Ashley Takes ALL the Money 💰 The Challenge: Final Reckoning

– Two teams. We’re real tight. – Fuck To comes the end, and then potentially
win this fucking thing. After the journey me and Sylvia had it means so much to us. – And the winning team of Final
Reckoning and $1 million… – I can hardly breath, I’m
about to hyperventilate. My heart is beating through my chest. The intensity of this
moment is paralyzing. (dramatic music) (fire crackling) – Hunter and Ashley. (Hunter and Ashley screaming)
(triumphant music) – Yes! Fuck yeah, motherfucker! Thank you, Dad. – Oh my God. Holy shit. Winning the Final Reckoning is pure bliss. It is something that I have
waited my entire life to hear, I am now the challenge champion. (both crying) – I’m so angry. And I can’t even shake their hands. I can’t even say congratulations. We deserved this fucking win. And I don’t feel like Natalie and Paulie have any sort of remorse that
they probably just fucked us out of $1 million. (Sylvia crying) – So congratulations, but now it’s the ultimate decision time. One of you scored higher than the other. (dramatic music) The one person who’s making
the ultimate decision, whether they wanna split the
money with their vendetta, or to keep the money all to yourself. And the individual winner of
Final Reckoning, by 31 seconds, is Ashley. (triumphant music) So Ashley, it’s your decision. You either split the money with Hunter, the one that got you here. That helped you make it all the way. Or keep the entire $1
million all to yourself. Take your time. It’s a big decision. That’s a lot of money. Life changing. – You can hear a pen drop
in this cave right now, this is the most intense moment I’ve ever been a part of my entire life. (dramatic music) So Ashley, it’s your decision. You either split the money with Hunter, the one that got you here. That helped you make it all the way. Or keep the entire $1
million all to yourself. Take your time. It’s a big decision. That’s a lot of money. Life changing. – TJ, all those things you said
about all the other partners is true, but this guy’s
belittled me, put me down, slut-shamed me–
– Oh my God. – And also threatened my
life and my family’s life. I’m keeping the money. – Oh my God. – Duh. – Oh my God. – I would say I feel bad but I don’t because this is nothing compared to what I went through all season. You say walking through
hell, I lived through hell. Your self-worth is something
you can’t get back. And when someone belittles you so much… – I don’t know, I just don’t feel like she’s that good of a person, so it’s hard for me to
want to talk to her. My partner’s crying because
she regrets sleeping with Kyle. (shouting and laughing) – These guys pick on us because
they know that we’re strong. – I know but that’s the thing with Hunter, I expected him to be better. – I’m sick of her
popping off at the mouth, thinking she can say
everything she wants to at any point in time. I’m over it, I’ll walk the fuck off. – I decided there’s no
way he deserves this. – You guys. To each and every team here, I want to apologize to
all of you personally. I’m sorry, I’m sorry I
didn’t throw this final. I knew that this was gonna happen. I’m sorry that I didn’t throw this final. – We all know the right thing to do would be to split the money. But come on, guys, Hunter
was an asshole to her. And unfortunately, this
was her final reckoning. And you got screwed, bud. (tense music) – Hunter, nothing you
could have done differently would’ve changed this. Ashley doesn’t even take a
goddamn split second and a half. She had this shit planned from the moment she set foot in the final. Ashley has now taken $1 million, but also the title of Biggest Asshole in Challenge History. – Oh my fucking God, you
will burn in hell for this. And karma will come at you
for rest of your entire life. I hope you know that God’s
got a special place for you. – You’ve already threatened my life, and you’ve threatened my family’s life. – What you’re making is
the craziest accusation– – Nope, “That slut costed me $1 million, “I’m coming for her family.” Isn’t that not what was said? – I never said slut! I would have never done that to you. Kyle, all I’m saying is,
if this stupid fucking slut is gonna cost me half a million dollars, then I’m coming for her family. You fucking played me. You stupid fucking bitch! You fucking played me! – [Ashley] That’s how you
talked to me all season. – You played me the entire
season, you played me! – No all season this is
how you talked to me. – Ashley, you’re the craziest person here! No one can deal with you. I stood beside you. – When?
– The whole time! – When?
– You did not do this alone! – I was alone all season.
– You did not do this alone! And you will burn in hell. – Holy shit. I thought I was a savage, but Ashley.
(claps slowly) You, sweetheart, are
the queen of savagery. So I gotta tip my hat to
her because she did it. And a lot of people may
not agree with that, but I’m not one of those people. (tense music) – Hunter.
– Fuck this, I’m out, dude. Where’s the fucks my tennis shoes? Where’s my fucking tennis shoes? Somebody get my fucking tennis shoes! Now, I swear to God. I’m about to fucking flip
everything up in this bitch. How fucking could you,
how fucking could you? I would never have done that to you! You piece of fucking shit! I’ll pray for you, that’s what gonna do. I’ll pray for you. (somber music) (Sylvia crying) She took the money. She took the money. She played me this whole entire game. I hope she feels good, about everything. I really do. I will never forgive
her for what she done. For how she played me. And not for one second. – I just won a freaking $1 million, y’all. Holy hell. If you’ve ever been slut-shamed,
put down, threatened, you don’t have to deal with that. You can pack up your shit, and you can take your
money, and you can go. You literally don’t
have to put up with it. And you don’t have to apologize for getting what you deserve. And I’m not going to. (intense music) (Sylvia crying) It’s been a hell of a season, and you just changed my life.

