in my, so I got started a little late and I was
trying to make extra money to take care of this new kid in this house we
bought and all this stuff. And, um, it was tough, but it wasn’t until I learned how to
create systems that worked for me on the back end and get connected with the right
people to teach me how to do all this right. All this crazy nonsense that I was able
to start making some great extra money on a side hustle that could potentially
be a fulltime hustle, right? Just depends on how much
work you put into it. And that’s when everything
started to change for me, right? The time freedom started to open up, we
started to get more financially secure. It’s just fantastic. So if you
want to learn how to do that, guys, I’ll put a link below. You can check
out, there’s a free video in there. You’ll meet me, my big mug, uh, and learn a little bit more about me
and how I do this and how you can do it too. I hope you check it out.
I’ll put that link below. I wish you guys all the best.
Keep hustling and have a good one.

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