Earn $100 – $500 a Day Online SIMPLY COPY & PASTE ADS (Newbies On Fire)

hey if your search in YouTube right now
for how to make money online I know there’s a bazillion videos out there but
I want you to stop for a second and I want you to watch this one all the way
through cuz I want to share with you a very simple system that I’ve been using
for a year and a half in this system I’ve been able to generate one hundred
to five hundred dollars per day and I’m gonna share with you exactly how I do it
in this video and I’m not the only one having success newbies on fire newbies
on fire with this system like Virginie from California $500 inches two days or
how about Miranda Western Australia 500 dollars in just nine days of joining
or how about Wallace from Arizona $2,100 in just 30 days and there’s dime from
California 600 dollars in just 2 days of joining her Sam from UK he got his very
first sale online within 24 hours or joining hobbits Shondell from Tennessee
$500 within the first 24 hours of joining for Allison from Florida 500 dollars in
5 days of joining or Ruth from North Carolina 500 dollars in just 2 days
or Don from Maine his very first sale online after struggling for years
or how about Ally Australia $1,300 for very first month with this very simple
system and I can go on and on and on Vicki from Australia $900 her first week
of joining How about Ann from Oregon $1500 in just 11 days or Christina from Idaho
made $3,300 her first month or Carol from Indiana $1,300 in just
two days after joining Steven from Las Vegas
$4,400 his first month or Chris from Arkansas $2,000 his first month. Ann from
Washington $1,500 within two weeks of join or Pandora from Georgia
$600 her first month and Roger from Colorado $1,200 in just two days hey
guys it’s Dan Froelke here and if this is your first time on my channel welcome
this channel is all about how to make money online how to generate a full-time
or part-time income so you can create a life of financial freedom and time
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for you when you decide to join me in this incredible work from home
opportunity ok so right now I want to show you how to make money online. let’s
get started now I want to show you some results that I beginning with this
system this very simple copy and paste ads system that I’m about to show you but
first you know I get this question asked to me lot they say hey Dan I know you’ve
been in this program for a while is it still is it still working yes absolutely
I have been in it for a year and a half now and it is a very consistent income
for me as a matter of fact when I first joined I had no idea that this could be
a multiple six-figure income for me I just thought you know it’d be a nice
little income stream to add but I want to show you now these amazing results
from this system but first I have a disclaimer as I always do
alright now these results are not typical these are my results I work very
hard for these results and in no way do I guarantee or imply that you will get
these results if any at all. alright so what I want to do now I want to show you
the date okay cuz that’s pretty relevant let’s go over here let me show you the
date here and it’s the 19th of February 2020 okay Wednesday February 19 2020. Ok
so bring this back over here and I will login to my members area all right let’s look at the profile here
so you know that it is me and that is me here it’s Dan Froelke don’t worry that’s
not my real home address all right let’s go to the members area here and it’s a
little slower because I am recording so just hang in there with me
we’re gonna go to Commission’s so again it’s February 19, 2020
I’m already at eleven thousand seven hundred dollars and these are $100
payments $200 $300 and $500 payments paid directly to me all right
instantly and paid directly to me they’re not fifty percent commissions
they’re not eighty percent commissions these are 100% commissions
all right I just want to go up here I’ll show you a few months prior here okay so
we’re just in the middle of February $11,700. last month
$24900. December was an awesome month over $30,000 dollars with this system right
here as you can see let me go down all right so this side this side are the
same it’s just a graph right here but as you can see I mean that’s $800 day
$1,200 day one hundred nineteen hundred every day commissions every single day.
That’s how powerful this very simple member to member program is and I
absolutely love it it’s the best small ticket business out there by far let’s
go back a couple more November $25,700 October $26,800 September 21 so I can go
on and on you guys and I really don’t want to wear it out here but it but I
just want you to know that I am on the level to show you how to do this okay
cuz that’s the most important part you have to have a sponsor that walks the
walk okay let’s get on with the video all right let’s get started right now so
I want to share you a business that I’ve been involved with for over
and a half right now it’s called instant cash solution and that’s how I earn 100
to 500 dollars per day with a very simple copy and paste ads system and as
you saw earlier newbies on fire with this ok newbies are on fire with this
system right here because you know all we’re doing we’re just learning a few
skills and putting those skills to work and earning between 100 to 500 dollars
per day with this system now in this video you will learn what is instant cash
solution? is instant cash solution a scam? what is the ICS compensation plan? how do
we make money? okay what is the sales process and what to expect from me when
you join me in this business? and lastly my exclusive team bonuses
what is ICS well instant cash solution is membership based platform focused on
online marketing education members have 24/7 access to the ICS business center
which contains a huge volume of marketing training resources strategy
and tools you’ll also get access to the ICS Marketing System and by using the
training and the resources within the system you can develop the necessary
skills to create a nice little income stream for yourself. now what I really
like about this you can learn these skills that you’re learning here and
apply them to other businesses out there ok so it’s not just exclusive to ICS is
it a matter of fact we have people who join ICS just for the training and as an
option once you are a member you will get the resell rights to sell ICS
memberships to others ok cuz that’s how we make money all right in that’s just
an option is this a scam? Absolutely not this is not just a money game a Ponzi
scheme a scam or people just exchanging money ICS is a community of
