Coronavirus a souvislost s 5G sítí

Hello friends, today we will talk again about Coronavir and also about 5g technology. Last video about Coronavirus did not like Youtube so I better removed it so we see how it will react to this video If we want to understand the situation around the Chinese coronavirus epidemic (2019-nCoV / COVID-19), we must first clarify the connection with 5G.
This link has been underlined in the last two or three weeks by various independent researchers, although Google, as the self-appointed NWO Chief Censor, does its utmost to sweep the links under the carpet. The correlation between coronavirus and 5G does not mean that the biological weapon theory does not apply, but rather clarifies other aspects of the event. Wuhan was one of the cities chosen to test the 5G network in China on 31 October 2019, almost exactly two months before the outbreak. Many scientific papers confirm that 5G technology causes flu symptoms. This video reveals various contexts that are not discussed, including that 5G aggravates or induces exactly the kind of disease attributed to the new virus. Rabbit burrow is deep, so hup into it. 5G as a type of targeted ENERGY WEAPON Many people around the world, from concerned citizens to scientists and politicians, are beginning to realize what risky technology is. For this reason, it has also been banned in numerous places, for example, Brussels, the Netherlands, some areas of Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, the USA and Australia. She is not only the next generation of mobile networks, after the 4G. It is a radically new technology of a completely different type for the battlefield, which is now being deployed in the civilian sphere. It is a phase-based weapon that is sold and MASKES as a COMMUNICATION SYSTEM, while the same frequency it uses is the basis of Active Denial systems for mass control. Even mainstream Wikipedia describes these systems as a WEAPON based on energy routing. Active Denial systems can scatter crowds through the use of energy to induce immediate intense pain, including a feeling of severe skin burning. Let’s not forget that energy-based weapons (DEW) played a role in the fall of the Twin Towers on September 11 and in the rise of false California forest fires. Many scientists warn of 5G technology health threats. For example, in the 2017 call, Scientists and Physicians warn against the possibility of serious health damage due to 5G exposure, the following words were said to address non-ionizing RF / EMF radiation: “The effects include increased cancer risk, increased cell stress, an increase in the number of harmful free radicals, genetic damage, structural and functional changes in the reproductive system, learning and memory disorders, neurological disorders, and a general negative impact on human health as a whole. The damage is not just human – increasing evidence suggests the existence of negative effects on both animals and plants. ” When you listen to Mark Steele and Barrie Trower, you get the terrible consequences of 5G’s full-scale effect.
In this interview, Trower highlights how 5G destroys the immune system of trees and kills insects. It reveals how the weapon potential of 5G radiation was tested in 1977. The result was severe demyelination – the destruction of the nerve cell protective shells. In some countries, 90% of insects (including pollinators) have disappeared, gathering around the lamps where 5G transmitters are installed. Wu-chan MILITARY GAMES and pandemic simulations When you dive deep enough, you get into the worrying relationship of 5G with the men who have been or were behind the development of vaccines against new viruses such as ebola, zika, or this new coronavirus COVID-19.
The author, with the literary pseudonym Annie Logical, has done a great deal of research and finding connections. She summarized everything in a great article by Corona Virus Factors and The Link To 5G Testing. It contains a lot of information, which I will gradually expand for the sake of clarity. From 18 to 27 October 2019, World War Games took place in Wuhan‼
On this occasion (for the first time ever) a 5G network was used. At the same time (October 18), the Johns Hopkins Center, along with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, organized a pandemic simulation event. Its name was (Event 201 – Global Pandemic Coping Exercise). Guess what virus they chose by chance for their simulation? Koronavirus! And what cell of the animal was he supposed to come from? Z prasete! (Originally it was said that COVID-19 originated from the sea creatures market and the fish were fed to pig manure there.) Event 201 includes the UN, the pharmaceutical lobby, Bill Gates (a key person in promoting vaccination, implantation of microchips to humans, and the 2030 Agenda) and both the Chinese and the American Center for Disease Prevention and Treatment. The participants recommended that governments force social media to prevent “fake news” and that the World Health Organization should become the only provider of information in a pandemic. Inovio, electroporation and 5G According to information dated January 24, 2020, the US biotechnology and pharmaceutical company Inovio received a grant of $ 9 million for the development of a coronavirus vaccine. Innovation received the money from the “Coalition for Innovation Related to Epidemic Preparation” (CEPI), although they already have an existing joint partnership. In April 2018, they received up to $ 56 million to develop vaccines against Lassa fever and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). CEPI was founded in Davos by the governments of Norway and India, the Wellcome Trust… and the participants of Event 201: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation The CEO of CEPI is a former director of BARDA (US Office for Advanced Biomedical Research). Inovio said it had developed a coronavirus vaccine within two hours! Such a statement is absurd. Either they are lying or they already had it because they knew in advance that the coronavirus would be released among humans. Who owns and leads Inovio? Two key men, David Weiner and dr. Joseph Kim. Weiner taught Kim at the University. Weiner participated in the development of the vaccine against HIV and Zika virus, Kima was funded by a large pharmaceutical company Merck and is the author of the so-called porcine circovirus (PCV 1 and PCV 2). As already mentioned, there is a link between porcine vaccines / porcine DNA and coronavirus; Annie Logical points out that “it has been known for years that marine animals are fed pig pig in the area”. Kim has been a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council for 5 years. This is another body that imposes a global government and a new world order on behalf of the 2030 Agenda. Weiner, a FDA employee and consultant, is considered an expert in DNA technology and developed a new method of DNA transfer called electroporation. This is a microbiological technique that, with the help of electrical pulses, creates temporary pores in the cell membranes through which chemicals, drugs or DNA can be transported to the cell. This method can be used to deliver DNA vaccines that function by altering host DNA by foreign DNA introduced into host cells. This means that when you take a DNA vaccine, you allow someone to change your DNA! As if the vaccines weren’t terrible enough anymore … And here’s the most nutritious information: as we said before, pulse waves are needed for electroporation. Guess what else uses pulse waves? 5G! This is either a shocking coincidence or evidence of a strange association between 5G and coronavirus. Annie writes:

