Cash Explosion September 22, 2018

♪ CE THEME MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: So long sweet summer. Today it is officially fall. But soon some lucky player will win a quarter of a million dollars in our Holiday Cash Bash.>>ALISSA: The leaves will be changing soon to orange and brown, kinda like the orange and brown the Cleveland Browns colors, right David? Yeah, Cleveland Browns?! Yeah! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: But here in our studio, we bring the green all year long! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] ♪ CE THEME MUSIC ♪ [SHUFFLING SOUND]>>DAVID VO: Tonight’s contestants represent towns across Ohio and beyond.>>ALISSA VO: But they’re all headed to one destination: the Spotlight.>>ALISSA: You ready to get the winning started?>>DAVID: I am SO ready. You think they’re ready?>>ALISSA: I think so. Willie, come on up to the Spotlight. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Willie…welcome to the Spotlight here at Cash Explosion. You have the opportunity to get to the top spot on that leaderboard, which you’ll do because you’re the first player of the night. But your goal is to stay there.>>WILLIE: Alright.>>ALISSA: First, pick those three lucky numbers. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>ALISSA: Seven… eleven… and twelve. [LOCK SOUND]>>ALISSA: Spin here to the Big Board. How does Willie start his game? Show us what’s behind seven.>>WILLIE: I want a big Bonus.>>ALISSA: $2,700. That’s a good start.>>DAVID: I hear you talking to the board, Willie. Looking for a Bonus or Doubles.>>WILLIE: Double.>>DAVID: What’s behind eleven? [DOUBLE SOUND]>>DAVID: There it is! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: Willie, we’re gonna turn around. You’ll pick one of those letters out of SPOTLIGHT.>>WILLIE: Alright. [AUDIENCE SHOUTING LETTERS]>>DAVID: And then when you turn around, get right up next to that mic so we can here you get excited after we double what’s behind the “O”. $2,400. That becomes $4,800. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: That’s a good turn, Willie.>>ALISSA: It is, and we are just increasing that total. Show us what’s behind twelve.>>AUDIENCE MEMBER: Bonus. [BONUS SOUND]>>ALISSA: A Bonus! Awesome! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Willie, you were yelling for the Bonus and here it is. Take a look at our Bonus Board. Sixteen of Ohio Lottery’s most popular games. Pick a game.>>WILLIE: Keno.>>ALISSA: Keno. Let’s light Keno up. So you can win anything up to $50,000 behind Keno.>>DAVID: Wow. Can you imagine?>>ALISSA: Oh, that would be amazing. Let’s see. What is behind Keno? Reveal it for us.>>WILLIE: Big money. Big money. [WILLIE CLAPPING] [COINS JINGLING]>>ALISSA: One, two, four, six, eight, nine, $10,000! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Who are you blowing kisses out there to?>>WILLIE: My wife.>>ALISSA: Your wife out there! Hi! She’s excited, as we are for you. We’re taking that $10,000, moving it over to the Big Board, and still adding to that total. What’s behind twelve? $2,000. Willie, $9,500 in gameplay plus that $10,000 Bonus. Take a look there. $19,500! Congratulations! Go have a seat in our Leader Zone.>>DAVID: Great game! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: Off to a great start.>>ALISSA: Oh, absolutely. Mary, come on up. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…]>>ALISSA: Mary…>>MARY: Hi! How are you?>>ALISSA: The audience is going wild for you!>>MARY: That’s my friends and family.>>ALISSA: Your friends and family out there. Hey, Mary’s friends and family! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Great. Well, Mary, you got your lucky numbers?>>MARY: Got ’em.>>ALISSA: Let’s do it. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: One, ten, and eighteen. [LOCK SOUND]>>ALISSA: Alright, Mary. You just saw…Willie hit that Bonus Board.>>MARY: That’s right. C’mon, Bonus.>>ALISSA: Hoping to do that same thing. What’s behind one? $2,200.>>DAVID: Okay. Trying to get more than $9,500 to put her at the top of the leaderboard. What’s behind the ten?>>MARY: Bonus.