Earn Unlimited PayPal Cash in BuzzBreak Legit 100%

Alright guys, welcome back again and as you can see I received email from Paypal that my requested withdrawal from BuzzBreak App is already credited to my PayPal account and if we check on my PayPal account as you can see here guys, I received $0.02 USD from Parko Tech Inc. and let’s click so there it is guys, Payments Status has already been completed If you’re interested to any extra income online legit paying paying application that we can earn or any application tricks just check my videos here on my Channel and don’t forget to Subscribe and press Notification bell so you’ll be Updated for my future uploads What’s up guys! I just came back from vacation and it’s been days I was not able to upload videos anyway guys, Welcome back to my another video for today and I will share another legit application where we can earn by just simply reading news and I will also share my simple tricks to this application on how I collects points without doing anything from the app literally, you don’t need to do anything all you have to do is to open the application only then you’re good to go. so before with that guys let’s have a shout out first Alright so the name of the app is BuzzBreak News this app is available only at Android device so here guys upon opening the application you will received a bonus of $0.005 USD just click Claim button to claim it and then here guys, you will be ask to login your Facebook in order to use this application so the requirement on this app is to login your Facebook account alright let me just login my facebook account here alright so click Got it then click again Got it Alright guys, here’s the tricks first thing first is click the gift icon here to collect 200 points or worth of $0.002 USD so just tap on it and as you can see guys, you just earned 200 points and then just wait to load this basically there is a countdown before you can able to collect another points alright guys, on the second time you collect the points which is the 75 bonus points for another 4th times make sure guys not to close the app or open any apps until you finished to collect all the 75 bonus points 4th times so that the next bonus points will shown here which is the 200 points from referral otherwise it will not appear because that’s a bug and I already emailed their support about this alright so let’s continue to collect another points so let’s just wait the refresh time I think guys, approximately, the countdown is around 30 to 35 seconds so let’s click again so as you can see another bonus points which is 200 points from referral has appeared just click enter to collect bonus 200 points and put your Referral code here If you don’t have yet, I will leave my referral code in the description so just click confirm so as you can see guys, I have now 700 points and that is equivalent to $0.007 USD and here in Referral each referral is you will earn 500 points and for every 5 points your directly referred earns, you will get 1 point alright guys, so here’s my another tricks to collect points without doing anything so what we gonna do is we just need to use another app which is the auto-clicker application so here guys, this point controller just place on it to the gift button and at the settings just click this so let’s set it up here for 40 seconds alright and then click close then click start button once you clicked the start button it will be automatically start claiming points alright guys, let’s have a Withdrawal Test if this app is paying or not so here the only payment method is PayPal so here make sure to enter your correct PayPal email otherwise if you clicked already the confirm button you will no longer able to change your PayPal email alright so let’s just wait a few minutes to be completed my transactions and I’ll get back again alright guys, welcome back again and as you can see I already received email from PayPal that my requested withdrawal from BuzzBreak has already credited to my PayPal account and if we check on my PayPal account as you can see here guys, I received $0.02 USD from Parko Tech Inc. so that’s it guys, and this really easy to use nothing so much to do and it’s just an auto claim only by doing those simple tricks and by the way guys, I used farming tricks here that’s why I earned points so much in just a minute only but I will not share this trick for now co’z I’m not sure if this is really safe I will just observe for now in the next days and if my account will not be banned then I will make a follow up video and share this farming tricks with you guys alright guys so that’s it and if you like this our another extra income video for today guys give a thumbs up and don’t forget to Subscribe and hit the Notification bell so you will be updated for my next upload.

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