E-order imtiyozli tibbiyot. mGovAward

Hi my friend! Are you coming? Hi! Yes, I am here How are you my friend? What`s wrong? Are you Ok? Yes it’s OK, but … What is it my friend?
How can I help you? I wanted to ask you some money. As you know, I have a severe illness. Doctors said I need to
have an operation. But for that I have no money. Moreover,
I couldn’t take Order. This is why I need your help,
my friend, if you can. Couldn’t you get the Order?
Why not? Did you try? Yes, I have. Let me tell you how
I suffered to get an Order Yuqori malakali tibbiy xizmat,
davlat budjeti hisobidan tibbiy yordam ko’rsatiladigan imtiyozli
shaxslarga order asosida O`zbekiston Respublikasining eng
yuqori tibbiyot markazlarida
bepul amalga oshiriladi. Ammo shu orderni ayrim hollarda olish
bemorlarga turli xarajatlar va yugur – yugurlarni olib keltirib chiqaradi.
O`zi shundoq ham qiynalgan bemorlar
turli yo`qotishlarga uchraydilar. Yo`lkira xarajatlari, muassasalarda
vaqt yo`qotishlar, turli
asab buzarliklar va hz. People with order can be treated
in the Republic of Uzbekistan with a high quality medical
care free of charge. That is financed by the government.
However, getting this order causes the already-suffering
patients a lot of troubles, such as transport costs, standing
in long queues, extra
tension and so on. In short, that is it, my friend As you know, I also had an operation,
with the help of the Order. If you want I can help you to
get it as well. But it may
cost you a little money Order for money, oh not
man. I can’t do it. Ok. I should go now. Wait, wait No, I should go Suit yourself Good morning, oh my friend, how
are you? Can you take me to … Yes, of course get in. Where should you go? As you know, I have applied
for an Order. Today morning they called
me from the polyclinic, and said that I have been
granted with an order. So I am going to pick it up Oh really! Did you get an order? Yes, my friend. It seems so. Oh wait wait… So bro, please explain
me how you got it. Tell me my friend, if there
is any money that I should
give someone, I am ready. No, bro. There is no corruption
involved. Everything can be done electronically
through a mobile application. Here, you fill in this form
and upload your documents. After you send your application,
the health experts will
review you application and if it is meant in the legislation
to give an order for your illness, they will grant it to you immediately
or put you in the waiting list. You can check your waiting position
online. When your turn
comes, they will call you Wow, it is so easy. If I had known
it, I would have done it. Yeah, it’s hard to believe, but
as you see, it is possible. Then let’s go and take the order. How does this system work? The electronically submitted
applications are first received
by the technical staff. He/she checks for the completeness
of the application. Only the complete applications
will be forwarded to the commission
of experts anonymously. At the second stage, the experts check if the applicant’s
illness is stated in the list of illnesses whose
treatment costs are funded by the government. This list is given in the appendices of
the decree of the President of Republic
of Uzbekistan (30.10.2017 No.5216) and the order of Minster of Public
Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan
(22.01.2018 No.41). If the applicant indeed
has such a privilege, the experts will make a positive
decision to put him/her in the waiting
list to give the Order. After that, the candidate will be
registered in the waiting list of
his own living area (district). This is done by the chief medical
officer of that district. If it cannot be done at the level of district,
the candidate will be put in the
waiting list at the republican level.

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