Amazon Prime Wardrobe Review (Is It Worth Your Money?)

Amazon Prime Wardrobe
[0:00:00] In today’s video, I’m talking about the
Amazon Prime Wardrobe Service. Is it a good deal or is it a waste of your
money? Find out, guys, in today’s video. [Music]
So, if you’re not familiar with the Amazon Prime Wardrobe Service, the idea is that you
can buy up to eight items. Have them delivered to your door without paying
anything for up to seven days and it gives you time to try on all the items you buy and
you can return all of the items and in my case, I’m returning all eight items. I went through and chose quite a few numbers of pairs of shoes. And most of them, dressier shoes. We’re talking about Oxfords and I’ll talk about their definition of Oxfords. But, overall, I was pretty impressed with
the service because I was able to bring this to my home, try on at home, and be able to
send things back without paying anything. First up, we’ve got the Kenneth Cole Reaction
Men’s Reason Oxford. Looking at the overall build, ah, you know
it’s decent for $120. Though, I’m not going to say that I can
recommend this shoe. I don’t know, it’s got a little bit of
plasticky feel to it. Overall, the stitching looks fine. Now, they said this was in cognac, but I don’t
know, this doesn’t feel like a true cognac. This isn’t a shoe that I would feel comfortable
paying $120 for. Maybe you’re starting off and you can’t
afford to spend over $300 for a pair of dress shoes, so you’re going to start off with
something like this. I say these are oxfords, not really. These are more bluchers, again, because it’s
– they’ve got an open lacing system. And, by the way, all the oxfords I’m going
to show you in today’s video, they actually have an open lacing system. This is common over in the United States where
oxfords and open lacing systems kind of go together, but if you’re going to wear it
with a formal suit, I would definitely recommend you look for a shoe brand that has a closed
lacing system unlike these. Next up, I’ve got this Bostonian Maxton
Plain Oxford. Overall, this is a very different shoe from
what I just showed you in the build, the attention to detail, this is a much more casual shoe. When I look over at the shoe, what I see immediately,
they paid attention and they try to bring a lot of fun into the details. We’ve got double stitching which isn’t
always a sign of quality, but these guys are bringing in the double stitching because they
wanted to bring in a contrast stitch. We’ve also got these broguing right in here. So, this shoe because of the contrast stitching
because of the broguing is going to be a more casual shoe. I think this is a perfectly fine shoe. At $100, it’s a bit of stretch, but, yeah,
if I had to – if I had to purchase this, I think I could easily get a couple hundred
wears out of this. But, the contrast stitching and the overall
attention to detail on the build I think I have to just, yeah, go ahead and say, sure,
go ahead and grab this. Next up, we’ve got the Steve Madden Bozlee
Oxford coming in at $90 and as you can see this is going to be a much more formal shoe. The darker color, the overall, you know, non-contrast
stitching, a very sleek design. I like this. And for $90, I can already tell you that this
is probably a decent or if not a good deal. I look at the sole, it’s actually rubber
sole which has nice traction. Again, they didn’t go for any contrast,
but overall I think that these are perfectly fine and a decent looking shoe. So, I’m going to go ahead and give them
my thumbs-up. Next, we’ve got the Florsheim Spark Cap
Toe Oxford at $120. And, the attention to detail, they actually
did a pretty good job. Look at the stitching, I’m looking at the
overall build quality. So, this shoe looks like it’s made to be
a bit dressier, but the color makes it a bit more casual. I like this. For $120, I would say it’s almost a bit
of a stretch, but if you could get, you know, two hundred wears out of this and, again,
the build quality overall is good. Wear this with jeans, wear this with chinos,
wear this with maybe a casual suit, dress slacks, but this is a perfectly fine shoe. Next up, we’ve got the Stacy Adams Dickinson
Cap Toe Oxford and overall, I like the look of the shoe. Now, they call this cognac and compared that
with the Kenneth Cole which, again, says cognac and this is something you’ve got to be careful
of is one company’s idea of cognac is not the others’. And I really like this a lot more, the overall
upper the color the feel, to me it makes a huge difference if you get the right color. And that’s actually why I think the service
is actually pretty good because you can get the same color in different brands and actually
try it out. Now, the toe box, what I really like about
this, they have a sleek toe box. Some of the other shoes I showed you, they’ve
got a higher toe box right here in the front. That does make the shoe more casual. These are going to have a sleek nice design
