🔴 Shrimp & Grits Mukbang Budget Friendly Dinner w Smack Yo Mouth On The Tasty Seafood Dippin Sauce

hi everybody welcome welcome welcome to
tasting my Fang taste and tasty tasty my Vain’s
tasty mukbang eats y’all today we are here with some shrimp grits in the smack
yo mouth phoner tasty sauce smack your mouth on the tasty sounds come on y’all
smack yo mouth on the tasty sauce so we will be eating some shrimp and grits
with some tasty sauce we got some green onion and some cilantro fresh green
onion and fresh cilantro over the top 10 shrimp and some home cook grits y’all I
may need to go get a little butter I don’t know maybe need a little salt I
don’t know but we gonna start this mukbang y’all thumbs up the video as you
I’ll come in I appreciate y’all being here this late at night with me and we
bout to get to eatin oh okay we don’t get to eatin oh okay set up the camera and see what I need to
do make my fire so I can see how everybody is looking let me plug up the phone cuz this
battery is low okay y’all ready to eat I’m ready to eat
I’m hungry I’m hungry – yeah get let me get a thumbnail okay okay smokey let’s say grace father
God we thank you for this food we’re about to receive your many blessings
your mercy your kindness your grace all your provisions father God we thank you
for everything you’re doing in us through us into us we thank you persons
having your father for blessing us to be a blessing and we thank you for this
wonderful meal that you have allowed us to prepare today and that you have
provided for us we thank you precious every father for everyone that is in
this life we ask you to put bless them with health and strength and your will
and all your provisions to continually be made upon their lives we ask that you
in camp your angels round about them to protect them against all hurt harm and
danger in Jesus name we pray amen highly yo which we came to steal water
let me see if I’m gonna need a little butter I already put butter mmm Wow you
don’t need nitin YUM if y’all want to see how I cook this ya
know I do the behind the scenes a tasty month ain’t eat on Vanessa my life my
journey so yeah I want to see how I cook this mm-hmm okay so I’ll go I just got
the cooking this Wow it tastes good season so good I just
got to cooking this on Vanessa my like my journey you can go watch the video I
do it yes and more cooking videos over there mmm
let’s do if y’all want to try this shrimp grits mm-hmm with the tasty sauce or any other kind of sauce Wow amazing y’all have to try this food combination you have to try this food combination so
delicious is let me know especially if y’all have
a mukbang channel that tasty sauce in them with their green onion and cilantro just to be able to suck all this
seasoning off of those shrimp I’m in food mukbang heaven right now no I know
I just got the evening vegetables doesn’t but that’s another good thing
about eating those vegetables putting the ain’t putting the nutrition in your
right body that you need eating a smaller meal and by evening
that other meal first the vegetable healthy meal first it actually gets you
juices flowing and I don’t know you appreciate your other food so much
better because you’re not starving that’s what it is I get to enjoy my
second meal so much better mmm now better try that I get to enjoy
my second needle so much better cuz my stomach getting scratching my back
praised a little bit praise the lord god is good
i knew it was a method to the madness i just know it I knew it was method to the madness y’all know they’re moving the perfect
storm yeah this is the perfect meal this was
the bomb look how quick I hate this it tastes so
good to suck that seasoning all fresh shrimp yeah this is my new fool
combination challenge shrimp grits and their tasty sauce or any other song about to be out of food I’m kind of
disappointed as seasoning just went up to my nose we gotta have to steal water on dick come on let’s finish the job get some
clothes I’m just I’m gonna make this pitch there’s also all of the news clips
I hope y’all got smooth excuse me cuz this about to be all she wrote this about to be out she smack your
mouth Alma tasty sauce smack your mouth only taste these songs Wow they’re so good so good I got you okay
now I’m getting full yeah see me sweating a strip is enough young unless
you just really yummy Chartres shrimp grits with the tasty
sauce challenge so moons challenge yeah yeah do this challenge let me know
the Emmy a photo yeah yeah see how the food just disappeared see what happened was what happened was I’m for y’all I made a smiley plate
today I can’t eat the rest of the grease but that’s okay I did and then I ain’t even softer yeah thumbs
up the line please let me see anybody come in here late they don’t say where
the food at mmm Jaz Blanc fiction say tasty that looks delicious it was gonna say yummy when they say
beautiful plate tasting it was girl say hey everyone
Jesse thumbs up the lab please Jillian say hello tasty blobfish and say hi in
this Gail miss Lisa Williams is in the house it was a girl say a man miss girl
say I want a shrimp please I hate that food let’s guests say that was good
jazz say uh I see tasty cook this meal oh just to see tasty cook this meal oh
thank you jazz you’re so sweet it’s our nation when they say tasty you
have some beautiful wonderful mods with loving hearts like you oh yes they are
amazing all of my mods are amazing Lisa say I must I must say good night so
sleepy thank you for your wonderful shared thank you miss Lisa
s our nation hey Andrea Andrea Nicholas sayings blogging fiction got me watching
you thank you blog and fiction blogging fiction say yummy I need a refund for
all the great dishes crazy she say oh that didn’t come out looking this
advertising Renee is laughing at you and Nicholas says a tasty you probably
wouldn’t see this but mine your fiance is Blanc’s she is in the room watching
you and I turned in turned in from the theater room since you since you she
sleeps well three weeks since in a panic attack
oh thank you Nicholas I remember praying for her did not pray for her I think I
would never plan for her uh Nicholas say good night Josh say our
Nicholas she’s about to read this and blog officials say Oh Angie Nick and long ILA’s girl say congrats jazz say
good night Nicholas and vlog says Nick lol get out of my live business she
won’t help privacy she won’t you spy you know her hmm your
girl is full that only lasted 22 minutes it only took me less than 20 minutes to
eat Wow I smashed it that was good yeah I’m so
proud of myself and leaving those shells on was a
wonderful addition cuz you got to suck all of this season it out for them mmm
yeah I want to see how I cook this gone over the Vanessa my life my journey and
make it just like I made it cuz it was so good I didn’t think I was gonna be to
eat out on grease but I pretty much even though I got about three spoonfuls three
more mmm this is so good that’s so good yeah I’m not go come back
the goat we can’t go live on tasty talks from my
phone cuz we got enough subscribers over there
if you’re not subscribed to tasty talks please go subscribe to tasty talks let
me see how we don’t want it on two subscribers over there okay we need I
think that buttons are Janka see we got a 15
subscribers so that mean we need what to something no want something so if you’re
not subscribed to tasty talks go subscribe cuz as soon as we get to a
thousand subscribers over there we can start going live from my phone so what
I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go live no from he answers prayers just chitchat
with child from the beard just thank God for all his wonderful blessings and just
wind down wind down for the night I appreciate y’all for supporting me and
following me from channel to channel we was over here earlier so if you out and
watched the video from earlier the healthy morning mukbang breakfast then
watch that and then y’all follow me over to tasted tongues
I mean Vanessa my like my journey I just got to cleaning my kitchen cooking this
wonderful meal so go check that out and then y’all came back over here to UM
tasty much buying eats young and now we’re gonna go to he answers prayers and
in this night mmm-hmm no I so good y’all got to try this meal it’s
some something talk to y’all later good night thumbs up the video leave lots and
lots and lots of comments down below don’t forget to press the subscribe
button turn on a notification mail and be sure to come back for another video
with tasty mukbang tasting one thing tastes the mukbangs doing her thing tasty McBaine eats y’all thanks for
watching bye now

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