entrepreneurs and online marketers and it’s a hundred percent legitimate home
based business. we are selling a turnkey home base
this with an educational platform to master online marketing to make extra
money from home and ICS is a membership platform based on simplicity and
affordability to the masses and I’m gonna get into that in a little bit in
ICS members have lifetime rights to all marketing resources. what exactly are we
doing? Well it’s a very simple sales process
you’re gonna copy paste pose to generate leads oK we’ve got free methods and paid
methods online or offline to generate your leads you can post our pre-written
ads every day you can post on classified ad sites and social media platforms
Facebook groups Craigslist Instagram etc now if you have a little bit of money to
spend we have paid methods as well okay you could do solo ads SMS and text
marketing ringless voice mail drops in other PPC platforms. Or you can
participate in my team traffic co-op which allows you to get top tier one
traffic to your website at a discounted price. we also have something very
special to help close your sales we’ve got the owner the actual owner of the
system who helps close your sales every single week okay and here’s how this
works you’re gonna invite your prospects to our weekly live business overview and
again that’s every single week and the owner Rich Mayer makes sales for us for
our members during our weekly webinar so again you’re gonna invite your prospects
to our weekly live webinar overview Rich does a great job it’s a whole hour long
they can ask questions at the end and then after that he’ll say now I want you
to get back to the person who invited you here and this is how I get a lot of
my sales right here and it can help you out as well too okay so this is a huge
feature our weekly live webinar business overview. Hey if you are enjoying the
content of this video right now then go ahead and hit the like button below give
me a big thumbs up I would appreciate that. Also I want
to tell me what country you’re from in the comments below that way I can create
more videos on how to make money online from your area okay. Let’s get back to
the video so how do you get paid well this is a member to member platform you
get paid instantly and directly by other members okay there’s no waiting for
checks there’s no holding of the funds members will earn a hundred percent
Commission’s on all the membership sales when someone buys a bronze membership
from you you will earn a hundred dollars a silver membership two hundred dollars
the gold membership three hundred dollars in a platinum membership five
hundred dollars and these are instant commissions a hundred percent
Commission’s sent directly to you okay there’s a one-time admin fee depending
upon which level that you come in and it’s either $29 or $79 and again
one-time admin fee there’s no annual fees no monthly fees no qualifying and
this is not MLM all right and you can only earn Commission’s for the
membership level you own in lower levels beneath you these are just a handful of
payment methods you can use in your business okay. remember you are an
independent business owner you can accept any form of payment you like cash
money order cashier’s checks etc stripe cash app Google Wallet solid trust pay
Zelle authorized.net Dwolla ORU even PayPal however that’s not recommended
and Walmart to Walmart money grant now I want to tell you what exactly you can
expect from me as your sponsor because you know I’ve
been online for nine years I am the top earner in ics, instant
cash solution and I have been ever since I joined I helped a lot of people out as
you can see by the very beginning of this video and that’s what really brings
me great joy because you know what a long time ago when I first started I had
sponsors that left me high and dry right and I swore if I ever was successful
I’d be the very best sponsor that I could be. now what you’ve
experience from other business opportunities in sponsors well lots of
hype right lots of promises. just like a button no work the money just flows in
no one there to answer your questions and after you sign up your sponsor
vanishes and there’s no one to guide you well unfortunately that’s typically what
happens in this work for home business opportunity niche and in all my 9 plus
years of experience in this niche I know this to be true ok in order to succeed
in a home-based business you want to position yourself with a proven system
and here’s the thing a sponsor who walks the walk with someone who’s involved
with a solid opportunity with a great track record as being a leader someone
who earns over six figures per year right because after all if your goal is
financial freedom only someone who is financial free can show you how to do it
right only makes sense and someone you can speak with personally someone who’s
going to tell you the truth. personal one-on-one help from an expert and
that’s what you need. and here’s exactly how it works when you allow me to help
you number one first of all you’re gonna make a decision right number two you’re
gonna get the instant cash solution system hopefully you know you can swing
it at the $500 level so you won’t miss out on any Commission’s or team bonuses
you’re gonna receive an extensive welcome email with my fast start
blueprint and I will personally give you a call welcome you to my team and
schedule our first coaching call. our first call lasts about 45 minutes we set
your system up and cover the back-office training in resources and you’ll also
get continued personal one-on-one support how do I know that this is gonna
work for you? well the only results that I have to go on is my own and the
results of people who allowed me to help them the personal one-on-one support
that I provide gives you the very best probability of achieving success how
does my one-on-one support work? by scheduled appointments email responses
screen-sharing while we’re on the phone together how often as often as you need
it alright so what I want you to do now I want you to click the link in the
description below this video right here to learn more about ICS and to see all
my team bonuses I’ve got a lot of great team bonuses when you join me in this
business I even help pay for traffic for you okay
I even put my money where my mouth is and pay for traffic and that’s all on
the link right below. and as always I have all my contact information on that
page as well and I will be standing by to answer any questions you have all
right hey thanks for watching I really appreciate it have a great day!

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