Easy Money! EASY $892! Free Crypto for Everyone! No Investment!

I have here today, 445500 Ecoins and its current value is $892! Hello! Welcome back again to Earn Money with Aiza and my name is Aiza Mercado. For today’s video, i will be sharing you another Airdrop where we can get cyrpto currency and you can earn really a lot here! If this is your first time on my channel please help me reach 300,000 subs by subscribing and let me give you guys mobile phone giveaway and if you want to win 500 pesos gcash ampao just fill up the google form on my comment section. Let me shout out “Negostong Pilipino” same content as me where we can make money online. Actually, he is new here in the industry so let us help and support our filipino YouTuber too! I will put his link on my description below and subscribe to him as well and if ever he posted any video with investment always take his disclaimer and research first before investing! Lets proceed now with our video tutorial and the name of this site is called “Ecoin”. Ecoin is a crypto currency with airdrop which technically you will get free 1000 ecoins from signing up. 350,000 sign ups in just 9 days! So why Ecoin is very unique? For me, 1) Referral strategy. All new sign ups under your link, will be given away free Ecoins! Thats to all sign ups and will verify their email. So when you refer friends, you will earn money and your referral will earn ecoins as well! 2) Instant Transfer you can transfer ecoins to ecoins. 3) Interest part of this airdrop is you can earn monthly profit! Take note: this is all 100% free but when you stake or hold you Ecoins you can earn monthly interest too! 4) You can withdraw Ecoin whenever you needed once ecoin released on the market anytime we can withdraw or simply hold it so you can have monthly profit. 5) Referral program up to 2nd level. When you refer friends, you will get 1000 ecoins and when your referral refer friends which it will be your 2nd level referral you will get 250 ecoins! Check our description for the link open it and click here to sign up now. and you will be ask for your 1st name, last name, email address, password, confirm password, check “i agree” then sign up now. Take note: Ecoin are still not available in the market. this is just an airdrop which means, for now we need to wait and earn and when it released on the market we can withdraw it right away. Now, we can gather Ecoins by inviting friends or it is optional. Lets talk about Saving and Current Balance… I have here in my saving balance of 445,550 ecoins and its current value is $892 usd. Future value when 10 ecoins become $1 i will get $44,580 usd thats if Ecoin users reached 1 million. So the more Ecoin users registered more potential we can earn using this Airdrop so start inviting people, if you want. Here in saving balance, monthly interest based here. In my current level, 12% is my monthly interest, Then in current balance, this is the balance where you can withdraw your Ecoin when it released on the market. Then again, monthly interest will be based in your “Saving balance”. And when you transfer your savings to current balance you can withdraw it right away when market is released. For me, since Ecoin is still not yet listed on the market just let it stay here in your saving balance while waiting for the market, you are still earning profit. Now to Transfer Saving Balance to Current Balance? Click this “unfreeze”. Then enter here the amount you wanted to transfer then request. There you go, announce will be made 2 days so please be patient. And withdraw request amount will be transferred to current balance after 1 month. The 100 ecoins i requested, after a month it will be reflected in my current balance. Next, how to transfer Current Balance to Savings to get monthly interest, click this save and earn. Put here the amount, like “250” then request. My current balance is now 0 because its already in my savings now. Thats how easy we can get monthly profit using Ecoin and how we can multiply it. Let’s talk about how we can multiply our Ecoins more. 1) Refer friends and you will get 1000 ecoins for level 1 2) You will earn 250 Ecoins when your referral refers too 3) Staking, when you put your Ecoins on your Savings you will earn monthly interest. Let me share that the monthly interest percent will based on the level of your account. So here, click this information and level of account will be shown here. In level 1, change maker. You need to refer 1 that will sign up and verify email. Level 2, Pioneer. Refer 5 friends with Change Maker lvl. Level 3, Innovator. Refer 5 friends with Pioneer lvl. Level 4, Revolutionary. Refer 5 friends with Innovator lvl. Level 5, Visionary. Refer 5 friends with Revolutionary lvl. 4) Earn 100 Ecoins when people viewed your link. Its okay if he/she did not signed up with your link as long as he clicked your link, you will get 100 Ecoin. 5) Trade Account Become a trader, buy and sell Ecoins from one another. Proceed here in Sell Ecoins you need to hold a minimum balance. You must have atleast 1000 Ecoins on your current bal to use this buy and sell feature. For now, i can’t demo it because im still waiting for 1 month transfer Savings to Current balance. If you want to know more about Ecoins and how it works you can read Frequently Asked Questions possible questions can be answered from here. Browse it here to read more. Take note: THIS IS NOT ICO. This is Airdrop and its all 100% free. No investment needed! This is my presentation for Ecoin, for now how it works, how to stake and how to refer friends. This is just a part 1, wait for my 2nd video when its listed on the market so i can show you proof of withdrawal. Then again, thanks again for watching! Don’t forget to like this video and help me reach 3000 Youtube subscribers! That will be all, stay cool and stay payaman! My name is Aiza Mercado and have a great day!

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  2. Hello Aiza , How are you ?
    I request to you that please make a video on legit Bitcoin investment platform . Thank you….

  3. Mam aiza paano po if walang mainvite or ung mga ininvte ko under me eh hindinmag regstr? Wla din bang mangyari? Mga killjoy ksi mga kakilala ko, kainis

  4. ito ung vloger na nakakatulong na nag papa give away pa ng 500 sa mga subscribers nya sobrang bait doble doble tulong salamat more subscribers!

  5. ask ko lang ate Aiza. ano po ba talaga? 1 million user or 1 billion? sabi nyo po kasi dito sa vlog nyo 10 ecoins = $1 pag nag 1 million user. pero nabasa ko sa FAQ saka lang mag e-enable yon pag na-reach yung billion user.

  6. just a moment you say you earn from that 892$ how long you take to withdraw this price πŸ™‚
    it was better to make faster tips to earn $$$$$

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