100 thoughts on “Ashley Takes ALL the Money 💰 The Challenge: Final Reckoning

  1. Anyone on ashley side bunch a bitches, taking 500,000 from me? Bitch I'll take tht life fr fr and do life fucc it,

  2. Lmao theirs Proof of him being a bitch to her and yet still talked shit when she took the money honestly I respect her that was a choice 👍

  3. Wow that was awesome for her. Hunter should’ve played the game at focus on the money instead of being mad at his partner the whole time. It’s a game and you got played. Go home and regroup. Ashley is a Millionaire now. Lol

  4. Karma right there be careful on how u treat people during tough times. Dawg flip the switch like I didn’t say those things. Thank god for the proof

  5. I still think they fucked with the times to make it good for TV. How did she have a faster time than him? He beat her to damn near every check point.

  6. Yall keep talkin about Karma. If it wasn't for him they wouldn't have won. And all those challenges she was weak link every time.

  7. Literally Hunter deserved that he shouldn’t have said all that because once you say it you can’t take it back. Hunter got what he’s been deserving all season.

  8. "I just won a million dollars", nah, you and your team won it. Regardless what was said, without him she wouldn't be where she is. What he said was never right or justifiable, but karma is a bitch and will come back full circle as usual.

  9. GO ASHLEY! He mad he didn’t get anything Bc he was the worst person to be a “partner”. BYE BYE GO CRY BC YOU GOT NO MONEY IN THE BANK

  10. Oh and to Cara Maria . She needs to take several seats, she knows damn well she would’ve taken the $ to herself if she got the chance to

  11. This chick acting like she's a martyr, doing it for all women. "You don't have to deal with that. You can pack up your shit, get your money and go…." Yes because that's how it works in the real-world. Just get your million from a game show money and bolt.

  12. i dont think just cause you were probs being a bitch to him then he says those thing , and then for you to take the money when it wasnt all you like tf ahhahaha

  13. How does someone that crosses the finish behind her teammate get a quicker time? MTV gave Ashley the win cause this season happened at the beginning of the MeToo Movement & wanted to show their support. This is the moment that I quit watching the series

  14. I mean, it's an easy decision using logic. At their age, they don't necessarily have any educated skill. So, that's the most Ashley will most likely ever see in her life. It's not like these contestants are leaving their medical practice to come compete on a challenge. What's the next best endeavor? Instagram modeling or something like that? Unless they can find another game show that is built around acting like an idiot, they assed out. Gotta take the money, future depended on it.

  15. She was lowkey a bitch the whole season and if you’re also participating in going back and fourth with your partner then you gotta split the money if it was one sided then you could keep it but she got carried hard

  16. Good news, Hunter can make a really good income as magic Mike or escort male or female, he is buff and hot, what folks would pay for sex

  17. I still believe Joss and Sylvia actually won but because they made it clear they would split it production needed something a bit more dramatic.

  18. NO WAY she had a better time than Hunter. Foh he carried her the whole season and bested her in damn near every part of the final

  19. People would’ve said she was dumb if she gave him money after what he said about her.

    His bitchass doesn’t even deserve ONE PENNY from what was ALL HERS at that point. Girl can take it all to the bank without even an ounce of guilt. How he treated her after was already very telling, because he legitimately thought treating her that way the entire season was acceptable.

  20. For all the "feminists" on here….He helped her win the money. Its not like she just promised him the money out of pity. Who cares what he said, if she was so moral about being his partner she could've went home or thrown the challenge.

  21. I think this is a tough one. As a female I understand Ashley being very upset with Hunter for the things he has said. However she would not have made it to the final without Hunter. He is a beast. When guys get drunk and they r around other guys yea they can be assholes. But this is a challenge and without Hunter she wouldn't have won. So she should have split the money.

  22. A million dollars could make me go crazy like hunter did. But if I was in Ashley’s position I would not care how mad he was getting.

  23. I loved that she did it just because I thought Joss and Sylvia deserved it, and I really don't care who got it if they didn't. I completely get why Sylvia has not returned to the show since.

  24. He’s talking about Ashley getting her Karma …. but this was HIS Karma after being to talked to like that called names and being belittle … she deserve all that money … Hunter go home grow up and never talked to a woman like that ever again

  25. Paulie and Natalie were worse, swearing on everything they loved that they'd do something for Josh and… I forgot her name. I also forgot what they swore on but THAT was the real messed up part. I know their family was at home like "hold tf up- this mofo just swore on my life and still lied" 😂

  26. Let me act all high and mighty and talk religiously but I got a sailors mouth and with threaten the shit out of you…. haha get this fool out of here

  27. It is strange 2me that Sylvia doesn't blame Ashley her so-called lavender lady. That is Y I don't like these fake a$$ alliances.I don't understand Y they never had a fair challenge,OR at least 1 to see how it would turn out..Ashley wouldn't have won if it weren't 4 Hunter,but that's how MTV let the same ol thing. Y the Brits,B.bro, R U the1 & all these strangers.? I love the R World-R Rules guys,& girls. I miss Sarah, because another example of it… Johnny wouldn't have won if it weren't 4 Sarah.She played s fair game. If it weren't 4 wack a$$ teams she could've been the big winner..I don't believe Johnny would be 1 of the highest paid.. The adding up of who did what was strange, cause during the Whole show Sarah did WAY more than Johnny. Just the truth.

  28. Heres the thing. I'm not saying hunter completely deserves the money but at least he just had idle threats. What ashley said to cory on her real world season however is something that she can never EVER take back. So I think she actually deserves it less than hunter.

  29. This is a shame that In today’s world companies Trick people Into thinking they just won a half a million dollars just to get their reaction on camera that they were duped. All for profit.

  30. What does anyone expect she trailer Court trash . Didn't watch this season but pretty sure Hunter probably got her there

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