>>DAVID: $3,100.>>ALISSA: We need big money behind eighteen. What’s there? [BONUS SOUND]>>ALISSA: A Bonus! What are the chances?! Two players in a row! Mary, well now we’ve got fifteen games left. Pick a game.>>MARY: Million Dollar Payday.>>ALISSA: Million Dollar Payday. You just saw Willie win $10,000. You could win that. You could win $50,000. Any number in-between. What’s behind Million Dollar Payday? [COINS JINGLING] [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: One, two, four, six, eight, nine, $10,000! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: Wow!>>ALISSA: Amazing! $10,000. You just saw Willie do it and you thought “That could be me.”>>MARY: That’s right.>>ALISSA: And it’s you.>>MARY: It’s me.>>ALISSA: It’s you. That’s great! Let’s move that $10,000 over to the Big Board. Reveal what’s behind eighteen. $2,300. That’s $7,600 plus $10,000. Mary, that’s $17,600. Congratulations! Have a seat in our Leader Zone! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] ♪ CE THEME MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: Wow!>>DAVID: How awesome would it be if all eight contestants got a trip to the Bonus Board?>>ALISSA: That’d be amazing.>>DAVID: So far, so good, right?>>ALISSA: Yeah. So far, so good.>>DAVID: Alright. Come back, we’ll find out if it happens. [WHOOSH] ♪ CE THEME MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Welcome back. Let’s keep the winning going. Next up to win the Lottery is Carlton. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: Come on! Come on! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…]>>ALISSA: I can’t stand next to a Michigan fan.>>DAVID: I don’t want to stand next to him. [LAUGHTER]>>ALISSA: Alright, Carlton. Pick your numbers.>>CARLTON: Y M C A. Let’s go. Alright. The first number is gonna be the… 2x.>>ALISSA: Two…>>CARLTON: Six…>>ALISSA: …six…>>CARLTON: …and fifteen.>>ALISSA: …fifteen.>>CARLTON: Let’s lock ’em in. [LOCK SOUND]>>CARLTON: Alright. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Carlton…>>CARLTON: Show me the money.>>ALISSA: …we’re showing you the money. What’s behind two?>>CARLTON: Show me the money. Bonus. 2x, 2x. [DOUBLE SOUND]>>ALISSA: A Double! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: You called it!>>CARLTON: Alright!>>ALISSA: Turn it back here.>>CARLTON: Let’s do the Ohio, sorry. “P” for party! Yay! [LAUGHTER]>>ALISSA: What?! Turn back here! I don’t even know what’s happening.>>DAVID: I don’t, either.>>ALISSA: What are we doubling behind “P”?>>CARLTON: “P” for party.>>ALISSA: “P” for party. What’s there?>>CARLTON: Come on, big money. Big money. $5,000!>>ALISSA: $2,400 is doubled to $4,800.>>CARLTON: And now here comes the Bonus.>>ALISSA: He doesn’t even need us.>>DAVID: I was gonna say, we can leave and let him do his…>>CARLTON: Come on, Bonus.>>DAVID: What’s behind the six?>>CARLTON: Bonus. Bonus. Bonus.>>HOSTS: $2,000.>>CARLTON: Alright. Yeah, that’s good. Alright. Come on, big money. Big money.>>ALISSA: Big money. He wants big money behind fifteen. What’s there?>>CARLTON: Gotta keep the streak going.>>ALISSA: $2,900. Carlton, that’s $9,700. That puts you at the top of our leaderboard.>>CARLTON: Holy moly! Alright! Woooo!>>DAVID: Carlton, you’re in first place! That’s something you’ve never heard as a Michigan fan! ♪ RIM SHOT ♪>>CARLTON: Never heard that before. Alright! Thanks!>>DAVID: Alright! Alright, Mary. That’s alright, we’ll see you in the Second Chance. Come on right over here, Willie. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: I think that’s the first time I’ve ever applauded a Michigan fan. This is a monumental moment.>>DAVID: I felt like we had to explain to him what first place meant. Yeah.>>ALISSA: Yeah. Next up, hoping to get in first place, is John. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…]>>ALISSA: John, we’ve had an exciting night here so far with LOTS of money being won already and you can win that much and more that you’ve seen here tonight.>>JOHN: Let’s do it.>>ALISSA: Let’s do it.>>DAVID: Oh yes. We found Bonuses and Doubles on every turn so far.