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Hi, everyone. It’s Alejandra from Alejandra.TV.
And in this video, I’m going to show you everything I found at Dollar Tree that I’m
so excited about because I went to a brand new Dollar Tree and – well, it’s like
six months old but they had a lot of stuff that normal Dollar Tree’s didn’t have. So, if you are new to my videos, you can check
out my website Alejandra.TV for tips on getting organized and you can check out my free organizing
video series, Three Things to Do Tonight to Get Organized Tomorrow. OK. So now, let me show you everything I found.
All right, so the first thing – so first off, I just want to say that if you’re looking
to get organized for the first time or to get more organized than you are now, you don’t
have to spend a lot of money. Like one of the biggest myths is that you have to go out
and buy all these expensive products if you want to be organized to be more productive,
which – that is not true. So, I’m going to show you all the awesome finds that I found
for a dollar and how they can help you maximize space in your home and just feel like your
systems are easy to use because you have awesome products. All right. So, the first thing I found was
this double shelf just like this, and these go underneath like the cabinet in the bathroom,
in the kitchen and you just put them there and then you can put a bin underneath and
then on top and then you just totally maximized your space. And what you do with these, what
I always do is I putty them down so they don’t move when they’re underneath your cabinet.
And if you buy two, you can put them like this and make like a deeper double shelf organizer.
Or you can put them side by side if you have shallow organizers. So a lot of creative uses
for these things. All right. And so, those are a dollar. Awesome find. All right, next thing I found was these things.
So these are drawer organizers and they are wire. So with wire organizers, you’re kind
of limited to what you can store inside like obviously you can’t do like thumbtacks or
paper clips because they’re going to fall out. But you can do bigger things and you
can use these in office, in your desk drawers, or in the kitchen for kitchen gadgets and
stuff. OK. Then, all right, so this was a fun find.
So these are vitamin organizers and they’re actually, I rubber banded them together for
the purpose of this video but they are individual vitamin organizers. And when I saw them I
was like, OK yeah, they’re great for vitamins but they’re also great for when you’re
traveling to put your earrings or small jewelry or safety pins or like a mini sewing kit or
something. And so you get seven to a pack so that’s like seven different organizers.
And you can also put them in your purse for like vitamins or medication or something,
so many cool uses. And they come in green and blue also, and then I think clear. All right. So, this next thing, this was an
awesome find. OK. So, a lot of drawer organizers here. But these ones are incredibly sturdy.
They’re not ventilated so you can put like paper clips in like the smaller one and thumb
tacks and stuff and they’re not going to fall out. But they’re really sturdy and
they come in three sizes. So there’s like a long size for pens, pencils, and markers.
And then there’s a – this is like, I don’t know, I guess this is like the medium size
or something. But yeah, for like I don’t know, just like gadgets in your desk. And
they have a bigger size for bigger gadgets like a big calculator, post it notes, or something.
And then those came in, they came in silver, pink, blue and I think greens, yeah. So a
good variety. All right, so this next thing I was really
excited about. So, one of the things when I’m shopping for organizing products, I
always think how can I repurpose this item for a different use. So, a lot of times you
see something like for instance, this. This is a butter dish. It said butter dish on the
card board packaging. And I was thinking, well, just because it’s a butter dish doesn’t
mean you have to use it as a butter dish. And I was like I don’t even need a butter
dish. But what can I use this for? So, I got home and I saw that when you take
off the top, this is like a little organizer in itself and I was thinking this is the perfect
size for your medicine cabinet. Because a lot of medicine cabinets, they’re really
shallow, all the shelves and so, a lot of times when you open the door, if something
like if you’re shelves are at an angle then things slide and move and stuff. But if you
put this in place and you putty this down to the shelves, you can then put your stuff
inside here and then they’re not going to move. So a medicine cabinet organizer for a dollar,
how fun? And then you have a little tray so maybe if you want to use this as a top and
then just like keep this upside down. You could also put jewelry in here. I just thought
of that like if this was in your drawers and then you just have the top like that. So,
all kinds of fun purposes. All right, next thing and this vitamin organizer
just like this so, this is kind of like, kind of a basic organizer. It’s all together.
They’re not individualized but if you need a vitamin organizer, this is cool or another
jewelry organizer for when you’re traveling. All right. Next thing, if you are organizing
your kid’s desk of helping them get organized for school, these are fun organizers. They
are really cost-effective. They come three to a dollar. So three long ones for a dollar,
so it’s like 33 cents each. These ones come three to a dollar also, different size. And
these ones come two for a dollar. And I think this came in red and I think clear also but
I felt like blue, like royal blue is really fun especially if you’re organizing kid’s
desk or if you’re in college or something and it was just good price. All right, this next thing is another thing
like kind of like the butter dish. So this is a paint organizer so, I guess you just
put the paint in here and then you hang this on ladder and you’re good to go. But when
I saw them I was like, but what if you had a towel rod like from the bathroom and you
took a towel rod and you put it like in a craft room or your kids room or something
and then you just like hang these on the towel rod and then you put pens, pencils, markers,
or even like toys like, I don’t know, little cars or something or in the craft room like
pompoms or something, and everything is really accessible. So you’re just like line them all up in
the towel rod and they just hang perfectly and then you just have these open containers
where you just grab things. So cool. I love just getting creative and just thinking of
different purposes and stuff is fun. All right. This bin right here. This is so
nice. I feel like this is like, you would see this at a different store for like $5
but it was a dollar from Dollar Tree and it comes in like strawberry milk pink and this
pretty blue. So this is awesome for like a baby’s room or a kid’s room or anywhere
else in the house. I just said a kid’s room because it’s like, I feel like it’s a
baby boy color. All right. And then these organizers, these
are fun. These are brand new, at least I’ve never seen them before. But they are pretty
color chevron organizers and they have lids. Let me show you the pink one because the pink
is pretty. So, they have lids like this and they just click in place just like that so
lid doesn’t come off and like the click is pretty nice. I always click things. That’s
really nice. But this would be nice for the bottom of your
bathroom cabinet for containing all your toiletries like sorting them by category and putting
them in all these different colored bins. I think they also have blue and I don’t
know why I didn’t get that one. But yeah, green, yellow, and red. So, many fun things.
You don’t have to use them in the bathroom, that’s just one idea. You could use them
for toys. So yeah, that’s everything I found. I hope
you enjoyed this video. I hope this gives you ideas on how to shop around, think outside
the box, get creative and still work within whatever your budget is to get organized. So if you want more organizing tips you can
visit my website Alejandra.TV or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos on getting
organized. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon.

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