“It is the same mechanism that the 5G technology works – and the coronavirus began to spread in the region of China that hit 5G! So we see that geneticists and other scientists are playing with the cornerstones of our existence. It is disturbing that prof. Wiener worked intensively with the HIV virus, which we know appeared shortly after millions of Africans received polio vaccination. Scientists have improved methods to introduce animal or avian DNA into human chromosomes that alter ours and cause bleeding, fever and even death. ” Thus, the complete gene sequence of this virus (Wuhan Coronavirus) was analyzed and compared to the full gene sequences of all other coronaviruses for which we have data. There is one strange element that doesn’t belong there; It was found to correspond to vector technology, which was published in 1998 by the National Academy of Sciences protocols. This vector technology is the mechanism by which molecular biologists insert new genes into viruses and bacteria. It is indeed unusual to find a vector-based sequence in a virus that circulates people in the blood, so it can reasonably be assumed that this particular virus is of laboratory origin. So we can rule out its natural origin. ” And what in the media do you hear ?? – The virus is best spread to older people unable to fully exploit the immune system
– The virus would have to be modified to complement the story with infections and wildlife. After all, in your TV, you tell everyone that the virus originated from camels, bats, or fish. Correct 1 + 2=equal to 3!
– In China, Wuhan was paralyzed by the 5G network itself. Yes, it works as it should – perfectly !!!
– Bill Gates was supposed to work on the virus (he was always on the dark / very bad side). nor will a thief tell you that he has stolen something;

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  11. Jako viedo celkem zajimave jen nejak nechapu co s tim maj spolecneho ty vojenske hry. Zdroj wikipedia –
    Vojenské světové hry 2019 , oficiálně známé jako 7. světové vojenské hry CISM , se konaly ve dnech 18. – 27. Října 2019 v hlavním městě provincie Hubei v čínském Wuhan . [2] [3]

    2019 Vojenské světové hry
    Wuhan Military World Games logo.png
    Hostující město
    Wuhan , provincie Hubei , Čína
    Vojenská sláva , světový mír (创 军人 荣耀 筑 世界 和平)
    Zúčastněné země
    > 140
    Účast sportovců
    9, 308
    316 akcí ve 27 sportech
    Zahajovací ceremonie
    18. října 2019
    Závěrečný ceremoniál
    27. října 2019
    Oficiálně otevřen
    Generální tajemník a prezident Xi Jinping [1]
    Přísaha sportovce
    Yuan Xinyue
    Soudce je přísaha
    Wen Keming
    Hlavní místo konání
    Wuhan Sports Center
    webová stránka
    en .wuhan2019mwg .cn
    < 2015 Mungyeong 2023 >
    7. vojenský světový zápas byl první mezinárodní vojenskou multi-sportovní akcí, která se bude konat v Číně, a také se jednalo o největší vojenskou sportovní akci, která se kdy konala v Číně. V 27 sportech se zúčastnilo téměř 10 000 sportovců z více než 100 zemí. [4] [5] Vícenásobná sportovní akce zahrnovala 25 oficiálních a 2 demonstrativní sporty. Na akci se představilo šest sportovních disciplín, jako je badminton, tenis, stolní tenis, dámský box a pánská gymnastika. [6] Jednalo se také o druhou největší mezinárodní sportovní akci, která se bude konat v roce 2019 v Číně poté, co hostila Světový pohár FIBA ​​v basketbalu 2019 . ! Jedine rakety co tam byli jsou na tenis a badminton.

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