>>JOHN: William…>>ALISSA: One…>>JOHN: …Jackson…>>ALISSA: …eight…>>JOHN: …Avery.>>ALISSA: …eleven.>>JOHN: My grandbabies.>>ALISSA: Your grandbabies. Lucky grandbabies. What’s behind one? $3,500.>>DAVID: That’s a good start. That’s a good start. What’s behind the eight? $3,100.>>ALISSA: Keep up with that. You could get up there. You wanna get at least $9,600. What’s behind eleven? $2,400. John, that’s $9,000. We will see you in Second Chance playing for the Cash Challenge.>>DAVID: Congratulations. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: We are halfway through the game. We got four more players wanting to make their way over to the Leader Zone. We’ll find out what happens after this. DO NOT go away. ♪ CE THEME MUSIC ♪ [WHOOSH] ♪ CE THEME MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: We’re already hearing from a lot of you who are excited about our $250,000 Holiday Cash Bash. Mark this date on your calendars: Tuesday December 18th. That’s when we will tape twelve contestants vying for a quarter of a million dollar top prize.>>ALISSA: It will be the biggest party of the YEAR! Now remember…any ticket you send in right now is eligible, and don’t forget to KEEP your ticket when you enter it online.>>DAVID: Right now, we gotta get to the second biggest party of the year. That’s this one. Yeah. Alright, Samantha. Come on up. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: Pick your numbers, Samantha. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. She’s locked ’em in. [LOCK SOUND]>>DAVID: Alright, Samantha. Here we go. What’s behind the thirteen? $3,200. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Amazing! Really good start, Samantha. What’s behind fourteen? $2,100.>>DAVID: Alright, one more shot to get to the top of the leaderboard. What’s behind the fifteen? $3,100. Samantha, that’s $8,400. Great money and we will see you in the Second Chance.>>ALISSA: Congratulations! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: Alright, Jenna. Come on up. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…]>>DAVID: Hey, Jenna.>>ALISSA: I love this!>>DAVID: You got a lot of–you got fans out in the audience.>>JENNA: I do.>>DAVID: They have…what’s that say? KSU College Fund? Gotta pay some college tuition?>>ALISSA: Is that mom?>>JENNA: Some bills. Yeah, that’s my mom.>>ALISSA: That’s mom, already earmarking her money. [ALISSA LAUGHS]>>DAVID: Alright, let’s see what happens, Jenna. Pick your three numbers. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>DAVID: The two, seven, and the sixteen. Lock those in if you like ’em. [LOCK SOUND]>>DAVID: Alright. Let’s turn and face the board. What’s behind the two? $2,700.>>ALISSA: You need big money behind seven. Maybe a Double or a Bonus. What’s behind seven? $2,100.>>DAVID: Alright, we need a Double behind sixteen.>>ALISSA: Yeah.>>DAVID: Alright. What’s behind the sixteen? [DOUBLE SOUND]>>DAVID: A Double! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: We turn back around to SPOTLIGHT. Jenna, pick one of those numbers. Whatever you pick, we will double. [AUDIENCE SHOUTING LETTERS]>>DAVID: The “S”. Alright, so turn back here. Whatever’s behind the “S”, we double. Is it enough…to get you to the top of the leaderboard? What’s behind the “S”? $2,000. That becomes $4,000. That’s $8,800. That’s good money. We will see you in the Second Chance at the end of the game.>>JENNA: Thank you.>>DAVID: Alrighty.>>ALISSA: Enjoy that money. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: Alright, how ’bout Shawn? Shawn, come on up here. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…]>>DAVID: Who is that?>>SHAWN: That’s my daughter and my brother.>>DAVID: She’s very loud. I love it. That’s good. That’s good.>>ALISSA: The louder she cheers, the more money she gets from him.>>DAVID: Oh, is that…is that, you want to give it another shot then?>>SHAWN’S DAUGHTER: Absolutely! WOOOOO!!!>>DAVID: Alright, well let’s pick our numbers. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>ALISSA: He’s thinking about it. Looking at his daughter and his brother for some help.