and for the price points, $75, I definitely would spend money on this and keep this. So right now, I’m going to have to give
this thumbs-up. [0:04:56]
Next up, we’ve got the Zanzara Hartung Oxford. What do you first notice about this shoe? When you look at this, you see all the holes
right here on the toe. Why do you have this perforated leather right
here at the front? So that it’s going to be a very breathable
summer shoe and that’s exactly what it’s designed for. The lighter color the overall build, this
is going to be a more casual shoe that you can still dress nice during the summer and
be cool. Still at the price point and the overall feel
of the leather, even though it’s double the price for a lot of other shoes I’m talking
about, this feels like a pretty good deal. I’d have to say, yes, if you are in a hot
area, sure, I’ll give this a thumbs-up. Now, the Stacy Adams shoes I thought were
great deal, so I wanted to try another one. This is not an oxford as you can tell. This is going to be a double monk and it’s
got the cap toe right in here and it had a bit of suede, so with some a little bit unique. And I think that these shoes actually look
really nice. Now, the price point here is $85, so a little
bit pricier than the other ones I showed you from Stacy Adams. The build quality, they didn’t – you know
it’s got a rubber sole and it’s definitely the sole where they went a little bit cheaper. This is not something you can get re-soled,
but you know for a few seasons during the fall maybe during the spring even during the
summer, you could pull this off. If you want to add a bit of style to your
wardrobe, these shoes are going to be perfectly fine and I think are pretty decent deal. Next up, we’ve got the Nunn Bush Penny Loafer. And, when you see the shoe, what do you see? Immediately you probably notice it is a square
shoe and that’s because of the silhouette. Notice how the toe box goes straight up here? And, guys, this for me was, ah, just something
I’m not going to normally pull into my wardrobe. I do like penny loafers, but I like more of
a sleeker silhouette in the front. Now, overall, I was impressed with the build
quality of this coming in at the price point of $67, so pretty good. But, they actually you can see where they
actually ran the nails right into the heel which is good. A very simple shoe, but you may find this
works for you. It wasn’t my style, but you know at the
price point and with you being able to have it delivered to your house and try it for
free, well, maybe it’s a pretty good – maybe it’s a pretty good deal for some of you
guys. So, out of the eight shoes I received, four
of them I think are worth keeping. So, the Zanzara, I talked about this. I think it’s just a great a unique design
a nice summer shoe. It’s very light and overall it just feels
like a quality build, so, yeah. Now, the Stacy Adams shoes. Both of these I thought were an amazing deal
for what you’re getting. Again, this is going to be a rubber sole shoe
that is glued, but if you understand that realized that the uppers look really nice. This is a shoe that probably punches above
its class. And the Florsheim, I actually think this is
a great all purpose shoe. I can wear this with jeans, it seems like
it could stand up to inclement weather. I like just the overall look and the color. And this was a shoe that I could see as an
everyday wear. So, what’s my final thought on the Amazon
Prime Wardrobe Service? I actually like it. So, you get a thousand dollars of shoes delivered
to your door, get to try them on and within seven days if you return them, you are charged
absolutely nothing, a pretty good service. I would like for them to have a wider range
of different items out there. When I looked at the shoes, I think it was
a good range of shoes, but they didn’t have a lot of the less expensive shoes. And, don’t forget, gents, if you want to
grab any of the shoes, I’m linking to them all down in the description of this video. And, yes, we do get paid for that, we’re
an affiliate of Amazon. Now, at this point you may be saying, “Antonio,
hold on. You want me to go out there and spend money
on shoes, but I need to learn more about the different parts of shoes. You were talking about closed, open lacing
systems, you were talking about vamps, you were talking about uppers, you were talking
about soles. Antonio, help me understand.” Well, I’ve got you covered. Guys, go check out this video. I got all the details of a quality shoe. What to look for because if you’re looking
for something at a higher price point or you’re wanting to spend not much money and you want
to be able to walk into your local store and be able to identify quality and understand
all the various parts of a shoe, I’ve got you covered in this video right here. That’s it, gents. Take care. I will see you in the next video. [Music]
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