>>DAVID: Twelve… [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>ALISSA: Do you wait til this moment to decide what numbers?>>DAVID: You–how long have you known you were gonna be on this show?>>SHAWN: Yeah, I know. [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>DAVID: Twelve, thirteen, and eleven. If you like those, lock ’em in. [LOCK SOUND]>>DAVID: Alright! [LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE]>>DAVID: Shawn, here we go. You’re trying to get more than $9,500 will put you at the top two. What’s behind the twelve? [DOUBLE SOUND]>>DAVID: Ohhh! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: Maybe you need to take time picking your numbers.>>ALISSA: I think so!>>DAVID: Alright, now you’re gonna pick a letter.>>SHAWN: Alright.>>DAVID: Whatever you double– er, whatever you pick, we will double.>>SHAWN: Okay. Um…. [AUDIENCE SHOUTING LETTERS]>>DAVID: “G”. Let’s turn around here and find out what we’re doubling. What’s behind the “G”?>>SHAWN: Come on. $5,000.>>DAVID: $3,500!>>SHAWN: YES!>>DAVID: That’s $7,000 right off the bat! That is very good news for you.>>ALISSA: Yes. That is amazing news for you. What’s behind thirteen? [BONUS SOUND]>>ALISSA: A Bonus!>>SHAWN: YES!>>ALISSA: Look at that! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>SHAWN’S DAUGHTER: WOOOOO!!!>>DAVID: Wow.>>SHAWN: YES!!>>SHAWN’S DAUGHTER: YES!!>>ALISSA: Now he’s cheering that much! Imagine if he finds that $50,000 on that Bonus Board.>>DAVID: You got a one in fourteen chance to find $50,000 on that board.>>ALISSA: We’ve still got fourteen games left. Pick one.>>SHAWN: Uh, Rolling Cash Five.>>ALISSA: Rolling Cash Five. We’re gonna light it up for you. Let’s see how much money is behind Rolling Cash Five.>>SHAWN: Big money, big money, big money. [COINS JINGLING]>>SHAWN: Big money, big money.>>ALISSA: One, two, four, six, eight, nine, $10,000!>>DAVID: Another $10,000. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>HOSTS: Wow!>>ALISSA: Making it look so easy here on Cash Explosion. You got that $10,000 Bonus. We’re gonna move that over to the Big Board. Adding to that total with what’s behind thirteen. $2,000.>>SHAWN: Yeah. Yeah.>>DAVID: Alright. Only $700 out of first place. You can’t win any less than $2,000 on this board, so you’re going to the top of the board. Let’s find out by how much. What’s behind eleven?>>SHAWN: $5,000. $5,000.>>DAVID: $2,900!>>SHAWN: YES! YES!>>DAVID: That’s $11,900… plus the $10,000. Look at that total already. Now, Shawn, let me tell you this. While they’re making room for you over there, because you’re in first place with only one person left, you are guaranteed to go to the Cash Challenge to play for $50,000 here…in just a few minutes. Congratulations! Make your way over to that seat!>>SHAWN: Yes. Yes. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: Wow.>>HOSTS: Wow.>>ALISSA: That was an exciting turn. Yes, absolutely. You know what, our very last player takes the Spotlight after this break. And later, a second chance for the players who fell short of the Leader Zone. All that’s next. [FUTURISTIC SOUNDS] ♪ CE THEME MUSIC ♪ [WHOOSH] ♪ CE THEME MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: One more player left and that is Tom. Tom, come on up here. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…]>>DAVID: Hey, Tom. Welcome to the game.>>TOM: Well thank you.>>DAVID: Alright, Tom. Let’s pick our numbers.>>TOM: Okay. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>DAVID: Number nine… number eleven… and number eighteen. If you like those numbers, lock ’em in. [LOCK SOUND]>>DAVID: Alright, so here’s the deal, Tom. All you need to do is get $9,800… at least $9,800 and you will play for $50,000 in the Cash Challenge.>>TOM: Sounds good.>>DAVID: That’s the goal right now. More than $9,800. What’s behind the nine?>>TOM: The Bonus.>>DAVID: Okay, $2,700. I’m not sure if the board heard you. You may have to say it louder.>>TOM: Bonus!>>ALISSA: Bonus is what he’s hoping for behind eleven. What’s there? $3,000. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: Alright.>>TOM: That Bonus up there.>>DAVID: Let me see here. $4,000 would tie you for second place. Anything more than $4,000 moves you into at least second place. What’s behind the eighteen?>>TOM: Come on, Bonus.>>DAVID: $2,000! Alright…Tom, that’s $7,700. You can go back there, but don’t get comfortable because we’ll see you in the Second Chance. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] ♪ CE THEME MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: Alright, that’s it! The game is over! Congratulations to our top two winners, Sean and Carlton. Guys, look up here at the Big Board. Sean, you’re going to $23,800. Carlton, $19,400. Both of you will face Gina in the Cash Challenge in just a couple moments, but we gotta find out who also is joining you in that game. We’re going to the Second Chance. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] [WHOOSH]>>DAVID VO: Tonight’s winning numbers and the winners of a spot on the November 10th Cash Explosion show are coming your way LIVE from the Ohio Lottery Studios in Cleveland. Good luck! ♪ CE THEME MUSIC ♪ [SHUFFLING SOUND] ♪ CE THEME MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: One more reminder about the Holiday Cash Bash. Just like any other Cash Explosion drawing, if you submit your ticket online and are selected to be on the special, you will still need to have your physical ticket.>>ALISSA: If you don’t have your ticket at that time, unfortunately you will be disqualified. So hang on to that ticket. We will announce the first of twelve lucky contestants next Saturday, so make sure to watch next week.>>DAVID: And now…let’s see which of tonight’s lucky contestants will get a second chance to play in the Cash Challenge! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] ♪ DRUMS ♪ [FUTURISTIC SOUNDS]>>DAVID: You’ve landed on the “D”. [FUTURISTIC SOUNDS]>>DAVID: You’re on the “C”. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] [FUTURISTIC SOUNDS]>>DAVID: You’ve landed on the “C”. [FUTURISTIC SOUNDS]>>ALISSA: “E”. [FUTURISTIC SOUNDS]>>ALISSA: “O”. [FUTURISTIC SOUNDS]>>ALISSA: “C”.>>DAVID: Now, it’s time to find out who’s luck is going to continue. Who’s going to play in the Cash Challenge? ♪ DRUMS ♪>>DAVID: Tom! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Players, the name we see three times will be tonight’s winner. Gina, as our Defending Champion, you get to pick first.>>GINA: Number three.>>ALISSA: Number three. Who starts off on our board? Shawn! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Pick a number.>>SHAWN: Number twelve.>>ALISSA: Twelve. Who’s behind twelve? Carlton! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Carlton…>>CARLTON: Five.>>ALISSA: Five. Who is behind five? Shawn! Shawn’s getting really excited. Tom, if you find Shawn’s name, he’s the winner. [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>TOM: Number two.>>ALISSA: Number two. Reveal who’s behind two. Tom…breathing a huge sigh of relief! Gina, where’s your name hidden?>>GINA: Number one.>>ALISSA: Number one. Reveal who’s there. Tom! So we got Tom and Shawn. Shawn, you’re looking for your name to win $50,000.>>SHAWN: Number eleven.>>ALISSA: Number eleven. Who’s behind eleven? Gina! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Carlton…>>CARLTON: Six.>>ALISSA: Six. Show us who is behind six.>>AUDIENCE MEMBER: C’mon, Tom!>>ALISSA: Carlton! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Alright, Tom. You can pick a winner now! [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>TOM: Number four.>>ALISSA: Number four. Do we have a winner or does the game keep going? Who’s behind four? Tom! You are our winner! Tom Castor of Chillicothe, you are tonight’s Champion! You win $50,000…>>DAVID: Wow! Second Chance!>>ALISSA: …AND he comes back next week to play for more Cash Explosion cash! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Well thank you for making us a part of your weekend!>>DAVID: Grab your Cash Explosion tickets this week! Goodnight! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…]>>DAVID: Congratulations!>>ALISSA: Your second chance really paid off! Congratulations! ♪ CE THEME MUSIC ♪ [WHOOSH]

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